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Nathalie Emmanuel (Ramsey) – addictive and oboyatelnaya actress

Natalie Joan Emmanuel – known British actress, who became famous thanks to the TV series “Hollyoaks”(2006-2010) and”Scum”(2011). I remember all the fans of the movie role of Ramsey in the seventh”Frsazhe».

Biography Nathalie Emmanuel

Nathalie Emmanuel was born under the sign of the fish 2 March 1989, the second daughter in the family (older sister Louise). Natalie was born and raised in the town of Southend-on-Sea Essex England. With three to eleven years teaching Natalie held at St. Hilda’s suburb of Westcliff-on-Sea, located on the banks of the Thames. With twelve years, Natalie goes to the secondary school for girls. This school has the status of the Academy and holds the highest ranking position among educational institutions.

Once graduation Nathalie Emmanuel worked in a bank. For her career as an actress began with a commercial cellular communications for «Vodafone». When Natalie was 17 years old, she won the role of drug addict Sasha Valentine in the series «Hollyoaks» (2006-2010). In 2011, Natalie starred in episodes of the TV series “Casualty”and”scum.”Already in 2012, Natalie’s career beyond the series: shooting the thriller”28 000”. “Since 2013, Natalie starred in the popular TV series”Game of Thrones”, which plays a role Missandei – assistant Daenerys Burerozhdennoy.

In 2015, the screens went two films featuring Natalie Joan Emmanuel “Furious 7″and”Running in the labyrinth: the test of fire».

The popularity of the actress continues to grow. But the most popular among the spectators Natalie has won for his role as translator-maid Missandei American TV series “Game of Thrones.” Taking the best from the mixed blood of his father (the Caribbean and British roots) and Dominican roots mother (Lesser Antilles), Natalie became the epitome of an extraordinary model appearance (height – 170 cm).

Personal life Nathalie Emmanuel

About his personal life actress little known. We can only say with certainty that the past few years Emmanuel met with actor Devon Anderson.

Interesting facts

  • Nathalie Emmanuel owns a chain of restaurants «Fat Emmanuel Burger» London football club «Southend-on-Sea Angels».
  • It launched its own brand of vodka «Pure Wonderemmanuel – England».
  • The most sold perfume among the younger generation are considered «With Love from Nathalie».
  • to develop their own fashion line called «Nathalie Emmanuel Seduction».
  • Natalie is the mistress of a yellow Labrador named Spinee, which adores. January 6, 2015 in a veterinary clinic in London Spinee was successfully operated on. Natalie was supported by thousands of fans on Twitter, where she shared her experiences about running the operation.
  • On the question of journalists from South Korean singer PSY («Gangnam Style») that, for whatever celebrity he would meet, the singer replied: Nathalie Emmanuel.
  • In 2014 he won first place in the top ten highest-paid actresses in the world by the magazine «People With Money» (58 million $).

Nathalie EmmanuelNathalie Emmanuel
Nathalie EmmanuelNathalie Emmanuel
Nathalie EmmanuelNathalie Emmanuel

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