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Haley Bennett was born on January 7, 1988 in Fort Mayers, US Florida, and grew up in Naples. With great interest and great diligence as a girl she attended a special school where enthusiastically engaged in music and dance.

In 2004, during the summer holidays, Haley, just by chance, met with agents of Mary Santino and Ryan Daley, who invited her to appear in advertisements. After some hesitation the offer was accepted.

Film career

Bright creative individuality of the young talent left no doubt that Haley will achieve much. To make a successful career woman with her mother in 2005 to Los Angeles. Truly “lucky ticket”for the aspiring actress was invited Lauren Brand. Already in 2007, Haley Bennett has won worldwide recognition as the star of the movie musical genius director” With eyes – down from the chart – get out! & Quot; Among 600 contenders for the role of Cora Corman wayward, the main character, it was the best. However, Haley Bennett in the film starring famous actors – Hugh Grant, Scott Porter, Bacon Nichols and Andrew Blakemore.

An intriguing plot tape narrated how the former – the idol of the 80s Alex Fletcher, a member of the group disintegrated “pop” I was able to return to the stage to record a duet with singer-art. However, this still had a couple of days to write lyrics for a song. The hero had never written a single line, and is almost in despair, but then, as it should be for a good script, there was a muse in the face of a beautiful young, beautiful and extremely talented girl, everything fell into place and she finally love.

Once this is truly a stellar role invitation to appear not long in coming. Young, Deep charm Haley Bennett came to kinodvoru almost immediately.

In 2008, the audience at the court were presented just three work with the young actress. At the beginning of the year left the youth comedy Deb Hagan ” “, College where full creative powers actress played the role of Kendall and her colleagues were Drake Bell, Andrew Caldwell and Andrew Moss. The film is narrated about three buddies-school students – Kevin Morris and Carter, who had come off the campus for the full program. Before the end of the school friends went to college for information and interviews. And once there, they met with the most beautiful female students, had a falling out with the informal leader of the fraternity, had time to test smoke alarms and all in one short but a memorable weekend.

Haley Bennett has been the focus of the film industry bosses. There was again a bright enough light-hearted role Liz melodramatic comedy “Marley and Me” eminent David Frankel.

At first, quite banal plot, with each frame captured in earnest audience. Young journalistic family, John and Jennifer Grogan on a tip from Sebastian’s old friend John, moved from Michigan to Florida. They quickly found, and a roof over his head, and a good job. And now, having found confidence in the future, Jenny began to think about the children, that’s true, is not included in the plans of its second half. In order to tighten a little solution to this issue, on the advice of the same Sebastian, John gave his wife a dog.

Of all the puppies Labrador that were on the farm, Jenny chose the smallest, but the dog, who was named John Marley, vymahal instantly became completely unmanageable. Marley “ate” everything that came into his teeth every day spoiled things with him and had the patience of an angel, but exactly with this monster Grogan and understand something that they are ready to become parents. Because of the strong cast, and a comedy starring Jennifer Aniston, Owen Wilson, Eric Dane and Kathleen Turner, the film was guaranteed one hundred percent success, and the actors – honored portion kinoslavy.

When the director Mickey Liddell asked Haley Bennett for the lead role of Molly Hartley in thriller “The Haunting of Molly Hartley”, the actress did not deliberate: it is true, for the first time received an offer to work in this genre, but because it was so tempting . Haley Bennett admitted: “I had to get used to Molly Hartley, feel the state izlomlennosti and nervous tension. I almost did not sleep during the filming of this movie, it was the craziest 7 weeks of my life. The director made me afraid all the time, in the end, I drove myself to the point that even jumped out of the slightest unexpected noise. Everything began to seem scary and strange, but it was worth it: the film is really able to tickle nerves”. In the thriller Bennett worked in tandem with Chase Crawford.

According to the movie character Haley Bennett – Molly Hartley – seventeen year old girl who has recently moved to a new city to start a new life from scratch after a terrible mental turmoil: her mother had tried to kill her. She tried to forget lived through a nightmare and begin to live again. Molly enrolled in a private school, which instantly became a diligent student. She met with the most beautiful and spoiled guy got on the most prestigious party and, seemingly, life began to improve, but in her new life began to intrude visions and voices that called for it to drip a little deeper into the dark secrets of her past. Who are her new classmates why these oddities are taking place with her? Will Molly Hartley separate reality from fiction? Unexpected and rather unusual horror reel of film in which reality and unreality are intertwined, which is almost impossible to understand that – the truth, and that – an illusion.


On the personal life of a movie star of youth films almost unknown. This is understandable: Haley Bennett seriously busy careers and personal lives, most likely time is simply not enough.

Molly BennettMolly Bennett
Molly BennettMolly Bennett
Molly BennettMolly Bennett

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