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Natasha Richardson died because of delayed treatment to the doctor

MOSCOW, March 20 – RIA Novosti. Doctors say that if the 45-year-old British actress Natasha Richardson, who died on March 18 in New York hospital Lenox Hill from traumatic brain injury in time to see medical care, her death could have been prevented, according to the Associated Press.

Natasha Richardson was injured during a fall on the fashionable ski resort of Mont Tremblant in Canada.

According to the representative of the resort, the actress was riding without a helmet on the track for beginners and after the fall has not been visible damage. The victim was taken under the supervision of an instructor on a sledge to the hotel and asked to see a doctor, but Natasha refused medical care. After some time, the state of the actress has deteriorated sharply, and she was taken to a hospital in Montreal Sacre-Coeur. Then it was moved to a New York hospital Lenox Hill. and after being pronounced dead brain actress disconnected from life support machine.

An autopsy revealed that the actress died from bleeding between the skull and the surface of the brain, which was the result of an epidural hematoma.

Doctors note that as a result of such injury victims often experience so-called “episodes of lucid” when they feel the time is good, but in the brain develops slowly swelling or bleeding.

“This condition is easily applied treatment if you are aware of the problem and were quickly taken to the hospital. But the time for successful intervention may not be enough” – said the agency Dr. Keith Siller (Keith Siller) Medical Center at New York University.

He said the types of surgery in this case is the removal of a piece of the skull so that the brain tumor did not feel too much pressure.

Another factor that led to the tragic death of the actress, according to experts, is the lack of a protective helmet, which is often the cause of accidents on the ski slopes. In particular, in 1998 in California killed a popular singer Sonny Bono, and the son of the slain Senator Edward Kennedy, Michael Kennedy, who, down the road, badly hit unprotected head of the trees.

The agency reported that shortly after the incident with Natasha Richardson Ski helmets at the Mont Tremblant resort has increased significantly, and the Ministry of Sports of Quebec provincial government has put in question the mandatory use of helmets.

From the recent surge of interest in the cases of the use of protective equipment in sports, you can also recall the incident with the Prime Minister of Thuringia Dieter Althaus.

In January, 50-year-old politician was engaged in Austria skiing. During the descent from the mountain slope on skis Althaus turned on the next track, resulting in collided with a skier from Slovakia Beata Kristandl. Both the “offender”, and the woman suffered serious brain injuries – Althaus is still in hospital, but died Kristandl.

Once this sale of helmets on ski resorts in Germany doubled.

Natasha RichardsonNatasha Richardson
Natasha RichardsonNatasha Richardson
Natasha RichardsonNatasha Richardson

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