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The official catalog of Neil Young ( Neil Young ), which includes more than forty releases – this is only a small part of the whole set up musician for nearly forty-year career. This is only a dotted outline of his comprehensive biography of twists and turns. Once set foot on this path, Neil Young from the mid-60s does not cease to write, record and perform, coping with the role of the prolific composer and lyricist, arranger and pianist, the original vocalist and exceptional guitarist who plays in the case need harmonica and ukulele. It seems there is rock music styles, which have not been attached to the musician. Starting with a soft folk-rock and country-rock, he had stamina listeners crushingly loud hard rock, tried his rhythm and blues and songs of protest, having “Heritage” along the way to rockabilly and blues, and came out in the end to Electronic shores. He kept afloat since the era of hippies, causing the sympathy of several generations of critics and music lovers, and nourished by his example is not a galaxy of musicians.

Homeland Neil Young – Canadian city of Toronto, where he was born on November 12, 1945 in the family sports journalist. When his parents divorced, his mother moved the Nile in Winnipeg. Nice variety in the menu brings boring school music lessons. Owning a guitar allowed the Nile still in high school to join the musical life of the city. He played up in local folk clubs playing in the cafe, where it once came across a Joni Mitchell (Joni Mitchell) and Stephen Stills (Stephen Stills). She succeeded him and serve for the benefit of the local music scene in the ranks of the group Esquires, performed the duties garage rock. In the mid 60s the musician returned to Toronto, where started as a solo folk artist. And in 1966 it adopted the proposal of the group Mynah Birds and joined the team also includes Bruce Palmer (Bruce Palmer), Goldie McJohn (Goldy McJohn) and a future star rhythm and blues Rick James (Rick James). Attempts to reach a mass audience to nothing lead, the first few singles Mynah Birds, published by the label Motown Records, have sunk into oblivion.

Frustrated by a string of bad luck, Neil Young is heading for the United States. Destination – Los Angeles, where he arrives at his old “Pontiac”, taking the escort Bruce Palmer. Here they finally got lucky. They tracked down Stephen Stills, the support which created a new group Buffalo Springfield. Within months, they were able to bring his team into the lead of California folk-rock and during 1966-68 to record three pretty strong album. Despite the apparent success of Buffalo Springfield relations in the team did not develop. Several times it came to serious conflicts, and Yang each time is gone forever. But always returned. In May 1968, his patience snapped and he finally broke with the group, determined to do solo career.

His manager Elliot Roberts becomes (Elliot Roberts), and producing label – Reprise Records. Six months later, debut album was ready. Album “ Neil Young “comes out at the beginning of 1969, leaves no trace on the charts and undeservedly forgotten, although it is quite an interesting pop-drive, full florid, beautiful melodies. By the time of the release of the musician I am already quite acquainted with the local group and the Rockets began to rehearse and perform with them. His new colleagues are guitarist Danny Whitten (Danny Whitten), bassist Billy Talbot (Billy Talbot) and drummer Ralph Molina (Ralph Molina). From original title Young ultimately offer to refuse, giving the team a strong name Crazy Horse. And this crazy horse began studio sessions, which appeared as a result of his second album”Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere”, which the musicians managed to record just two weeks. Backed by two strong singles, “Cinnamon Girl”and”Down By the River”, the disc went gold. And at the same time added to the list of classic albums of the late ’60s.

In this collaboration with Crazy Horse temporarily stopped. This team, play dramatic, tough and emotionally, the musician will come back again and again. And then, after the publication of the second album, Neil Young to choose a partner for studio musicians jams group Crosby, Stills & Nash, in which the soloist of his former colleague Stephen Stills. In the spring of 1970 with a group of Young wrote a new Long-play “Deja Vu”, and in the summer performed at the Woodstock Festival. Being a permanent member of the team that extended the name to Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Young continued his solo work in parallel. At the end of the 70th year he produced third album “After the Gold Rush”. This good in all senses of the release (finalist of the Top 10 US) included a great single “Only Love Can Break Your Heart”, which turned into a Neil Young rock star. The album stayed on the US charts 66 weeks and twice received platinum certification.

As always, luck was short-lived. In the spring of 1971, releasing a farewell live album “Four Way Street”, Yang went to his route, CS & N – his. Without reducing the pace at the beginning of the 72-year musician he unveiled a new studio work “Harvest”, a very attractive specimen of melodic country rock, which proved to be the most successful and publicized release of the artist. Full of melancholy moods, the album maneuvered between different styles, from acoustic guitar and loud rock to panoramic paintings with a symphony orchestra. The track list includes the first (and only) hit number one in the career of Young “Heart of Gold”, just like the album in the first (and only) time to reach the summit the US pop charts.

