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Janis Gulbis: The Masons and the KGB destroyed the Latvian SSR

Riga. 29 August 2010. 15:55 – REGNUM Latvian politician Janis Gulbis told the news agency REGNUM News about his view of the history of modern Latvia, during the Latvian SSR worked in the Ministry of Health of the Latvian SSR, staff training in managing medical institutions, higher and secondary, was engaged in contacts with abroad. Until 2009, he was an active politician, a social democrat. His story is given below.

The events of 1979 .

The beginning of the story was laid in those days, when I lectured on the most important principles of socialism, saying that these basic principles are not followed. As I understood – leadership received instructions from above, and I was told that such lectures to employees did not need to read. Then I found it strange that the workers do not need to lecture on the basic principles of socialism.

In the end, I was nominated as a reserve for the post of Minister of Health of Latvia. I received 3 letters from the Minister of Health, and the whole of my work were very good reviews. At that time, to take the post of minister, I conducted a very serious training, because you need to know and Finance and Planning, and the specifics of working in wartime. When I had almost been trained, one of my subordinates in the special unit called and offered to meet not in the walls of the ministry. Let’s call him comrade N. It was in 1979. He was very insistent on this meeting, and despite the fact that it was my anniversary, I gave him time. We went to a cafe where a table was set, and very bad at the time. Our conversation began strange, he asked me to join a secret organization, but it looked like a favor on the part of the organization and was not even thinking about my failure.

In Soviet times, we knew little about the Masons. Now they write about them openly. It is said that you can easily join their ranks. In severe lodges that operate secretly and engaged in sabotage, no one can not just start – they pick the right people themselves capable, managed to advance. They are recruited. You do not have to do the best for the state of the case, but every step is fixed to the reverse path was not.

The first two Masonic lodges were established in Latvia in 1750. The third was created in 1924. That box, which was established in Latvia in 1750, has spread from Latvia to Russia. She acts out there today. The Masonic lodges there is a strict hierarchy and thus also subject to a higher box.

People who are in the lower box, in principle, do not know anything about the activities of the lodge. For this purpose, recruiting “wedding generals” – famous writers, musicians, etc. Off topic, but the same Raimonds Pauls kept in the Diet as a wedding general. Also recruited at the time AS. Pushkin . and as soon as he realized what he was dragged, immediately sent the Frenchman Dantes . This is a widely known fact. Major European Masonic documents captured during the war, the security service of the Soviet Union. And today, the Russian government gave all the documents back. With all the secret lists. Thus, the current Russian authorities are well aware of who is who. They betrayed the Soviet Union that is very clear to me. I have enough information since 1979. At that time no one thought that the Soviet Union was falling apart, and the work was in full swing.

I found out all this time and pulled. Comrade N., in turn, boasted that Freemasons put ministers, and in 1979 there was no such minister, who did not belong to a Masonic lodge, in the words of Comrade N. said that even the deputies were to be Masons. I have always done my job, but not a career. And I refused to join any secret organization.

After I refused, I was ordered to go with the whole family from the Republic. When I did not, I was just thrown out of the ministry without any order. The first nomenclature. As soon as I left the room, came to the carpenter – change the lock.

I turned to the first deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Latvian SSR Bondaletova . who was here by the representative of the Kremlin. He was in charge of organizational work. The Presidium of the Council of Ministers held at five o’clock in the afternoon and it was decided to restore me to the office. But you can recover if there were nothing but my statement that I was thrown out of the ministry?

I’ve never been in that office. Attorney General when I called first deputy Bergman . which I then put up, he asked whether Gulbis, comply with the decision? To which came the reply: yes, of course, work. And why does not answer the phone? Yeah, do we know where he is hanging around? The prosecutor asked my tips about salary statements and asked them to bring. As soon as I left the office of the prosecutor, I immediately phoned the deputy Orleans and said that immediately give me a salary. I asked him to come to my home, in the statement signed and delivered and the date and time. He grabbed his head, but I found it that already helped him in his career.

