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About Natalie La Rose

Being bold is a big part of being an artist. You’ve got to be willing to act intrepidly at the right moments. Natalie La Rose knows just when to be bold. In 2011 while attending an ESPY Awards after party, she walked up to Flo Rida and told him they were going to work together. Struck by her charisma and confidence, the (intrigued) multi-platinum international superstar invited her to the studio the next day. Over the course of two years to follow, she performed alongside Flo across the globe at sold out shows. 2013 saw her officially ink a deal with his International Music Group (I.M.G.) label, formally solidifying their partnership.

However, that wasn’t the first time Natalie followed such an impulse. Born to Surinamese parents and raised in Amsterdam, she moved to Los Angeles alone at 20-years-old, pursuing her dream of becoming a singer and dancer. Inspired by everyone from Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson to Mariah Carey, she honed her vocal chops through years of diligent practice. That prowess led to a deal with Blackground Records/Interscope Records for her duo Amsterdam in 2010.

“The group didn’t work out, and no music was released,” she sighs. “It just wasn’t the right time. However, with Flo, everything felt right. We have such a great chemistry, and he’s given me an incredible launch pad for me and my songs.”

That music flaunts her immense voice with flourishes of both eighties and nineties R&B. It’s an instantly irresistible style. “I’m very inspired by pop and rhythm,” she goes on. “There’s a soulfulness and great groove though. Since I’m a dancer, it’s important for my music to have a nice beat.”

Her debut single for I.M.G./Republic Records “Somebody” [featuring Jeremih] will undoubtedly get the dance floor moving. Over smooth production from Future Classic, the song updates the melody from Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” for a new millennium. Natalie’s voice takes the spotlight in between a sexy hook from Jeremih.

“It’s a fun and funky song,” remarks Natalie. “It’s feel-good, and it reminds me of summertime. I love to be around people, have a great time, and dance. That’s what it stands for. While we were recording Jeremih happened to be in Miami for a Big Dreams for Kids Back to School Event and Flo invited him to the studio to sing on it. He nailed it on the first take!”

Ultimately though, “Somebody” simply opens the doorway for Natalie. “If you want something, you have to fight for it,” she leaves off. “That’s what I did. I want to show everybody living your dream is possible. I want to leave people with smiles on their faces, inspire them, and move them.”

Natalie La RoseNatalie La Rose
Natalie La RoseNatalie La Rose
Natalie La RoseNatalie La Rose

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