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10 facts from the life of the model: Bar Rafaeli (Bar Refaeli)

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Bar Rafaeli (Bar Refaeli) – One of the most notable beauties of the world. Proof of this & # 8211; the status of the sexiest women, which she received in 2012 and 2013 editions of the male Maxim. Such attention on the part of the stronger sex is quite justified: Bar boasts an ideal figure with seductive forms. So, what do we know about it?

The most sexy model Bar Rafaeli (Bar Refaeli)

Career Bar began in early childhood. Already in the first eight months, she participated in her first shooting & # 8211; It was advertising the film. Perhaps none of her fellow member of the runway does not have such an early start. By the way, the mother bar too was once a successful Israeli fashion model.

Compared with models androgynous appearance, which have become increasingly popular in recent years, the figure Bar & # 8211; very feminine. Curvy breasts and hips make beautiful ideal model for participation in the advertising underwear. She participated in the catwalk show of the American giant of this sector & # 8211; brand Victoria & # 8217; s Secret, a brand Passionata soul in Bar worships, collaborating with her for several consecutive seasons.

In addition to advertising campaigns Rafaeli regularly participates in shows of new collections. On account of its cooperation with Valentino, Armani, Gucci, Escada and other “whales” on which rests the world fashion-industry.

Bar Refaeli had married when she was eighteen years old. However, this was due, rather, a necessity than a lot of love. The fact that unmarried girls in Israel, where the bar was born, are obliged to perform military service on a par with young people. But married life did not last long & # 8211; Two years later, Bar Refaeli and her husband Arik Weinstein filed for divorce.

A year after the divorce, the model met and started dating a hero maiden dreams & # 8211; star of “Titanic” actor Leonardo DiCaprio, famous for its increased attention to the top models. Getting there was a party in Las Vegas. Leo and Bar is considered one of the most beautiful and spectacular par beau monde, they were the darlings of the paparazzi and their pictures depicting the happy lovers, and then appeared in the press. However, in 2009 the couple decided to leave. Apparently, such a test proved too difficult for them, and in 2010 the couple reunited. Alas, reconciliation was temporary, since March of this year, the Leonardo Bar and again expressed their desire to make a break in the relationship. But perhaps the fate of this turn of events did not like, and a few months later actor and top model even decided to get married, but in 2011 the couple officially announced their desire to end the relationship.

Once parting with Leonardo Bar still has not found its single. It was an attempt to start a relationship with billionaire David Fisher, but this relationship was short-lived.

In spite of the break with DiCaprio, Bar managed to maintain a good relationship with his mother. Incidentally, with regard to the parents of the Raphael, then they are ready to take to the bosom of the family of any elected representative of his daughter & # 8211; even if he is not a Jew.

In addition to shows and participate in promotional photo shoots Bar Refaeli managed to “light up”in the cinema. She starred in three films & # 8211;”Take,” “Session” and «Kidon».

The model has freckles, she did not think the conclusion because he believes them to his “highlight”. By the way, just as she advises to do all the girls who, like her, can boast of these “sun kisses».

Bar prefers to make everyday life simpler, but can not do without eyelash curlers, mascara that adds volume and bronzer.

Bar Rafaeli (Bar Refaeli) & # 8211; very charming and smiling girl who dreams of a family hearth, beloved husband and kids. Well, sincerely wish her this!

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