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Kaitlyn Bristowe reportedly hooked up with another guy on The Bachelorette

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=%3Cem%3EThe+Bachelorette%3C%2Fem%3E%27s+latest+leading+lady+Kaitlyn+Bristowe%27s+decisions+on+the+show+%28one+of+which+was+adding+Nick+Viall+as+one+of+her+suitors%29+have+caused+a+lot+of+controversy.+And+now+her+sexual+activities+are+grabbing+all+the+headlines. +again.”>

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=%3Cem%3EThe+Bachelorette%3C%2Fem%3E%27s+latest+leading+lady+Kaitlyn+Bristowe%27s+decisions+on+the+show+%28one+of+which+was+adding+Nick+Viall+as+one+of+her+suitors%29+have+caused+a+lot+of+controversy.+And+now+her+sexual+activities+are+grabbing+all+the+headlines. +again.”>

‘s latest leading lady Kaitlyn Bristowe’s decisions on the show (one of which was adding Nick Viall as one of her suitors) have caused a lot of controversy. And now her sexual activities are grabbing all the headlines. again.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Bristowe slept with a contestant long before they got to the Fantasy Suite stage, and now a new report claims that that guy was not the only one she invited into her bedroom. According to

via Radar Online, a source has revealed that the

star actually slept with two men before she got to the overnight dates.

“She told [one guy] that she love[d] him and then

they slept together during their one-on-one date

. “[The second guy] slept with her in one of the hotel rooms. It was actually fairly early on.”

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So, who are the guys that Bristowe got intimate with? According to the source, both of them end up in the final two, and —

OK, the one guy is said to be the controversial Nick Viall, who you will remember from Andi Dorfman’s

: Ian disappointed me this week, but he wasn’t alon

The source also produced an interesting theory as to why Viall joined the show.

“Producers freaked out when they saw how close Kaitlyn was growing to one of the men — it was no contest — so they brought Nick on the show [during week four] to keep things interesting,” the source said.

“She doesn’t care that she broke the rules,”another insider told the publication.”A lot of the men will be shocked to find out how far she went so quickly… This is going to be the wildest “Guys Tell All” episode ever!”

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Nick ViallNick Viall
Nick ViallNick Viall
Nick ViallNick Viall

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