Every Attracted by the wind, Yang, and this time does not fix success, and changes course and takes on a job in the movies. And the film “Journey Through the Past”, written by Yang and noisy and gloomy soundtrack received extremely negative reviews. Over and discreet reception awaited live album “Time Fades Away”, recorded with his new backing band Stray Gators and released in 1973.

The failure of the latest releases was caused not so much a creative decline, as the tragic human condition. In 1972 he died of a heroin overdose drummer Danny Whitten, who played with Young in the Crazy Horse. A few months have claimed the life of drugs and Bruce Berry (Bruce Berry), a musician from the touring team Young. Seriously worrying care close colleagues, Neil Young poured the pain in the new songs, combined to dull, narcotic stringy album “Tonight’s the Night”. The record was prepared in late 1973, but the publication of the actor not in a hurry. He issued another record – “On the Beach”, which was published at the beginning of the 74th year and sounded no less heartbreaking. Disc “Tonight’s the Night”the musician agreed to make public in the spring of 1975. By the time the album went on sale, Neil Young have time to prepare another release – processed Long-play”Zuma”, which included hard rock tracks recorded them even with musicians Crazy Horse.

Since the mid ’70s Neil Young creative road becomes more winding and unpredictable. As he admitted later that smooth “middle”road, which brought him such a successful album”Harvest”, he had time to get bored quickly. And many later stylistic zigzags were just the antithesis of the smooth, polished pop Sound.

In 1976, Neil Young recorded an album of duets with Stephen Stills “Long May You Run”. But by going with him on tour, suddenly leaves him in the midst of a promotional tour. A year later, his catalog updated album “American Stars’ n Bars”, focused on the country rock. Vocal duties Neil Young shares with Nicolette Larson (Nicolette Larson), which plays the same active role in his next album “Comes a Time”(1978). Another foray into the territory of country rock – album”Homegrown”- appears in the same 78th year. And after him, the actor released a triple album retrospective”Decade”.

Written recent new songs presented on the plate “Rust Never Sleeps”(beginning 1979), Young performs on a par with the old material during the big concert tour. The double live album”Live Rust”was released in the summer of 79-year and was certified gold. He was presented as a solo artist’s room and his compositions written and performed to the accompaniment of musicians of Crazy Horse. LP”Rust Never Sleeps”, finishing in 8 line pop rankings, hailed as a worthy comeback musician. Neil Young brought one of those good feelings while rock veterans who are ready to fully prepared to meet the era of punk rock. Encouraged by the good reception from the audience until the end of ’79 and the musician had prepared a concert film based on materials of the tour in support of “Rust Never Sleeps”.

There are too stubborn or, conversely, too cranky, to move along the predicted trajectory in 1980. Neil Young again baffling fans. He released a collection of acoustic songs “Hawks & Doves”, played flawlessly, but pretty boring in content, which reflected the artist’s fascination with the conservative right wing political views.

Once acoustics Young drawn to hard rock in which it is to practice on their next album “Re * Ac * tor” (1981). Unfortunately, it has not caused a rush of any active response from music lovers, not much sympathy from critics.

This release is the latest release via Reprise. Musician considered a promising partnership with Geffen Records, where he was offered a much more interesting financial conditions and creative freedom. This freedom he not only took advantage of with a vengeance, but even overdone, absorbed in the development of new electronic technologies for themselves. Debut on Geffen Records became ramdisk “Trans”, in which the singer’s voice was passed through a vocoder computer. The accompanying tour, stuffed with electronic devices caused the same skeptical and sometimes indignant reaction, as well as the album itself.

Long Play 1983 “Everybody’s Rockin ‘” was another zigzag musical biography of Yang. Sticking with the formal boundaries of rockabilly, the album did not find understanding among the music lovers.

It seemed the composer and singer is worried in the least. Obviously losing audience from album to album, he seemed to do everything possible to aggravate the situation. By the mid-80 Neil Young becomes a cult figure, remain loyal only to the most faithful, the most patient fans.

His new works always surprising, and sometimes simply baffled a new direction, a new style of development intricacies. In 1985, Young has prepared country-wide drive “Old Ways”, a year later – an exercise in style, a new wave of “Landing on Water”. In the 87th once again appealed to the musicians Crazy Horse. which recorded a Long-play “Life”.

If even many loyal fans could not sustain such a balancing act, what to say about the label. Relations with Geffen became more and more tense, so that in the end they came to the logical outcome. In 1988, the actor said goodbye to Geffen and returned under the protection of Reprise. Where the first thing published a blues album, full wind instruments, “This Note’s for You”. Promotional video, which has become very popular, recreated satirical portrait of rock stars who are concerned about the creation of a commercial product. Such worries himself a musician, of course, were alien. Many music journalists have long given up on him, not expecting anything other than satisfy their own creative ambitions. He did not try to disappoint them. Long play 1988 “American Dream”, recorded with musicians Crosby, Stills & Nash, traditionally aroused negative responses.

