Michael Stuhlbarg

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Michael Stuhlbarg (Michael Stuhlbarg)

  • Hometown: Long Beach, California, USA
  • Born July 5, 1968

Michael Stuhlbarg (eng. Michael S. Stuhlbarg) – American theater, film and teleakter. Nominees “Golden Globe” Best Actor – Musical or Comedy (2009).

Michael Stuhlbarg was born in California in the town of Long Beach in a Jewish family.

He took acting classes at the Juilliard School. National Youth Theatre of Great Britain, the University of London and University of California Los Angeles. He studied mime mime Marcel Marceau at. After university, he became a notable theater actor engaged in many theatrical productions. He participated in Old Wicked Songs in 1996. Long Day’s Journey into Night in 1998 and The Pillowman in 2005. For this role he first nominated for a Tony Award.

He also starred in many TV projects, such as the “Law & Order & raquo ;,”Ugly Betty” and others.

His contribution to cinema was limited to minor roles, such as a lawyer in Ridley Scott “Body of Lies”and other minor. In 2009, the Coen brothers gave him the lead role of a university professor in the film, Larry Gopnik”Serious Man” for which he was nominated for many awards.

C 2010, he was withdrawn from Martin Scorsese’s HBO television project in the Empire on the waterfront (“Boardwalk Empire”)


1 Hugo Cabret (2011) Hugo Cabret

2 Boardwalk Empire (TV series) (2010) Boardwalk Empire. Arnold Rothstein

3 Gold Star, Ohio (2010) Goldstar, Ohio. The Interviewer

4 A Serious Man (2009) A Serious Man. Prof. Lawrence ‘Larry’ Gopnik

5 Frozen Soul (2008) Cold Souls. Hedge Fund Consultant

6 Body of Lies (2008) Body of Lies. Ferris’ Attorney

7 Afterschool (2008) Afterschool. Mr. Burke

8 Quest (TV series) (2007-2010) Damages. Dr. Bernard Herschenfeld

9 Key to Reserva, The (2007) Key to Reserva, The. Louis Bernard

10 Studio 60 on the Sunset Street (TV series) (2006-2007) Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Jerry

11 Ugly Betty (TV series) (2006-2010) Ugly Betty. Heinrich

12 Solidarity. (2005) Solidarity. Pawel

13 The law and order. Malice (TV series) (2001-2008) Law & amp; Order: Criminal Intent. Marcel Costas

14 The Grey Zone (2001) Grey Zone, The. Cohen

15 Submarine (TV) (1999) Hunley, The. Wicks

16 Macbeth in Manhattan (1999) Macbeth in Manhattan. Robert / Ross

17 A Price Above Rubies (1998) A Price Above Rubies. Young Hassid

18 Production (TV) (1998) Prey. Dr. Ed Tate

19 Law & Order (TV series) (1990-2010) Law & amp; Order. Timothy Pace

20 The American Adventure (TV series) (1988-2010) American Experience, The. Alfred Doten

Michael StuhlbargMichael Stuhlbarg
Michael StuhlbargMichael Stuhlbarg
Michael StuhlbargMichael Stuhlbarg

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