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Biography of Diana Cherry

Diana Vishneva was born in Leningrad (St. Pererburge) July 13, 1976 in a family of chemical engineers. At the age of six she started dancing in the choreographic circle of the Palace of Pioneers, and in 1987 entered the Academy of Russian Ballet. Agrippina Vaganova. Her first teacher was Lyudmila Bielsko, in the graduating class – Lyudmila Kovaleva.

In 1994, the promising student went to Switzerland, to Lausanne, the world-famous competition Prix de Lausanne. This international competition is held annually and is considered today the most prestigious in the world competition of young ballet dancers. The age qualification of participants – 15-17 years. The winners have the right to train in one of the state ballet schools working with Lausanne (including the Royal London and New York). In the category “Dance”Diana performed in Lausanne,”Carmen”, created especially for her by Igor Belsky, the artistic director of the Academy, and received the highest award – the Gold Medal. The severity of the judges of this contest can be estimated even a cursory study of the lists of winners of fourteen years before the Gold Medal awarded only boys, and then up to the present time – the highest prize was not awarded.

Since winning the competition began a stormy career of Diana Vishneva. Last year it combines education with internship at the Mariinsky Theatre, where she was immediately given solo roles. Even as an intern in 1995, she danced Kitri in the ballet “Don Quixote”. The image of the young Kitri still can not forget: a child’s angular, fresh of his youth, striking in its own unique style … For this role, in 1996 she was awarded the prize “Benois de la Danse».

In March 1995, a student of the Vaganova Academy Vishneva performed in Toronto in a gala concert dedicated to the memory of Rudolf Nureyev. In concert, she danced together with Vladimir Malakhov. Premier three world famous ballet companies, Malakhov in the face of a young ballerina had an excellent partner, cooperation with which will last for years to come.

In 1995 Diana graduated from the Academy. AND I. Vaganova and was admitted to the ballet troupe of the Mariinsky Theatre, where her teacher-coach was Olga Chenchikova. At this time, the stage of the Mariinsky Theatre are beginning to return ballets by George Balanchine, the formulation of which is patronized by George Balanchine Foundation. Vishneva got the part just a first since joining it in the company of the premiere.

February 1996, the first show, “Symphony in C”by Balanchine, Diana Vishneva danced the solo role in the 3rd part paired with Sergei Vikharev. For this role, she was awarded the St. Petersburg theater award”Golden Sofit».

Two prizes in the beginning of his career at the Mariinsky Theatre – “Benois de la Dance”, “Gold spotlights” – and in fact the young dancer had not even become his prima ballerina! However, it was soon – in 1996 Diana receives the status of the soloist of the Mariinsky Theatre, and in the same year she was awarded the prize «Divine».

In 1996, Diana Vishneva takes part in the following performances and tours: February – the main party in the Bolshoi Theatre production of “Don Quixote”in Moscow (with Farukh Ruzimatov), ​​which were awarded Diana Prize”Divine.”In the same month – solo part in the 1st part of the ballet by Jerome Robbins’ In the Night”(with Viktor Baranov).

April – Diana Vishneva debut as Juliet in the ballet “Romeo and Juliet”dedicated to Galina Ulanova (partner Viktor Baranov). June – at the Hermitage Theatre Vishneva first sang Fanny Cerrito in the”Pas de Quatre” Anton Dolin.

September – Diana Vishneva made her debut as Aurora in “The Sleeping Beauty».

The first appearance of Diana Vishneva in London took place during the “Nutcracker” ballet at the Mariinsky Theatre Coliseum (December 1996 – January 1997). At the opening of the tour, she danced Masha with Farukh Ruzimatov.

In 1997, Diana Vishneva returns to the scene of his first triumph – Lausanne, but as a guest star to participate in the gala concert. She dances a pas de deux from “Le Corsaire” paired with Carlos Acosta.

The year 1997 brought a new role for the young ballerina – she first sang the Firebird in the ballet by Michel Fokine. Diana again took part in the summer tour of the Mariinsky Theatre in London “Coliseum”. Her repertoire on this tour – the main party in the ballet “Don Quixote”, “Symphony in C”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “The Firebird”and”Spectre de la Rose».