Imagine everyone’s surprise, even a kind of shock when just a few months Neil Young released a CD “Freedom”(1989). Using well-proven semi-acoustic, semi-electric model, which was first used on the album”Rust Never Sleeps”, he wrote a very strong set, enthusiastically adopted by audiophiles and reviewers. The songs dominated by social issues: homelessness, unemployment, rising crime.

By this time, a self-sufficient person of Neil Young, the apologist of creative freedom and self-realization under any circumstances, becomes iconic features in the independent rock scene. Indie rockers inspired by his lifestyle and creative solutions, recorded a tribute album, “The Bridge” (1989).

The musician is in great shape. As evidenced by his next Long-play “Ragged Glory”, prepared in collaboration with Crazy Horse. The loud, driving, emotional album received a rare unanimous critical acclaim, they did not spoil the Yang from the end of the 70s. Many have long pursued the question why artists do not work with Crazy Horse on a regular basis, so if their joint recording almost miss the mark. To blame for this, according to Yang, too tortuous path of his quest, to follow that not everyone is able to do. He knew the strengths and weaknesses of Crazy Horse and resorted to their help only when he felt that they would be able to prove your best.

Transferring a bridge to the younger generation of rockers, Neil Young invites avant-garde rock band Sonic Youth warm up the audience during his upcoming promotional tour. And thus it kills two birds: Sonic Youth gives access to a wider audience and find new fans among the followers of alternative rock. On the advice of the same Sonic Youth. Artist as a bonus to the live album “Weld”(1991) released the EP”Arc”, noisy and spontaneous sound collage duration of 35 minutes.

By the early ’90s Neil Young is already seen as one of the godfathers of alternative rock and grunge. But the role of patriarch of him as of little interest, like any other form of external piety. Loud rock quickly bored him, and on his next studio attempt in 1992 “Harvest Moon”, he resorts to the quiet, sincere tone of voice, that twenty years ago, fascinated the audience on the album “Harvest”. LP “Harvest Moon” artist revives its former popularity, becoming one of the biggest of his hits from the late 70’s.

Promotional campaign and the album included an appearance in the traditional program on channel MTV. The CD “Unplugged [live]”, a retrospective of the multi-year career Young, saw the light in 1993. This was followed by a selection of rare records “Lucky Thirteen”.

In 1994, Young attacked the music community brilliant album “Sleeps With Angels”, which some publications candidly titled rock masterpiece of 90th. It was a heartwarming response to the tragic death of Kurt Cobain, leader of Nirvana. who in his suicide note he quoted Neil Young.

cooperate with the team then fashionable Pearl Jam. Young recorded the Long Play “Mirror Ball”, which was released in the summer of 1995. Press responded to a mass of commendable reviews and audiophiles secured him the 5th place in the ranking of Billboard 200. However, a bestseller, as might be expected, the album did not. In addition, due to some legal nuances, the name on the cover of Pearl Jam is not even mentioned.

Long Play 1996 “Broken Arrow”was recorded in the company with the old and true”workhorse”- Crazy Horse. With them went the same actor in a short promotional tour. Captured during the tour material formed the basis of the documentary film”The Year of the Horse” (1997), who produced the director Jim Jarmusch (Jim Jarmusch).

In 1999, the old friends Crosby, Stills & Nash, after a decade invited the musician to record their new album, “Looking Forward”. In the company of Yang, they played the first 25 years of the tour. After touring musician again waiting for the studio, which was born in Long Play “Silver and Gold”(2000). Summer Tour of 2000 was great, but two of the September show at the Morrison given the wealth of material to create a live album”Road Rock, Vol. 1,” released next fall.

The last studio musician attempt quite appreciated by the press and willingly bought by his admirers. Long play 2002 “Are You Passionate?” gets to the Top 10. Statements part of the promotional tour are always a boom, especially in Europe, are not spoiled his visit. For example, tickets for three shows in Dublin disperse in 15 minutes.

It is a good feeling in the charts and the album “Greendale”2003, another surprise music lovers – the first rock opera authorship Neil Young. Observers leading publications spared no compliments. And the most active buyers turned out to Internet users, whose efforts drive”Greendale” dominated the bestseller lists in the network.

To predict a new round of creative evolution of Neil Young is almost impossible. You can even make a tote and, if lucky, earn good money. Earn on the man who himself never put money in the forefront.

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