Michael Welch

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Michael Welch

Michael Welch

Michael Welch (Michael Welch) – American actor, best known for the blockbuster “Twilight”and its sequel, as well as the films”Unrequited Love”, “Crazy”series”Joan of Arc New».

The main movie actor Michael Welch

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Michael was born on July 25, 1987 in Los Angeles in a family Protestant and Jewish. As a child, Michael liked to play musical instruments. In particular, the drums. Subsequently, the Welsh founded the group with his friend, actor Joey Zimmerman.

Birthplace largely determined the future of Michael. Being a resident of Los Angeles, the epicenter kinozhizni, he, like many boys dream to act in films. At age 10, Michael made his debut on American television, appearing in an episode of the television series “Walker Cool.”The guy literally grew up on the set, filming the TV series in one after the other. By adolescence he was behind more than two dozen roles in TV projects. In 13 years, Welch appeared in his first feature film – the sports drama”Beat the Right”(2000). In 2001, he played on the same site with Anton Yelchin in the melodrama”guardian angel.”A year later, he received a major role in the family drama”A Doll Angel” (2002).

In addition, the young actor often attracted to work on the dubbing cartoon characters.

The first fame came to Michael’s 16 years with the release in theaters of the American science fiction television series “Joan of Arc New”(2003 – 2005), tells of a girl who has unique abilities and investigating crime in your school. Michael played a 15-year-old brother of the heroine – a guy named Luke, who takes everything from life. During the two years of work in this project, received a nomination for”Golden Globe”, Michael has found the first fans and became a prominent figure in the background of other beginners Hollywood actors.

While continuing to star in TV series, Welch became longer appear in feature films. In 2007, the year Michael was seen in two films – “Choose Connor”Luke Ebrela and”Sap” Jesse Manafort.

The year 2008 was for 21-year-old Michael Year of conquering new heights. He appeared in three films as “cover”, “American Son”and”Day of the Dead.”A job in the fourth scene -“Twilight” (2008), brought him huge success. In this vampire saga of love, death and the vampire, taken on the basis of the success of the novel by Stephenie Meyer, he got the lead role – Mike Newton, a classmate of the main character Bella (Kirsten Stewart), who secretly in love with her, so is the hatred for the opponent – vampire (Robert Pattinson).

«Twilight”became a favorite of the year, breaking box office records, and glorified the whole cast worldwide. After the appearance in this tape Michael Welch became unconditional celebrity. Later, he played the character in the history of all the sequels -“Twilight. Saga. New Moon “(2009),”Twilight. Saga. Eclipse”(2009),”Twilight. Saga. Breaking Dawn: Part 1″(2011) and”Twilight. Saga. Breaking Dawn: Part 2″(2012).

In recognition of the actor, it is very similar to his famous character, being in the same romantic and a connoisseur of feminine beauty.

Immediately after the success of “Twilight”in the 2008th Michael appeared in the lead role in the thriller”Dirt”(2009), where he played a computer genius, who, along with the other suits the reality show that goes out of control when one of the its member killed in the air. Following Welch plays the lovestruck guy who steals his beloved from the hands of an opponent, in the film”Unrequited Love”(2010). And then the actor transforms into a hypocrite Denny in the thriller”Who is not hidden …” (2011).

Despite his youth, Michael managed to marry the blue-eyed brunette actress Marissa Lefton and had to divorce her.

Michael WelchMichael Welch
Michael WelchMichael Welch
Michael WelchMichael Welch

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