Miguel Gallardo

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The Godfather

Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo (Spanish. Miguel Á ngel lix Gallardo ), known under the nickname of «El Padrino» (The Godfather), was the first of the big drug lord in Mexico. Because the organization he created, later came all the known drug cartels in Mexico.

Born future Godfather of Mexican drug traffickers on January 8, 1946, in the city of Kuliokan, Sinaloa. At first, he worked as an agent of the Mexican Federal Police. and then the bodyguard of the governor of Sinaloa Leopoldo Sanchez Celis.

In the future, realizing that the career and money at the service of the Federal Government is not done, he began to smuggle marijuana from Mexico into the United States, but what in those days was not engaged in those places just lazy. Given his previous work experience and communication with the governor of the state, Felix Gallardo quickly achieved success and has created a powerful organization with corrupt ties on both sides of the border.

Through its close connection with the Honduran trafficker Juan Matta Ballesteros (Spanish. Juan Matta Ballesteros), Felix came to King Latino crime since those times, the Colombian drug lord – Pablo Escobar. He offered his services as a carrier of cocaine from Mexico into the United States, it was easy to do, because as Felix Gallardo at the time, has already created an infrastructure capable to smuggle cocaine to the Colombians.

Having decided to issue a medelintsami. and putting them in Mexico protégé of Felix Gallardo was the main Mexican drug lord. He oversaw all operations, which allowed only his friends and family. Now, the band forward, and cash to pay for services of officials and politicians, on the cover-up of their cases, as well as all the transportation needed for cocaine smuggling.

First, for their service, Felix received payment in cash. But in the late 1980s, Mexican Colombians agreed with his payment service product, that is cocaine. And he began to take from 35 to 50% of the goods for its services. This arrangement meant that Felix Gallardo, except transport of cocaine, became involved in the distribution and sale of drugs in the United States, that in future, after the defeat of the Medellin and Cali cartels and then, allowed him to become the biggest drug dealer. Having its headquarters villa in Acapulco and in Mexico actually became a monopolist, he singled out and brought people (mostly not yet known at the time DEA), which has placed in the different areas and stages of transport. So Tijuana, he gave Arellano Felix family. Ciudad Juarez Carrillo Fuentes family. Miguel Caro Quintero, was given Sonora, the area along the Gulf of Mexico – Juan Garcia Abrego. and Pacific Coast – Joaquin Guzmán Lauer. All of these people, after his arrest founded their independent cartels.

Prior to 1987, he managed to keep a low profile and not attract the attention of law enforcement officers from the United States (his were bought on the vine). But strengthening the DEA to combat cocaine kings, led to the fact that his organization had introduced a mole – Enrique Camarena (Spanish. Enrique Camarena ). He managed to penetrate deeply into the organization and become a very close friend Felix Gallardo.

In 1984, according to his information, 450 Mexican soldiers, backed by helicopters, destroyed 1,000 hectares of plantations of marijuana, known as “Rancho Buffalo”, where lived and worked (these plantations) about 10 thousand farmers, the annual production of which , estimated at $ 8 billion.

And the drug lords and farmers, they were alarmed by such a large failure and began to search for an informer. Thanks to contacts with the police and with the help of corrupt officials, the name of the mole became known. Felix Gallardo ordered the kidnapping of an informer and 7 February 1985, Camarena was tortured and brutally killed, prompting the initiation of DEA, major investigation, search and capture of those responsible for the murder of an American federal agent. Start of operation Leyenda, a special undercover unit when it was sent to the territory of Mexico to find the killers. Investigators quickly identified the masterminds and perpetrators of the crime, at the direction of Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, the kidnapping and murder of an undercover agent Enrique Camarena, it was executed Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo (Spanish. Ernesto Fonseca Carrillo) and Rafael Caro Quintero (Spanish. Rafael Caro Quintero).

Under enormous pressure from the United States, Fonseca and Quintero were quickly arrested, and even give them the Mexican government refused, in the end, they were found guilty of smuggling marijuana and murder of DEA agents and sentenced to more than 40-years in prison.

However, Felix Gallardo, supported by corrupt politicians, some time remained outside the American Themis. He was arrested April 8, 1989, in the guest house of the governor Antonio Toledo Corro. When the governor asked about its relationship with Felix Gallardo, Toledo said: “I know nothing about the warrant of arrest of Felix Gallardo.” Felix Gallardo was accused by the authorities of Mexico and the United States in the kidnapping and murder of US Federal agent Enrique Camarena Salazar, racketeering, drug smuggling, and several serious crimes and sentenced to 40-year prison sentence. While in prison, he remained a further one of the biggest drug traffickers in Mexico, controlling his organization via mobile phone until he was transferred to the Altiplano maximum security prison, where he found to this day.

His niece, Sandra Avila Beltran (App. Sandra Ávila Beltrán), was born in 1960, received the nickname “ La Reina del Pacifico ” (Queen of the Pacific), also took part in the family business. She was arrested on 28 September 2007, on charges of having links with organized crime and conspiracy to traffic drugs into the United States. In the future, some of the charges were dropped, but it still is accused of illegal possession of weapons and money-laundering, and is awaiting extradition to the United States. Mexican and US officials consider it an important link between the Sinaloa cartel in Mexico and Colombia’s Norte del Valle cartel Cartel.

Miguel GallardoMiguel Gallardo
Miguel GallardoMiguel Gallardo
Miguel GallardoMiguel Gallardo

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