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Natalie Munroe

The American high school teacher from Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania), who wrote about his students in the blog and was fired for it. Monroe among others described the students, without mentioning, however, their first and last names, as ‘lazy whiners’ that has outraged the students themselves and their parents.

Author: Elena Murzin

On Tuesday, at the evening session of the District Council of Central Bucks School District, 30-year-old Natalie Monroe was fired from his job as an English teacher at the school Central Bucks East High School. A few days earlier, she sued the county, arguing that the school authorities violated her freedom of expression provided for the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States (USA).

When the beginning of 2011 personal blog Natalie Monroe was discovered by her students, it has attracted the attention of the whole country. The president of the school board, said that the dismissal of Monroe is not related to her blog, and that the reason for her dismissal was not quite professional activity. Paul Faulkner (Paul Faulkner), president of the school board, said that although the claim of Miss Monroe’s claims that she was an excellent teacher, this assertion is very far from the truth. According to school officials, teaching Natalie Monroe, at best, can only give a satisfactory evaluation, and she had difficulty in professional activities long before her blog became a problem.

Meanwhile, according to the lawyer Natalie Monroe. Rovner Steven (Steven Rovner), the situation is exactly the opposite, and the dismissal of teachers was a consequence of the fact that Monroe wrote in his blog. In the meantime, she Monroe insists on the right of teachers to freely speak and write about the difficulties of their work, paying attention to the state of the national school system as a whole, because, in her opinion, it is unfair that the burden of responsibility for the far from perfect educational system are only teachers.

In his blog, Mo

The NRA to place long texts, sometimes with the use of profanity, talking mostly about his personal life, but at times about his work at the school. In an interview, she said that 60 per cent of its experience of working in the school are positive, and she would not want people to think that her personal blog was intended to demonize some students, especially since most of them it like. Its aim was to show that teachers should not be responsible for everything, if the class something goes wrong.

Many people, including teachers, defended Natalie Monroe. stating that the blog – is not only an outlet but also a way to draw attention to the problems in the school system, which is very important. To make the situation in schools has improved, stakeholders – including parents of students – need to understand how the system really works.

Natalie MonroeNatalie Monroe
Natalie MonroeNatalie Monroe
Natalie MonroeNatalie Monroe

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