Mitchell Weiser

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Mitchell Weiser (Weiser Mitchell Eliya)

Mitchell Eliya Weiser (it. Mitchell-Elijah Weiser, better known as the Mitchell Weiser, born 21 April 1994 in Troisdorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) – German football winger football club “Bavaria”.

The son of a German player Patrick Weiser, who played in the 1990/00-ies. in “Cologne”and”Wolfsburg”Weiser began his football career in the youth team of the Cologne”goats”, in the season 2005/06. His first trophy he won as a team to 17 years in 2011. He made his debut in the Bundesliga February 25, 2012 in a game against the “Bayer 04”, becoming the youngest player in the club in its history, Mitchell was replaced 74 minutes into the game, a colleague of Mato Yayalo.

In the 2011/12 season in the youth team, “Cologne”, he scored 11 goals and 23 transfer, making thus contribute to the team’s victory in the championship.

June 1, 2012 Weiser signed a contract with the Munich “Bavaria”until 2015. For the Bavarians take this club Weiser scored 1 goal in 9 matches. In the national championship Mitchell Weiser did not have time to play, but he went on the field in a match of the German Cup with the”Kaiserslautern”. He was replaced by Rafinha, who received a concussion. January 2, 2013, he was loaned to all the same “Kaiserslautern”, is in the second Bundesliga, before the end of the season, for which scored 2 goals in 13 matches. Debut in the camp of the “red line”was held February 4, 2013 in a meeting with the”Munich 1860”, which ended with the score 1: 0. Vyshёl in the starting lineup and leave in 86 minutes (for him appeared Floryan Riedel.

On his return to the camp of the red and white of the season 2013/14 Weiser scored his first goal for the Bavarians, it happened in the game Audi Cup 2013 against Brazil, “Sao Paulo».

November 5, 2013 Mitchell makes his debut for the Munich “Bavaria”in the game of the group stage of the Champions League 2013/14 season against Plzeň”Victoria”, coming on as substitute Mario Goetze on 87 minutes.

April 5, 2014 Weiser first time in his career there in the Bavarian form in the Bundesliga game. In that game, “Bavaria” lost the first time in 53 games in the Bundesliga.

In the national U-16 Weiser debuted July 10, 2010 in a match with Cyprus (6: 0). Mitchell scored the first goal in the national team to 17 years 4 September 2010 with Azerbaijan. After good games at the World Cup U-17 in 2011, he began to compare with Daniel Alves.

February 29 he made his debut in the German national team U-18 in the match against the Netherlands. It was his first and last game in the national team.

September 6, 2013, he played the first match in a team of up to 20 years against Poland.

The second match in this team he played 10 October 2013 with Turkey.

The third match was held two days later with the Netherlands.

Four play in this team was the match October 14, 2013 with the Czech Republic. The fifth match was held April 15, 2014 against Italy.

Mitchell WeiserMitchell Weiser
Mitchell WeiserMitchell Weiser
Mitchell WeiserMitchell Weiser

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