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Lee Morgan

In the 15 years he has worked professionally in Philadelphia, and at age 18 became a musician orchestra legendary jazzman Dizzy Gillespie (Dizzy Gillespie).

Author: Pauline Chelpanova

Lee Morgan (Edward Lee Morgan) was born in 1938 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania). He was the youngest of four children, Ricardo Otto (Otto Ricardo) and Nettie Beatrice Morgan (Nettie Beatrice Morgan).

The first pipe Lee gave his sister Ernestine (Ernestine) birthday, while the boy is 13 years old, and it soon became apparent that the young Morgan’s incredible talent and musical.

In the 15 years he has worked professionally in Philadelphia, and at age 18 became a musician orchestra legendary jazzman Dizzy Gillespie (Dizzy Gillespie). However, speaking with the renowned jazz band Li is not too long – soon, in 1958, Gillespie was forced to disband his group. Morgan joined ‘The Jazz Messengers’ Art Blakey (Art Blakey).

In 1958-1959 on the record label ‘Blue Note Records’ out of his albums ‘The Cooker’ and ‘Candy’; However, working with this firm Lee started even for a couple of years before.

A talented musician, Lee was unable to avoid the concomitant many colleagues on the shop floor issues – the beginning of 1960 his relationship with the drug forced Lee to leave the team Blakey and the next couple of years, Morgan led a very unenviable existence in Philadelphia, describe that, looking back on it contribution to the jazz movement, simply undesirable.

In 1963, Morgan returned to jazz, and returned very well – it ‘The Sidewinder’ turned out to be a real hit. Following, in 1964, followed by ‘Search for the New Land’ and ‘Tom Cat’, and this period is the brightest of his career. For example, one successful project replaces another, Morgan enjoyed his demand and popularity, and all interested in jazz audience enjoyed his music. One after another, on the same ‘Blue Note’ published his ‘The Rumproller’, ‘The Gigolo’, ‘Cornbread’, ‘Infinity’. In addition to fame and success, Lee knew, finally, the joy of the material component of his musical activities.

For example, in 1960 Lee has released at least 15 albums of his own, and also participated in numerous projects of other musicians.

By the end of the decade already incredibly respected jazz musician Lee Morgan experimented with jazz – he played a modal music, played avant-garde jazz, as well as experimenting with funk.

In general, Lee Morgan was in every sense of nature very lively and extraordinary. So, he was later surprised everyone, not only for its extraordinary success, but also his tragic, totally unexpected ending. Its quite literally absurd death shocked the music (and not only) the world.

So, the evening February 19, 1972 Lee played a concert in a jazz club ‘Slugs’. During the break, I snuck him his girlfriend, wife or civil Helen (Helen More). The woman was inflated and Morgan accused of treason. Lee also angry lady and escorted to the exit, but she soon returned, saying that it’s cold outside, and she froze. Then Li gave her

his jacket, which was lying in the pocket of his gun and tried again to take her to the exit. But soon, Helen again broke into the club and, pointing a gun at Lee shot him in the chest.

On that day in New York has dropped a lot of snow, and until an ambulance arrived at the club, Lee Morgan died from loss of blood.

It is known that many times Helen was sorry about what had happened, realizing a terrible mistake immediately after the shot, however, to do anything was impossible. Subsequently, it was judged, and in 1978 she was released from prison ahead of schedule. Helen had never wanted to discuss the incident with anyone, giving an interview shortly before his death in 1996.

Lee Morgan remembered as a jazz trumpet player, a talented and unique in many ways; during his short life in jazz, he recorded many albums as a saydmen and no less than 25 albums on the label ‘Blue Note’, and also worked for the ‘Vee-Jay’, ‘Roulette’, ‘Jazzland’ and ‘Trip’.

Morgan LeeMorgan Lee
Morgan LeeMorgan Lee
Morgan LeeMorgan Lee

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