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Top 10 Japanese adult film actresses (11 photos)

In Japan, they are called idols – young person with an innocent appearance, admired and falls in love with himself. A young porn actress called AV-idols (from the Adult Video idol). And so, in spite of these damsels with innocent face, just did not think it was porn actress. How so? Why is such a cute girl walked into this industry? In fact, Japan is the mainstream porn =) Fashion model can easily be porn actresses, and at the end of the adult career carry children’s programs on television. Strangely, perhaps because Japan does not have the bias to the naked body and pornography, as in other countries? 😉 Here are more tolerant to it, being very critical to other, less “flashy” things. By the way, Japanese look much younger than his years (look at Masako Mizutani in confirmation), but each given in this post porn stars for a long time of age. This publication is easy to call topom (rating) in the literal sense of the word, because the AV-Idols in Japan very much, they are all nice and deserve special attention. Put it this way: in a post with topom most beautiful women, I was asked to create a top, and I decided that I would do such positions in different areas, because the select ten most beautiful women from around the world is simply unrealistic. So, I suggest you lower your own top young Japanese porn actress. And I think it will still tops with AV-idols.

10) Momoka Nishina, was born May 24, 1991 in Tokyo. Volume breasts girl is 100 cm and she is wearing a bra size “J” – a natural breast size among Japanese women is rare, so it is due to large breasts model and gained wide popularity. Momoko is present in all the popular social networks. Porn actress career start in the second half of 2010, it continues to appear to this day.

9) Tsubasa Amami, was born March 8, 1988 in Hiroshima. Charming and stylish girl started a career as a fashion model, and then began to appear in a bikini, and then try the full nudity. From posing nude to pornography in Japan is only one step, many models are porn actresses, Amami Tsubasa – is no exception. She is now quite popular adult actresses. Chest – silicone.

8) Meisa Hanai, was born July 20, 1986. Father of Japanese, Bulgarian mother. She made her debut in November 2007 at the Japanese adult studio S1. Next to the end of 2008, he starred in one film every month. In the second half of 2007 I became an actress #8 and #23 in the first half of 2008. And in August 2008, he starred in the photoset for the popular Japanese men’s magazine “Bejean”. Later, she worked with several adult studios. In April 2010, the two co-starred in porn uncensored (without pixelation genitals on video) that have been released on DVD and Blu-Ray. Also he participated in the television show on channel Ero Para GyaO TV.

7) Yuna Shiina, was born November 18, 1986 in Tokyo. A popular Japanese actress adult movies. In many ways reminiscent of the well-known AV-model Ryoko Mitake. Angelic face, stunning breasts alluring curves of the body made it very popular. More involved in cosplay show and showed Tokyo Lingerie Collection, acting in seductive lingerie this company. She loves to cook, enjoys basketball.

6) Yui Hatano, was born May 24, 1988 in Kyoto Prefecture. Japanese porn actress. Currently living in the United States. Playing the piano, she loves to cook. Often acted in lesbian scenes, sometimes appears in the glasses, which is very like her fans. Options Body: 88-59-85, height 163 cm.

5) Sofia Takigawa, was born October 10, 1988 in Portugal. Rising Japanese porn star. Her father is Portuguese, Japanese mother. He likes to joke that her face got from the Japanese roots, and the body – from the Portuguese. When Sofia was a child, his family moved to Japan. She loves cats. Favorite color – pink. The volume of the chest 104 cm (K), waist 58 cm, hips 87 cm, height 160 cm. He is fond of shopping, photography, love nature, reading comics and watching anime. As an adult actress Sophia debut took place 13 September 2012. At the moment, she starred in seven films for adults. Conducts blog

4) Ichinose Ameri, born September 16, 1987. She started her career in 2006 under the pseudonym of Erika Kurisu, and after breast augmentation changed its name to Ayaka Misora. In 2008, he began to use his real name Ameri Ichinose. At one time it attracted the attention of the British press because of rumors that she allegedly met with Shinji Kagawa, the star of the football club Manchester United. But these rumors have not been confirmed.