To the 215 th season of the Mariinsky Theatre ballet Diana Vishneva develops image recognized stars, it is – one of the few note illustrious troupe, which determine the “face”of the theater. Temperamental, bright, Diana Vishneva belongs to a new generation of charismatic ballerinas-actresses who can bring to any classical role its own unique style. October 12, 1997 performance of”Romeo and Juliet” Mariinsky Theater opens a new season. At the opening of the season shine Diana Vishneva and Igor Zelensky.

November 1997 – concert of stars in New Jersey in which Vishneva dances a pas de deux from “Romeo and Juliet”with Viktor Baranov, a solo of”Carmen”choreographed by Igor Belsky and pas de deux from”Le Corsaire “with Farukh Ruzimatov. In November – a gala concert in New York, on stage at Lincoln Center, dedicated to Sergei Diaghilev. Here, Diana danced “Spectre de la Rose” with Vladimir Malakhov and pas de deux from Balanchine-Tchaikovsky Vyacheslav Samodurov.

In January-February 1998, the renewed ties between the two great Russian theaters – the Mariinsky and the Bolshoi. Diana takes part in the exchange tours: Kitri in “Don Quixote”with Farukh Ruzimatov, the first duet in the ballet”In the Night”in the program”An Evening of American Choreography”and variation in the Grand Pas from”Paquita” in the gala concert.

In June 1998, Roland Petit at the Mariinsky Theatre his ballet “The young man and death”and”Carmen”. In “Carmen,” Diana Vishneva and Farukh Ruzimatov performed principal roles in the second premiere performance June 26th. Alluring, teasing Carmen, in the interpretation of Vishneva, like a jewel, sparkles and shimmers on the stage. Diana danced not only arms and legs – she is dancing with her eyes, curls, unique lines of her every movement.

In the same month Vishneva Ruzimatov and receive the prize of “Baltika””Best Duet”. Can the rigid canons of classical ballets express their own”I”? It is possible to two outstanding dancers. The narrow scope of the classics do not suppress their individuality and reveal their talent. Traditional roles are filled with new content and a truly stunning performances.

In spite of this, the young dancer wants to try his hand at a modern choreography. This happens in 1999, when Diana Vishneva dances solo in “Poem of Ecstasy” by Alexei Ratmansky.

In 2000 Ratmansky put at the Mariinsky Theatre new play – Prokofiev’s “Cinderella” – has guided it to Diana. But more on that below.

Keeping the chronology of events, we note Vishneva participate in the tour of the Mariinsky Theatre in the summer of 1998 in Graz (Austria), where she performed “Sleeping Beauty” at the opening of the tour.

In February 1999, Diana will debut in the title role of the ballet “Giselle”. In the 1998-1999 season the Mariinsky Theatre began attempting to reconstruct old productions.

April 30, 1999 performed the premiere of Sergei Vykharev reconstruction of “Sleeping Beauty” by Marius Petipa. At the premiere Vishneva Dancing Princess Aurora, partnered by Andrian Fadeyev.

In the summer of 1999, the Mariinsky Ballet on tour in New York. Vishneva dance “Sleeping Beauty”, “Giselle”, “Symphony in C Major” and Tchaikovsky Pas de deux.

The following season, the Mariinsky Theatre continues ballet Balanchine. The premiere of the triptych “Jewels”October 30, 1999 is a response of the press. Diana Vishneva at the premiere dance solo in the second part of the”jewels”in”Rubies”. In this role, she is – genuine “ruby”: her flamboyant dancing style, gushing energy and perfect technique ideally suited to the spirit of the party and dance pattern.

Next season premiere – “Manon”by Kenneth MacMillan – Diana brought one of her most beloved roles. Tender and passionate, sacrificial and devotedly loving Manon is deeply sensed and understood ballerina. In this game the Second Ballet Festival”Mariinsky”in 2002, she will shine together with the famous Paris Grand Opera premier Manuel Legris. And the same role she will dance in November 2001 and January 2002 with a troupe of Bavarian Ballet (Bavarian State Ballet) in Munich (partner Alain Botayni (Alen Bottaini)). For the role of Manon, and for the solo role in”Rubies”, Vishneva was again nominated for the theater award “Golden Mask».

