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The title of “Miss America 2014” won first woman of Indian origin (Photo)

A spokeswoman for the New York State – 24-year-old Nina Davuluri – won the title of “Miss America 2014”. The finals took place on Sunday evening at Atlantic City / NJ /. Colorful two-hour show broadcast live on ABC broadcaster BBC.

Davuluri became the first American of Indian descent, won the title of “beauty queen”of the USA. She appeared on stage in a long dress lemon color with a deep neckline. Crystal crown on his head Davuluri hoisted the winner of the title”Miss America” ​​for the current year Mallory Hagan, who also represents the state of New York.

At the beginning of the show on the stage, all 53 contestants. The jury, which on the basis of preliminary steps have already an idea of ​​each girl allowed to continue the fight only 15 contenders. Next fashion show held in bathing suits and evening gowns and “talent contest” in which participants demonstrated their abilities in various fields – singing, dancing, playing musical instruments. In the last stage the girls had to answer tricky questions from members of the jury.

Davuluri impressed the judges not only appearance, but also a brilliant execution of Indian national dance. She said that in the future wants to become a therapist. The winner of the prestigious prize of the competition is due in the amount of 50 thousand dollars.

The second place was taken by “Miss California”, the third – the representative of the State of Oklahoma. They will receive cash prizes of $ 25 thousand and 20 thousand dollars, respectively.

“Miss America”, to participate in which women are allowed from 17 to 24, conducted in the United States since 1921. However, the title of “Miss America”​​was introduced in 1951. For the title”beauty queen”fighting representatives of 50 states, the District of Columbia,”free to join the US State” of Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

The current competition for the first time in six years took place in his homeland – in Atlantic City, but not in Las Vegas / Nevada /. In the contest for the first time in history involved the girl with a tattoo – 22-year-old Teresa Vale of Kansas. In addition, this year the number of participants in “Miss America” ​​was a 23-year-old Nicole Kelly, who was born without a left forearm. She represented the contest state of Iowa.

The most important competitor of “Miss America”​​in the United States is the”Miss USA”. The difference between them is reduced mainly to the fact that “Miss America”, as the organizers have assured – it is not only a demonstration of the external data, but also “a contest of young persons”. Pretenders must not only be attractive but also intellectual development, who know how to express their thoughts clearly, charming and ambitious.

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Nina DavuluriNina Davuluri
Nina DavuluriNina Davuluri
Nina DavuluriNina Davuluri

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