3) Yua Aida, born August 12, 1984. In primary and secondary schools interested in sports (he loved tennis). In high school, interests have changed, she was fond of art. Posing nude for painting in the classroom allowed Aida in the future to feel pretty comfortable in the adult industry. Aida made her debut in 2003 as a model, and in January next year has starred in adult films. Next, she starred in a film about a month. From 2004 to 2006, she was awarded a large number of awards in the adult industry. In July 2007, Yua Aida said that reserves porn actress career, and in November of the same year at all erotic shooting stopped. February 16, 2008 were published the last photo Yua, captured and executed in the photo book by photographer Miseki Liu.

2) Saori Hara, born on January 1, 1988 in Hiroshima. Japanese actress, adult model and singer who also appeared under the pseudonym Mai Nanami. Japanese Mother, father and German roots. As a teenager, was shot in the advertisement, singing the title song for the popular TV show, he starred in two movies. In 2005 published a photo book, which participated as a bikini model under the name Mai Nanami. In November 2005, he starred in “Reigo: The Deep Sea Monster vs the Battleship Yamato”. After a long break in August 2008 under the name Saori Hara appears glamorous video, and a month later, has posed naked for the Japanese men’s magazine “Sabra”. The first film for adults with Saori Hara has sold 100,000 copies in January 2009. In the same year, the local authorities have accused Tokyo Saori Hara and photographer Kishin Shinoyama public order offenses for shooting nude in the streets of Tokyo. She starred in numerous films and television series. In December of 2009, it was published autobiography porn actress called “My name is Mai Kato why I became a porn actress”(My Real Name Is Mai Kato: Why I Became an AV Actress). In March, the month in 2010 won the award for best actress adult films in 2009. More Saori Hara and Maria Ozawa became the most popular porn actresses in China in the number of video downloads to their participation. In 2011, Saori Hara appeared in sensational 3D-porn movie”Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy”. After a series of earthquakes and tsunami in Japan in 2011, the actress had a few nervous breakdowns, which is why she decided to leave show business. The last official film for adults with Jara came May 19, 2011, and at the end of August, she officially announced his departure from the industry by presenting the fans pyatidiskovy set previously unreleased video with her. Saori Hara’s latest work – a major role in the Japan-UK arthouse film “Venus In Eros” (2012).

1) Maria Ozawa, born January 8, 1986 in Hokkaido. Early in his career he used the pseudonym Miyabi. Japanese Mother and father Canadian. She practiced hockey, fond of karaoke. According to her, the first sexual experience of a girl held in 13 years. In 16 years, he appeared in advertising chocolate. In June 2005, the debut of Mary under the name Miyabi porn site Then it noticed, and in October 2005 it under his own name appeared in the film studio S1. Until February 2007 the monthly output of one video Maria Ozawa. Then, Maria Ozawa has worked with many adult studios, starred in movies and television series, she published a photo book, a video shot in glamorous without outcrops. as well as cabaret and striptease dancer. In May 2009, he starred in the photoset for the Taiwan FHM. Often filmed in extreme porn video: Staged rape, bondage, with trasseksualami, rough sex and tentacles. Ozawa has become the most popular actress in Indonesia. He was persecuted Islamic Defenders Front. From November 2010 to June 2011. He starred in twelve photosets for Hegre-Art, a project of the Norwegian photographer Petter Hegre. In October 2012, plans were announced Maria Ozawa enter the Chinese media market of the adult industry. In the privacy of Maria loves to go shopping, playing video games (in her pink Nintendo DS Lite pink and the PlayStation 2). Ozawa does not hide his personal life. In an interview with the girl is always open and detailed answers to private questions. Also, since October 2005. Maria leads online diary at (on Japan. Lang.), In which every day is about what is happening in her life.

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Momoka NishinaMomoka Nishina
Momoka NishinaMomoka Nishina
Momoka NishinaMomoka Nishina

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