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The leader of the Conservatives will be different

Today, the walls of the British Parliament will host the second decisive round of the election of the new leader of the opposition: 167 MPs from the Conservative Party will determine the names of the two favorites in the race for the post of head of the Tories. Then, their views on the two candidates will express all the 300 thousand. Party members and the name of the winner will be known on September 12.

The ballot, which today will have 167 members of the parliamentary faction of conservatives, are the names of three candidates: former Minister of Finance of Great Britain Kenneth Clark (Kenneth Clarke), the far-right MP Ian Duncan Smith (Iain Duncan Smith) and ex-Defense Minister Michael Portillo (Michael Portillo). Another two candidates – David Davies (David Davis) and Michael Ancrum (Michael Ancram) – dropped out of the fight after losing last week in the first round.

It was during this tour will become clear sympathy (or rather, dislikes) Tory MPs. With the lowest number of votes a candidate withdraws from the race, and ballots with the names of the two favorites will dispatch by mail to all members of the 300,000th of the Conservative Party, which will have to take out the verdict. Name the new leader of the parliamentary opposition will be announced September 12.

The current campaign of the leader of the Conservative Party of Great Britain, lasting more than a month, can be called sensational. Initially I considered the undisputed favorite Mr Portillo: it placed as the leading British politicians, and all without exception bookmakers. But then the former defense minister made a number of careless statements, in particular, promised in the event of coming to power, to repeal the law banning the promotion of homosexuality in Britain’s schools and legalize cannabis in Britain. This alienated from Mr Portillo party colleagues that after such bold statements over to the mills of Mr Duncan Smith and Mr. Clark.

In addition, over the weekend a spokesman for former Conservative leader William Hague (William Hague) Amanda Platell (Amanda Platell) appeared on television with a sensational statement: it turns out in the end of May – the beginning of June, in the midst of the campaign for the parliamentary elections, the team of Mr Portillo is committed to actively undermine the image that Mr. Hague to bring the defeat of the Tories in the election, and then take the party in power in their hands. This news angered even the most ardent supporters of Michael Portillo, and it was he, according to observers, will today in third place and out of the fight. Then in the decisive battle for the post of leader of the opposition will join Ian Duncan Smith and Kenneth Clarke, who tipped a landslide victory.

VLADIMIR Z-Kara-Murza, London

Michael PortilloMichael Portillo
Michael PortilloMichael Portillo
Michael PortilloMichael Portillo

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