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Colin Farrell and Nicole Narain, new scandal

9 January 2014

The famous actor Colin Farrell was a long and thorny path before achieved recognition and fame. In no small measure contributed to the success of the actor and his good looks. Colin tried to use this gift of nature to the fullest, so in 19 earned a living as a model. Asked about how he manages to stay in such great shape, the actor usually jokes that does absolutely nothing for it. For example, Colin Farrell and Nicole Narain perfect match with magnificent natural data.

The path to glory – start

Start career was marked by his participation of the actor in a small cameo role in the TV series “The Last Kiss Angel”, filmed by the BBC in 1998. Colin flashed only in the first seven editions of the TV project. To get on the set, he was casting, which lasted only a few minutes. But the actor was not discouraged, on the contrary, he immersed himself in the work.

His first real role played by Colin Farrell in the artistic film “Tigerland,” which was filmed in 2000. They say that before filming the actor did not even read the script – it was enough to turn his business charm. The film was a low-budget, but it did not prevent Colin win real popularity among viewers.

After that he was able to get the location of the famous director Joel Schumacher, who directed Farrell in his own film, “American heroes”. After only one year, the newly formed star enters the list of the richest Hollywood actors – this was made possible after shooting the film with Tom Cruise himself. By the way, as a fee for the reel Colin got two and a half million dollars.

The first scandals and successes in the movie

To fire the popularity never waned, it is periodically necessary to feed fuel in the form of fresh scandals. Colin Farrell learned this axiom is very good.

In 2003, the actor walks on the red carpet hand in hand with pop diva Britney Spears.

In the evening of the same day they spend time together in one of the rooms. By the way, in the future, Colin argued that he and Britney do not associate any romantic relationship.

Colin Farrell becomes a real darling of destiny. He plays with such stars of world cinema like Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck.

films with the participation of actors was going to record cash charges. In Farrell’s track record there are such successful films as:

  • Daredevil
  • S.W.A.T.
  • Phone Booth
  • Just handsome.

In addition to its worldwide recognition as an actor, Colin Farrell also falls in the list of the fifty most beautiful people in the world. Then Colin was first removed naked in “The House on the edge of the earth.” As a result, the stage director of this cut, which came as a real despair star.

One of the most epic roles Farrell can assume a major role in the historical drama “Alexander” directed by Oliver Stone. It is noteworthy that in the role of his mother Angelina Jolie starred unsurpassed.

Colin Farrell and Nicole Narain – The former star of “Playboy”, find themselves embroiled in another scandal. Photomodel threatened to publicize spicy video with a famous actor, but did not carry out his threat – Farrell simply decided to all through the courts, and the recording and remained unpublished.

Later, in 2005, for the first time at Farrell have serious health problems – he is being persecuted back pain. The actor has to literally absorb the strongest painkillers. It all ended treatment in a hospital and a diagnosis of “drug dependence”and”exhaustion.”Rehabilitation is successful and Colin continues to act. The film”Police Miami: Department of manners” becomes another triumph stars.

Jared Leto and Colin Farrell are recognized by many actors who played a truly outstanding films. So, in 2008, Colin got the lead role in the film of Woody Allen’s “Cassandra’s Dream.”The film was well received by film critics thanks to, first of all, the game itself Farrell.”Lie low in the Brut”- tragicomedy criminal actor brings a long-awaited”Golden GlobeĀ».

Life Star

In 2003, Colin had a son – By James Kim Bordnev (Canadian model).

On the next filming Colin Farrell met with Alicia Bachleda, actress of Polish descent. Soon Alicia gave birth Farrellu- wonderful boy, but despite this, their alliance breaks.

The actor continues to be removed, following the role he plays in the film “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.” While working on the film killed one of the actors – Heath Ledger.

Colin Farrell, and to this day remains a popular actor, his acting activity continues.

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Nicole NarainNicole Narain
Nicole NarainNicole Narain
Nicole NarainNicole Narain

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