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Niki de Saint Phalle: On the way to the Garden of Joy

For more hooligan than respectable bourgeois in behavior; more American than French, in the arts; more French than American, in his biography, Niki de Saint Phalle (Niki De Saint Phalle) took place in his work on the difficult path accentuation on violence and destruction to the newfound femininity and joyful enlightenment.

Niki de Saint Phalle was born in 1930 in Neuilly-sur-Seine near Paris in the family banker, grew up in New York, where, after the Great Depression, the family moved. The 11-year-old girl survived incest. Many years later, it will remove this film “Daddy”and publish a book” My secret & raquo ;, which tells about his childhood trauma. With 16 years of Niki worked as model, her picture appeared on the covers of Vogue and Life.

In 1949 she met the American poet and writer Harry Matthews, whom in the 18 years married and had two children. They moved to Cambridge (MA), and while her husband studied music at Harvard University, Niki was fascinated by drawing, ekperimentiruya with different styles and techniques.

It is not accepted that the bourgeois lifestyle that led her parents, but making your own family, she realized that she lives under the same scenario. Constant internal conflict arising on this basis, and aggravated by memories of the violence of his father, led to several nervous breakdowns from which Niki de Saint Phalle was treated in a psychiatric hospital. After the divorce, she left as a model in Paris, where he met the American painter Hugh Weiss, who became her close friend and mentor in the works. It was he who persuaded her to continue painting. Nicky has made several trips to Spain. ” In 1955, I was in Barcelona, ​​where to visit the beautiful Park Guell, Gaudi created. My master and my destiny waiting for me here, and what he saw led so excited that everything in me quivered. Even then I knew I was destined one day to create your own garden of Joy. A little corner of paradise. The meeting place between man and nature. Twenty-four years later came the Tarot Garden, which has become the most spectacular adventure of my life & raquo ;. In the meantime, Niki de Saint Phalle finally settled in Paris.

Niki de Saint Phalle with Jasper Johns, 1961

In 1956, Switzerland passed its debut exhibition of naive painting. In 1961, the artist joined the movement “new realists”(Les Nouveaux Realistes). It was created in 1960 by Pierre Ristani, Yves Klein, Christo, Martial voyage, Arman, Cesar and Daniel Spoerri and proclaims its goal”poetic recycling of urban, industrial and advertising space & raquo ;. Among the”new realists” Jean Tinguely and has been, a Swiss artist who shared her work and life.

Niki with Jean Tinguely (left), 1962

“When I first met Jean, I was a 25-year-old girl with pockets full of drawings. I dreamed of building an insane castle chapel of all religions. When told, he did not laugh. He took the dream seriously. I said that my dreams are bigger than my ability, and he said the words that changed my life:”Nicky, it’s all a dream. Technology – what can we learn from”.

were married in 1971 and until his death in 1991, Tinguely artists worked on joint works, such as Stravinsky Fountain in Paris, as well as on their own, individual projects.

In the 60s shooting paintings Niki de Saint Phalle became a sensation: the artist has offered its visitors an exhibition throwing arrows into the picture “Portrait of my lover”or shoot a rifle into the web” Tyre & raquo ;. Arrows and bullets ripped bags of paint, seeds and food, runs down the snow-white plaster.

Once the first collage Niki begins to engage sculptures collected and recycled objects. She dresses in bright colors with the mangled body of dolls made of papier-mache and give light weight of strange objects: a pair of scissors, knives, nails.

Inspired by the pregnancy of her friend Clarice Rivers, the wife of one of the pioneers of American pop art by Larry Rivers, Niki begins to embody in his works feminine archetype and analyze the role of women in society. So there it pyshnotelye and cheerful sculptures ” Nana & raquo ;, which Niki de Saint Phalle would create in various variations throughout life.

In 1966, Niki de Saint Phalle, Jean Tinguely, together with created for the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm Huge sculpture “Hon”(Swedish”it”), which prinosla it a huge success. This giantess lying 28 meters long and 9 meters wide included a disco and a bar, the entrance to which was between her legs.

Exhibitions and retrospectives of Niki de Saint Phalle, and do not stop in New York and in European capitals, despite her severe illness of the respiratory tract. Together with artist Tinguely for the French pavilion operates the World Exhibition in Montreal in 1967, it creates a “Golem”Jerusalem – a giant monster’s head with tongue – children’s slide, as well as the”Dragon”Belgium (1975), three”Girls”for the city of Hamburg (1974),”Sun God”for University of California – sculpture, which has become an integral part of the student landscape,”Guardian Angel”for the station in Zurich (1997) and much more. At the same time, for twenty years, she intently working on garden”Taro” in Italy, the main work of her life.

Niki De Saint PhalleNiki De Saint Phalle
Niki De Saint PhalleNiki De Saint Phalle
Niki De Saint PhalleNiki De Saint Phalle

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