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Chandra Chaitanya Charan Prabhu. Quotes

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Background: On this page we provide quotes from books and lectures of His Grace Chandra Chaitanya Charan Prabhu (Alexander Khakimov). Join & # 33;

We ask you to support the Donetsk CHILDREN AND THEIR MOTHERS Vaishnavi & # 33; MI no one to help but us & # 33;

Donetsk – one of the cities that was cut off from the rest of Ukraine. Departure from the territory of Ukraine was almost banned. Lifted buses on the territory of Ukraine. No trains in connection with the destroyed railway tracks. Leave only own car or to cross the border on foot. People spend the night two days at the checkpoints. Show full ..

In Donetsk, the banking system is not working, pharmacies and shops – almost empty. Prices on products – in 3-4 times higher than in Ukraine. Many residents of the war were left without work and without a pension. People can only survive thanks to humanitarian aid and the grace of God.

Why devotees were in Donetsk? In many families there are children and elderly people (among the elderly – even bedridden patients). Some families can not leave because of lack of finance. People can not leave their apartments, houses and go to an unknown destination without a livelihood, without the possibility to find a good stable job. And many – children … There are families who have traveled from Donetsk, but returned because they could not find a job and take on the financial costs of accommodation, food and so on.

In Donetsk, still open the temple and devotees continue to carry out his ministry. Many Vaishnavas keep commitments to the temple deities, other devotees.

The main part of the Donetsk-Vaishnava children and their parents living in the areas in which more or less calm, and to them only hear sound came away cannonades. But it affects the psychological state of Donetsk devotees who dream of returning in time of peace.

Sami Donetsk devotees created a charity project “Help children Vaishnava Donetsk.” The purpose of the project – to help children and their mothers Vaisnavas who remained in the city and the region.

What has been done 2 months of the project “Help children Vaishnava Donetsk»?

– about 40 children Vaishnava was Donetsk several times distributed humanitarian aid in the form of cereals, juices, fruits, suhofrutov, canned fruits and vegetables in the amount of 38 thousand. 396 rubles.

– were taken 3 groups of Donetsk Vaishnava children and their parents (about 30 people) from the combat zone. Donetsk devotees are now at a small base in the village of Horn on the Sea of ​​Azov near Taganrog (Russia).

– In the near future it is planned to take a few more groups to physical and psychological recovery of children Donetsk Vaishnava and their parents.

How can you help this project?

1. You can help in the form of children’s and women’s items, shoes, toys, games, stationery and any non-perishable foods.

DATA parcels RUSSIA:

“TEM”or”Power” addressed Gayvoronskiy Igor Borisovich, Taganrog (Russia), tel. +79034388589

2. You can make a small donation to help children Donetsk Vaishnava.

FOR DETAILS of charity:


Map Privatbank #5168 7423 0356 5869

To: Birch Oksana Igorevna


Map of Sberbank number 4276 1100 1947 3442

To: Marina Gorelova Y.





(US DOLLAR (USD) – 5168 7420 1790 7597

Euro (EUR) – 5168 7420 1061 8498

money transfers “Western Union», “PrivatMoney”, “Unistream”, “Contact”,

If you have any questions regarding translations, please contact the organizers of the project – Oksana Shul’zhenko by email:

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Neetu ChandraNeetu Chandra
Neetu ChandraNeetu Chandra
Neetu ChandraNeetu Chandra

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