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Germany. Tournament Globus TOP 3000

In Germany, in the city of Waghaeusel from 13 to 15 May 2011, held an international tournament among juniors Globus TOP 3000.

The tournament was held in the sports hall Rheintalhalle 12 sites. The tournament was attended by over 200 young badminton players from 13 countries – France, Israel, Italy, Croatia, Luxembourg, Moldova, Austria, Russia, Switzerland, Serbia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Germany.

badminton players competed in three age groups U19 (1992/93). U17 (1994/95), U15 (1996/97), U13 (1998/99), U11 (2000 and younger) in the four digits in the singles and doubles among boys and girls. As of the tournament, badminton players can compete in the older groups.

The chief referee of the tournament – Gunter Baunach . Shuttlecock Tournament – Oliver Apex 100. Final games of the tournament were provided with flounces tournament organizers. The tournament was supported by the Union of the German badminton DBV.

Well-made singles U13 boys Nikolay Alferov (Zhukovsky, pictured left site). He made it to the finals and won it in a bitter struggle Voigt Julilan from Germany 21-12 18-21 22-20. Third place in this discharge has taken Vasily Dmitriev . Among girls in this age group excelled Anastasia Ronzhina (Zhukovsky, photo on the right site). In the final she beat badmintonistku Serbian Stankovic Andrijana 21-14 21-18.

In the age group U15 singles third place Vladislav Solovyov (Moscow, site photo below right).

Olga Lipkin (Zhukovsky, photo on the right site) in singles in the age group U17 won the third place. And the victory in this discharge Gonda Daniella (Hungary).

Olga Morozova and Natalya Rogova (photo bottom left of the site) were singles in the age group U19. Natalya Rogova won the final and became the winner of the tournament, at the Olga Morozova – a bronze award.

In the age group U13 Maria Dmitrieva / Anastasia Ronzhina (Moscow / Zhukovsky) won first place, beating in the final couple of Serbian Stankovic Andrijana / Pavlovic Natasa 21-19 21 -18.

In the doubles in two age groups U17, U19 excelled Moscow badmintonistki Olga Morozova / Natalya Rogova .

In doubles among boys in the age group U13 Vasily Dmitriev / Nikolay Alferov have reached the final and won in three games a couple from Germany Herzer Jan-Pascal / Voigt Julilan 21 -15 11-21 21-18. Under U15 badminton Artem Vasiliev / Gleb Ageenko ( Nizhni Novgorod / Voronezh ) won second place, and Maxim Gavrilov / Vladislav Soloviev ( Moscow ) – the third.

Natasa StankovicNatasa Stankovic
Natasa StankovicNatasa Stankovic
Natasa StankovicNatasa Stankovic

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