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Ninel Conde | Ninel Conde 16 +

Description: Biography:

Ninel Conde was born September 29, 1976. It is well-known Mexican actress and singer.

Place of Birth: Toluca, Mexico View full ..


Height: 1.71m.

My favorite color: red

Food: Italian and Mexican

The film: “Baby”

The book: “Women who love too much”

Ninel began her acting career in 1995 after winning the contest “Miss Mexico”. She studied theater at the Center for Arts and Theater Emilia Carranza, she studied acting and then singing lessons from Sergio Jimenez. In 1998 she enrolled in courses of drama and relaxation techniques, under the direction of René Pereira.

She has worked in television Televisa. TV Azteca and Univision. as evidenced by its participation in the verialah “Behind the Mask”(1995),”Luz Clarita”(1996);”Catalina and Sebastian” (1999), La Revancha (2000) and others.

It is not only starred in the series, but also participates in the performances. She played in the production of “Women in the mirror,” under the direction of Sergio Jimenez. In addition, it participates in TV programs.

She was the recipient of several awards like Sol de Oro, the award was presented as the opening-year series “The Catherine and Sebastian.”also won the Palme d’Or for his performance in the play”Women in the mirror».

Her first music album called Ninel Conde (2003), which contains the song “Silent”performed a duet with singer Jose Manuel Figueroa. The album was nominated for a Grammy Latino in 2004 for”Best Album».

In 2004, Ninel starred in “7 women, homosexuals and Carlos”, and participated in the reality show Big Brother VIP.

In 2005, goes on sale the second album «Rebel», which has songs such as Todo Conmigo, Ingrato, Que No Te Asombre, y Tú. She also participates in the series Rebels / Rebelde, for this role she was nominated for the award TVyNovelas 2006 as “Best Actress».

In 2006, the album was released «El Bombón Asesino».

In 2008, she starred in seryl “Ogonv blood”in the role of Rosario, for this role she was nominated for TvyNovelas as”Best Actress”. In 2009, she she begins to appear in the TV series “Sea of ​​Love” as Coral.

Personal life:

In Ninel Conde has a daughter named Sophia (p. 1997), from a previous marriage with Ari Telcherom, Mexican actor. December 7, 2007, she married the businessman Juan Zepeda, a ceremony was held in Acapulco, Mexico. April 10, 2008 her mother died of cancer, and in 2009 it creates Mirna Conde Foundation in honor of his mother, the Foundation against Cancer.


Mar de amor. Coral (2009)

“Fuego en la sangre”. Rosario Montes /. (2008)

“Ugly Betty”/ & Quot; Ugly Betty”. Sexy Woman – TV (2006)

“Rebelde”/ & Quot;”. Rebel Alma Rey (2004-2006)

“La hora pico”. Various Characters (2004)

“La escuelita VIP”. Ninel (1 episode, 2004)

7 mujeres, 1 homosexual y Carlos (2004). Mónica

“Como en el cine” (2001) series. Topacio ‘ La Matadora ‘

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