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The American artist Michael Parkes born October 12, 1944 in the city of Saykstoun, Missouri. He studied at the University of Kansas and within four years he taught art at Kent State University in Ohio, and the University of Florida. In his youth he painted in the style of abstract expressionism, whose representatives made up a significant part of the teaching staff at the time. However, at age 26 he realized that he has only technical skills, which is not enough to become a real artist, and decided to radically change his life.

In 1970, he and his wife, Maria went on a long journey across Europe and Asia. This was the era of hippies and many young people have turned to the East in search of a new spirituality, which would unite the world divided into two warring camps. This was the era Beatles, psychedelic drugs and the Vietnam War. America is entering a new era of total mass culture, in which there was no room for spiritual self-improvement, and Michael did not want to become part of this blatant abuse of the human spirit.

Parkes was looking for inspiration in Eastern philosophy and religious practices of ancient cultures, he studied religious and esoteric doctrines of the East and the West: Buddhism, Hinduism, Tantra, and Kabbalah. Together the couple traveled to India, Nepal and Pakistan, and learn a new perception of life beyond the everyday world absorbed an unquenchable thirst for profit. Full of enthusiasm, they wanted to find, as many as the source of all things, but unfortunately combined with the $ 800 was not enough for such a daring enterprise. Later obtained during this travel experience formed the basis of the philosophy of life of Michael, embodied in his work.

In 1974 they had a daughter, and the couple were forced to return to Europe, where he settled in the small Spanish village on the Mediterranean coast. At the time, Spain was ruled by the dictator Franco, but life there was quite bearable. In addition, most of the year where the sun was shining, and for any artist it is of paramount importance. However, at that time Michael was not yet ready to return to painting, and began making and selling leather belts for tourists. In place of adventure in exotic countries came measured life, busy looking for stable income. The couple had to take care of the younger daughter.

Michael changed many jobs until a chance encounter with a Spanish artist did not return him inspiration. Through his acquaintance with gallery owner, Michael, who needed a painting for his new gallery. Badly in need of money, Michael turned back to painting and realized that the trip to Asia gave him the basis for a new view of his own art. Passion for Eastern philosophy, he tried to move it to the canvas and in the process began experimenting with color stone lithography, later becoming a consummate master in this extremely time-consuming and laborious occupation.

However, the path to success turned out to be longer and more arduous than it seemed at the time. For years, Parkes was looking for himself, to develop their own unique style. He wanted to translate the abstract philosophical ideas into the language of painting, making them accessible to the public. Only at the beginning of the 80s, he felt confident in his abilities and was able to find a way to make visible the esoteric concept. Having found the magic key to his own subconscious, he gradually found a secret path leading to genuine creativity. For it was not enough flawless technique still had to learn how to travel the landscape of inner peace and talk about it to other people.

Michael ParksMichael Parks
Michael ParksMichael Parks
Michael ParksMichael Parks

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