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McCready DUI and attempting to buy Oxycontin with a fake prescription. She also was on celebrity rehab in 2009 but then had a possible overdose in 2010. So McCready is an addict and a mess. and her mother was awarded custody of her five year old son as a result.

In the latest Mindy McCready news. she took her five year old son. Zander. from her father’s house in Florida to Tennessee. A judge in Florida has ruled that she must return Zander to her mother. Zander’s grandmother. by Thursday because his grandmother has custody of him. According to McCready. everything is fine though. because the kid is hers. she owns him. and she skyped with the sheriff’s office to explain that. McCready claims she can’t go back to Florida because she’s either five months or seven months pregnant with twins. depending on which outlet she’s talking to. The AP has an interview with her in which she says she’s nearly seven months while People Magazine talked to her rep who confirmed that she’s five months along. So according to McCready she was able to take the boy from Florida just last week. but she can’t return him this week since she’s pregnant. It doesn’t matter though since her son is her property anyway. and also because her mother was supposedly abusing Zander. which she denies.

Mindy McCready tells Access Hollywood that despite reports. she and her 5-year-old son are not missing .

“I am working with lawyers to try to get all this straightened out. ” she told Access Hollywood in an e-mail on Wednesday. “I did not steal my child. as it would be impossible for me to kidnap what already belongs to me. There never was any missing persons report and never an Amber Alert.”

According to the Associated Press. the Department of Children and Families said a missing persons report was filed in Florida on Tuesday .

The DCF told the AP that the report was filed after the singer took her son. Zander. from the singer’s father’s home. McCready’s mother reportedly has custody of the child .

A judge has ordered McCready to return Zander by Thursday. the AP reported. – Access Hollywood

Country singer Mindy McCready said Wednesday she will probably not be able to bring her 5-year-old son back to Florida to fulfill a judge’s order by Thursday afternoon— because she is nearly 7 By not returning as ordered. she risks arrest .

Speaking exclusively to The Associated Press. McCready said that she and her mother have had a long custody battle in Florida over Zander. Her mother was awarded guardianship in 2007.

The battle became more public this week. when the Florida Department of Children and Families said a missing person report was filed with police after McCready took Zander from her father’s home. McCready was able to visit with the boy there under a court order and the 36-year-old singer said she had spent much of the past month with her son at the home. Her mother and father are divorced .

McCready alleges that her son suffered abuse while living at her mother’s home and that is one of the reasons why she left with the boy last week .

“I’m a mom first ,”said McCready from Nashville. Tenn.” No matter what happens. I’m going to protect my kid. If I have to go to jail. so be it.”

When reached at her Lee County home Wednesday night. McCready’s mother. Gayle Inge. said the abuse allegations are “absolutely not true.”

During the interview with the AP. a tearful McCready recounted a messy and confusing tale of court custody battles and family fights. McCready is suing her mother and a tabloid newspaper for libel in a Palm Beach County court .

DCF discovered that McCready and the boy were not at her father’s home and a judge ruled she must return him voluntarily by 5 p.m. Thursday or risk an arrest warrant .

According to Aimee McLaughlin of the Childrens Network of Southwest Florida. a case manager filed a missing person report with the Cape Coral Police on Tuesday. The DCF spokesman said Children’s Network of Southwest Florida is the Community-Based Care agency for the area .

McCready said she was under the impression that the Florida judge was transferring the custody case to Tennessee and that it wouldn’t be a problem if she brought him there .

McCready. who was born in Florida and found fame in Nashville as a singer in the 1990s. said she left with her son to the Tennessee city before Thanksgiving .

Both McCready and her mother agree that a Florida judge had heard testimony during court hearings at the end of October and early November regarding the singer regaining custody of Zander. Both women agree that the judge had not yet ruled and that he said for now. the boy should remain with his grandmother .

Cape Coral Police Lt. Tony Sizemore said McCready called the department via Skype on Wednesday. – AP

[ From Access Hollywood and AP via Times News ]

What the hell kind of mother talks about their kid like that. ” I did not steal my child. as it would be impossible for me to kidnap what already belongs to me .” She’s talking about her five year old son as if he’s some thing that she owns. like a coat she left somewhere. This woman is an addict and she’s twisting reality to suit her purposes. The sad thing is that she’s about to have two more kids to mess up. if it’s even true that she’s pregnant. It sounds like a detail she added to try and avoid prosecution.

Mindy is shown at a CMA meet and greet in June. 2010. WENN.com

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