Then there were all kinds of squabbles, I gave the chain of command, came to the Pel’she . In Moscow, the party controls I checked from head to toe, and I was asked once again: if I wanted to take my statement back. He justified this by saying that I do bad his Latvian Minister Canepa . and he was the son in law Pel’she. He also said that I had no chance. And then I said calmly, what I want to do so for the story. I looked into his eyes and said that expelled from the party. I do not know whether Pel’she Mason. In those days it was unthinkable. In the end, everything was canceled, but left a reprimand to be entered [in the private affair – a REGNUM News ] that the party organization is dissatisfied with me. I was told that we can change everything except your relationship to your party members. It was enough to keep me in a position to recover. On the 80th I was actually arrested. Then I remembered, and a biography of his father. They wanted to present everything as if it was shot Russian partisans and shot him “wild cats”- those who are engaged in catching escaped from fascist army of the Latvian legionaries.”Wild Cats” – it was the mob who went to their homes and sniffing everything.

Today, the legionnaires get all sorts of privileges, and it is more than strange, because not all of them were forced, many joined the Legion as they wish from the beginning of the war and were real Nazis.

About the events of 1991

Since 1979, nothing has changed. Masons were there.

The defeat of the Soviet Union and the socialist system were targeted action. No people in Latvia had not been raised, the coup was made artificially in a convenient moment. Everything was done so that the people have left an unpleasant aftertaste of failure. Is socialism where it was written that you can not have your house? Nonsense. I have not fought for the abolition of the Soviet system, I struggled to eliminate this mess. I believe that the waste back to capitalism – a regression.

All these years in Latvia engaged only denationalization and privatization, in other words – theft. Here, none of the politicians are not in favor of the people he worked for 20 years.

In 1991 I opened the card three days before the Congress of the People’s Front. I realized too late that it was all organized by the KGB. I could not change anything. Latvia not to decide the question of those years, as Russia, Belarus, Ukraine. There could be no coup here, and the characters were not here. It was a real counter-revolution. The Central Committee of the party and the union three days before the coup, ordered to take up power, joining the Popular Front. It was not anyone’s personal desire. About the policy of the new time

Our politicians – is six, dolls, puppets. They can not do anything. Join me then in this box, I could not tell you anything right now. Is Godmanis could abandon rescue Parex Banka. if there were former party money, the owners of which are in West Germany? Godmanis just a performer. Is Godmanis could do something myself? He is a physicist by training.

Berg – Bergmanis – the head of the Central Bank – gave up his post. And suddenly Repse has declared that he will lead the Bank! The principal figure at the time was Anatoly Gorbunov and its submission, it was decided to do physics, even math, director of the bank. Then came the American team, which began to give instructions on how to manage, and unless America will lead to our advantage?

The party system is not justified. The party itself nominates candidates, we do not choose, just like we can not evaluate how they work then. We can only draw conclusions from their own standard of living, which improves or worsens. Party created only to incite ethnic hatred. This is one of the theories of Freemasonry. We need people to nominate yourself! According to the Constitution, the Seimas may run any citizen over 21 years, but a few points below the Constitution contradicts itself by stipulating that can run only on the party or association.

About the Soviet Union, Russia and the modern Latvia

Everything is relative. I was 20 years old, compared to the Soviet system and the present. In 1945, I lost my father, a child five years he worked in the economy, since small years built this country. This is by no comparison is not with the current time. Someone did not like the Gulag. But no one knew how we worked here . I passed all my life, and I have something to compare. Despite the hardships of life, we have been ahead of the World. We are not afraid of job loss, fear not become homeless. When we live better? In Tsarist Russia, the Soviet Union. Riga was one of the leading cities in the segment and other stories.

In the West, we are just asylum for subsidies. When we are working with Russia, we are in a good position and it proved!

Latvia useless. When Samsung wanted to cut the production of everything here, everything was cleaned sold for a pittance! Because we have created a trading area. Previously, our tourists visiting Europe, see what we see, we are here – shops. They did not see the other side of the coin. I have long known how to really live people who live outside the city center. This time we thought that there is Paradise. Now we just see that it was for the Paradise created credits robbery of our colonies and the former socialist countries. Such immoral system will not last long. Triumph of justice!

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Natalie GulbisNatalie Gulbis
Natalie GulbisNatalie Gulbis
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