Montgomery Clift

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Montgomery Clift

Here you can find Montgomery Clift filmography, biography and interesting facts from the personal life. Also attract the interest of fans Person Montgomery Clift – photos in his youth and now. Recent photos of Montgomery Clift. During his career in film, he has worked as an actor, screenwriter of 23 films. And do not forget to assess a person!

Montgomery Clift – Biography

Edward Montgomery Clift (Eng. Edward Montgomery Clift, better known as Montgomery Clift (or Monty Clift), October 17, 1920 – July 23, 1966) – American actor, one of the first Hollywood sex symbols – adherents of Stanislavsky system (with Marlon Brando and James Dean). Four nominee “Oscar”.

Montgomery Clift was born October 17, 1920 in Omaha, Nebraska. His father, William Brooks Clift, was a successful broker on Wall Street. Since he worked in New York, the children’s mother nursed only actor Ethel Anderson. It often took a little Monty, his twin sister and brother Robert Brooks on a journey through Europe and Bermuda, where Clift was home. To solve the problem with the formation of the parents at the time of those long trips for children hired private teachers. However, the way of life of the family Clift has changed dramatically in 1929, when the Great Depression.

As soon as Monty was 13 years old, they moved to Sarasota, Florida. There’s a future actor was involved in a local youth drama club where he first tried his hand at theater career. Montgomery’s a very serious attitude to his new hobby. His mother saw how naturally he stayed on the stage and gave Montgomery the idea of ​​a professional acting career. Soon the family moved again Clift – this time in Sharon, Massachusetts. Montgomery successfully passed the audition for the role in the Broadway production of “Fly away home & raquo ;, in which he played two full seasons. When Montgomery landed a starring role in the play” Dame Nature & raquo ;, his family moved to Manhattan. This role brought the actor to star status in the 17 years.

On Broadway Clift made his debut in 1942. After the success of the play by Thornton Wilder, he closely converged with its author, who advised him to stay away from Hollywood [1].

After 10 years of theatrical career Clift got into debt. To pay the debt of $ 13 thousand. $ He accepted an offer to star Howard Howse with John Wayne in the film “Red River & raquo ;, which is now recognized as one of the greatest westerns. In the same year he was nominated for”Oscar”for his role in the film” Search & raquo ;. This role has glorified him as the new Hollywood sex symbol, not alien, however, is quite sensitive roles and places vulnerable characters. [1]

The biographers agree that Clift was bisexual: known for his novels with both men and women [1]. Love scenes with Elizabeth Taylor in the film “place under the sun”demonstrated a new pattern romance on the screen between a man and a woman. Friendship with Taylor he retained until his death. Such tape is”From Here to Eternity & raquo ;,”Raintree County & raquo ;,” Lonely Hearts Club & raquo ;, considered, rightly, the actor’s calling card.

Despite the fact that the actor declined the invitation to appear in the “Sunset Boulevard”and”East of Eden & raquo ;, he had no lack of proposals from the directors. In 1958 he starred in the Clift”Young Lions”together with one of her”competitor” on the Hollywood scene – Marlon Brando, who at the time was considered a rival Clift, as both went to the same film school, was at that time so popular and had a similar style of play. [1]

May 12, 1956, returning from a party in Beverly Hills, Clift crashed into a telephone pole. As a result of the accident he appeared broken nose and jaw. One of the cheeks then became paralyzed. Fleeing from the pain, the actor was addicted to painkillers and alcohol, which ruined his health. Samoistrebitelnoe behavior of the actor called the “the longest suicide in Hollywood history”. [2]

Montgomery Clift died of a heart attack at age 45 at his home in New York. According to experts such early death of the actor could be caused by drug addiction, which strongly undermined his health.

Montgomery Clift was nominated for many of the most prestigious awards, but did not get any of them.

Montgomery CliftMontgomery Clift
Montgomery CliftMontgomery Clift
Montgomery CliftMontgomery Clift

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