Mohammad Rafi

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Mohammed Rafi.

Photographic The National Film Awards (1977)

Sri Mohammed Rafi (VI-Panj. ਮੁਹੰਮਦ ਰਫ਼ੀ. Hindi मोहम्मद रफ़ी. Eng. Mohammed . Mohammad or Mohd . Rafi ; May 1, 1919 in the village. Kotla Sultan Singh, near Amritsar, Punjab, British India – July 31, 1980, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India) – the famous Indian singer of Punjabi origin, one of the “golden voice” male voiceover performance of Indian cinema (along with Mann Deem, Mukesh and Kishore Kumar), who recorded his career almost 5 thousand vocals and award a number of film awards (including six prizes Filmfare Award for Best Male voiceover vocals – in 1961, 1962, 1965, 1967, 1969 and 1978), as well as several state awards, including the Padma Shri (1967).


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Childhood and adolescence

Mohammed Rafi was born in the village Kotla Sultan Singh (near Amritsar in the current Indian state of Punjab), fifth or sixth of 6 sons and barber chef Haji Ali Mohammed. Shortly after his birth the family moved to Lahore (now in Pakistan), where currently preserved their ancestral home. Rafi first began to show interest in singing at an early age by imitating chants of fakirs on Lahore streets. His older brother and his friend Mohammeddin Abdul Hamid, noting the talent of the boy began to encourage his singing, and played a role in coaxing parents to let his son learn this profession seriously.

Rafi learned the basics of Indian classical singing under the tutelage of Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan. Abdul Waheed Khan. Pandit Dzhivanlala Matt and Firoz Nizami. His first public performance was held in Lahore, when he was 13, according to other sources – about 15 years old when a concert singer Saigal Kundanlala power outage, and someone suggested Rafi to sing to entertain the audience feel nervous. Attending the audience Shyam Sundar, impressed by the art of the young man, invited him to Mumbai to sing for films and made his first recording as a voice-over singer in a duet with Zeenat Begum « Soniye Nee, Heeriye Nee » for the film in Punjabi ” Gul Baloch »(1941; released in rent in 1944). In the same year Mohammed Rafi was invited to sing in the studio Lahore Broadcasting Company All India Radio.

In 1944, Rafi accompanied Abdul Hamid arrived in Bombay, where they took a double room in a densely populated area of ​​Bhendi Bazaar. It is known for its tight community of musicians. The poet Tanvir Naqvi introduced him to several film producers, including Abdurrashid Kardara and Mehboob Khan. as well as actor and director Nazeer. Already familiar with the young musician Shyam Sundar gave him the opportunity to sing and record a duet with GM Durrani « Aji dil ho qaabu mein to dildar ki aisi taisi … » for film « Gaon Ki Gori », which became the first vocal recording of Mohammed for the movie in Hindi, followed by other.

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Mohammad RafiMohammad Rafi
Mohammad RafiMohammad Rafi
Mohammad RafiMohammad Rafi

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