In the summer of 2000 in London, at the theater, Covent Garden, are grand-scale tour of the Mariinsky Theatre ballet eighteen and sixteen opera performances. Mariinsky became the first international team that performed at Covent Garden after a major renovation of the building. The first part of the tour, called “Sleeping Beauty”with Diana Vishneva and Igor Zelensky, and then Diana danced the lead role in”Rubies”. The second part of the tour, she performed principal roles in “Don Quixote”, “Sleeping Beauty”, “Romeo and Juliet”and”Scheherazade”. These were truly triumphal tour.

In February 2001, at the First International Ballet Festival “Mariinsky”Diana Vishneva danced”Giselle”with the prime minister of the Berlin State Ballet, Vladimir Malakhov, at the final gala concert of the festival takes the adagio from”Manon”(also with Malakhov) and the variation in the”Paquita».

In March 2001, Diana Vishneva awarded the “Golden Mask”- for solo role in”Rubies”by George Balanchine. March 2001 also brings Vishneva debut as Nikiya in the ballet”La Bayadere».

April 28, 2001 shows the Mariinsky Theatre Neumeier premiere three ballets – “Spring and Autumn”, “Now and Then» («Now and Then») and staged for the Mariinsky Theatre “Sounds of Empty Pages”. At the premiere of Diana Vishneva dances solo in the ballet “Spring and Autumn”and the Party Muse in”The Sound of blank pages».

In May 2001, the decree of the President of Russia Diana Vishneva was awarded the State Prize in the field of literature and art for the main roles in the performances of the Mariinsky Theatre “Sleeping Beauty”, “Manon”, “The young man and death”, “Scheherazade».

In summer 2001, the Mariinsky Ballet on tour again in London in the theater “Covent Garden”. Diana Vishneva danced principal roles in “Sleeping Beauty”, “Rubies”, “Manon”, “Symphony in C”and”Scheherazade”. On several performances of “Rubies”and”Symphony in C”she was partnered by Bolshoi Theatre Nikolai Tsiskaridze. On this tour shoot the documentary”Kirov Ballet. People and dances ».

In December 2001, Diana will debut at La Scala in Milan: the role of Aurora in “Sleeping Beauty” (Rudolf Nureyev’s version). Partner – Roberto Bolle (Roberto Bolle).

In February 2002, the Mariinsky Ballet on tour in Washington, DC, on the Kennedy Center. The tour opened “Sleeping Beauty” with Diana Vishneva in the main party.

March 5, 2002 at the Mariinsky Theatre world premiere of the ballet “Cinderella”Alexei Ratmansky. Pretty baby, fabulous and modern Cinderella Ratmansky and cherry – not an ugly duckling that turns into a princess, and always – a princess, but for the time being undiscovered, neuvidennaya. About the little princess hidden inside every woman, has turned this performance, and Diana Vishneva in it – the essential link that connects all the components together. For this role, she was nominated for the”Golden Mask».

At the Second International Ballet Festival “Mariinsky”in March 2002, Diana first time dancing with the prime minister of the Paris Opera Manuel Legris (“Manon”,”Rubies”), the fruitful cooperation which has continued in subsequent years (excerpt from “Carmen”at the Third Ballet Festival”Mariinsky”, March 2003, “Manon” by Kenneth MacMillan at the stage of the Grand Opera House, June 2003).

In April 2002, Diana first sang the title role in “Raymonda”. In May 2002, the debut of Diana Vishneva at the Paris Opera (“Don Quixote” Rudolf Nureyev’s version with Jose Martinez (José Martinez), one of the premier troupe).

July 2002 – Mariinsky Ballet at the Metropolitan Opera (New York) (lead roles in “La Bayadere”by Marius Petipa in the reconstruction of Sergei Vykharev,”Don Quixote”and”Rubies»).

The year 2002 was very successful for Diana Vishneva on the part of guest performances and invitations to prestigious ballet theaters in the world. In the season 2002 – 2003 artistic director of the Berlin Opera becomes Vladimir Malakhov. On his initiative, Diana Vishneva becomes a “guest star”celebrated the German company. The new ballet season opened the Berlin Opera Ballet”Giselle” with cherry and Malakhov in the lead roles.

In October 2002 Vishneva Malakhov and dancing at the annual ballet festival in Mikkeli (Finland), where they first performed together the main parties in the “Sleeping Beauty” and Tchaikovsky Pas de deux choreographed by Balanchine.

In December, Malakhov staged at the Berlin Opera, his version of the ballet “La Bayadere” and invited Diana to perform Nika (Solor – Vladimir Malakhov).

In December, at the Athens theater “Megaron”eight times was shown ballet”Giselle”, with the participation of soloists from different troupes. Giselle and Albert were performed by Diana Vishneva with Vladimir Malakhov and Svetlana Zakharova and Igor Zelensky.

In October 2002, Diana within the Mariinsky Ballet Theatre du Chatelet (Paris) performed the lead roles in “The Firebird”by Michel Fokine,”Nutcracker”staged by Mikhail Shemyakin in”La Bayadere” by Marius Petipa in the reconstruction of Sergei Vykharev.

Name Diana Vishneva become well known in the leading ballet theaters in the world. In 2002, according to a poll Dance Europe magazine, Diana Vishneva called the best dancer in Europe.

2003 painted a ballerina literally days. May – Opera Berlin premiere of Balanchine’s Ballet Imperial. June – Grand Opera, “Manon” with Manuel Legris.

In 2003, the debut of Diana at the Metropolitan Opera (New York) in the ballet “Romeo and Juliet”by Kenneth MacMillan, and the long-awaited premiere of”Swan Lake” with its participation in the Berlin State Opera.

In 2003, Diane was awarded the prize “Soul of the Dance”in the”Queen of Dance”, awarded annually by the magazine “Ballet».

In 2004, Diana danced a lot in Berlin (Staatsoper) – «Swan Lake”, “Giselle”, “The Ring” in the Ring (Bejar). He tours with Vladimir Malakhov in Japan, Greece and Moscow (“Sleeping Beauty” at the Bolshoi).

February 16, 2005 marks 10 years of the Diana Vishneva at the Mariinsky Theatre with its first performance (“Don Quixote”). The anniversary was marked by her performance of “Giselle”on January 31 at the theater, a benefit at the Conservatory on February 4, with the”evening of modern choreography”and a benefit at the Mariinsky Theatre on March 26 at the International Ballet Festival”Mariinsky».

May 24, 2005, Diana became the prima ballerina of the American Ballet Theatre (ABT) and brilliantly performed in the spring-summer season of theater at the Metropolitan Opera (New York).

September 21, 2005 Mariinsky Theatre has opened 223 traditional ballet season of “Swan Lake.” Unconventional was that Odette-Odile in the play was first performed on stage mother Diana Vishneva.

9 and 11 January 2006 triumph have passed performances of Diana with troupe of the Paris Opera, where she danced “Swan Lake” in the wording of Rudolf Nureyev.

April 29, 2006 at the new stage of the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow, Diana performed as a guest soloist of “Swan Lake” in the version by Yuri Grigorovich. Her performance has caused widespread and prolonged discussion in the press and on ballet forums.

January 31, 2007 by the Decree of the President of the Russian soloist of the Mariinsky Ballet Diana Vishneva was awarded the honorary title of People’s Artist of Russia for his great contribution in the field of art.

September 17, 2007 the anniversary of 225 season Mariinsky Theatre opened the ballet “Romeo and Juliet”with Diana Vishneva. On 7 October, 2007 at the Mariinsky Theatre hosted the premiere of the ballet «Silenzio. Diana Vishneva”, which was staged by Andrei mighty and Alexei Kononov.

November 23, 2007, Diana took the long-awaited debut in the ballet Yuri Grigorovich’s “Legend of Love».

February 13, 2008 in California (USA) hosted the world premiere of the new choreography of the performance of the three parts of “Diana Vishneva: Beauty in Motion.” The initiator and producer of the project was the president of the company «Ardani Artists» Sergey Danielyan, Choreographer Alexei Ratmansky steel (“Pierrot Lunaire”), Moses Pendleton (FLOW – «For the love of a woman”) and Dwight Rhoden (“Love Turns”). The premiere of the program took place in New York (February 21-24) and Moscow (28 February 29). p>







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