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«To be together – it means to be happy»

«crazy about the guy” – inscription on a platinum watch, Mel Ferrer sent a birthday, did Audrey Hepburn. A popular song by Noel Coward became a password in their relationship. Audrey Mel accepted the offer to become his wife, and it remained almost 13 years of happy.

«Her pixie face with eyes fawn, naive expression of which contradicted a sharp mind, light them. She irregularly shaped nose, wide mouth, and at the same time smiling at the same time sensual, playful and absolutely sincere, “- wrote about Audrey Hepburn critic Marjorie Rosen.

A short haircut with straight bangs, pencil arrow, lift and lengthen the corners of the eyes. Shoes, ballet flats, pale face and thin, frail body. Imitation Audrey continues after her death. Supermodel and singer, actress and secular young ladies – for them Audrey Hepburn has truly become an icon of style, in contrast to the arrogant samozvanok. Much less its followers noble service to UNICEF, to help the starving children. Is that the same was Princess Diana, standing up for the prohibition of anti-personnel mines. I think it was in their life has a lot to do.

«She had no time for romance. She had a vocation »

This slightly regretting stated her partner – actor Peter Finch. Audrey was a little afraid of marriage and strong passions. Much safer seemed to her work. True, she had almost married, fell in love with his partner in the film “Sabrina” by William Holden, but the news that the beloved consciously undergone a vasectomy, destroyed the proposed marriage.

«I’m going to feel completely happy if all the time to spend Saturday evening until Monday morning at home” – recognized Audrey. In this it was not like any of his colleagues.

For the first time they met in London with Ferrer at a house party in the summer of 1953. Mel was twelve years older than Audrey, just a full zodiacal circle. She had seen him in the movie “Lily”in the role of puppeteer. I think he was like a prince, although many accused him of professional coldness. She certainly did not hear then, as spoke about Mele:”It is not the heat, he had nothing to give the viewer. Clever – yes, good – I do. ” Having become acquainted, Audrey was surprised to learn that Mel writes children’s books, makes plays on the radio and in the theater and in general familiar with all of Hollywood. They had a lot in common, especially the difficult childhood, burdened with serious illnesses. Mel suffered polio and devoted much effort to restore motor skills in his semi-paralyzed hand. Audrey girl starved during the war to such an extent that the earth dug out of the frozen potatoes, turnips and even tulip bulbs.

One of the first gifts of Mel was elegant necklace of this seaweed. He handed it to the day the Broadway premiere of “Ondine” by Andersen. Audrey was a mermaid. Mel – a knight, and that time is also an entrepreneur. It was then for the first time Audrey felt sturdy shoulder Ferrer. He surrounded Audrey care, which she did not have all my life. It was he who advised her phone so secretive that even her closest associates did not know his secret room. Mel gave two poodles, and now they brightened her quiet life in between shows and filming. Lovers began to give interviews only together, only to be photographed together. Both secular chroniclers started talking seriously about a new union.

In the spring of 1954, Audrey received the “Oscar”for his role in”Roman Holiday”and the award”Tony”for”Ondine”. But the success was paid for dearly. Health fragile actress has been undermined, Mel helped her to go to Switzerland. She settled in a quiet hotel on the shores of Lake Lucerne, is strictly a diet and put to bed at eight o’clock in the evening. In late summer, she accepted the offer of Mel and sent him to the same tridtsatisemiletiyu secret sign – a gift. “I’ll go crazy guy” – it seems that the way it was …

They were married a month later. The civil ceremony took place on September 24 in the City Hall of a small town on the shore of the lake. The next day, a wedding ceremony in the church detachment Swiss police did not allow a single stranger. In addition to the closest relatives and friends there was no one there. Under heavy rains, promise happiness, Mel and Audrey consecrated their union. Detective story continued. It was announced that the couple go on their honeymoon in Italy. And in fact they secretly returned to the house, Audrey, to mark the wedding alone. When a couple is really the greatest caution still got to Rome, paparazzi chasing their car very similar anticipated race for the other princess, who died tragically in a Paris tunnel.

«Milk, honey, only milk!»

In Italy Mel seriously he entered the role of the husband – he scrupulously followed the health of Audrey, not allowing her any jigger. Fresh products fell to them on the table straight from the garden host a small villa. Homemade bread, which Audrey herself learned to bake from the local baker, filled the house with warm welcoming smell. When Audrey felt pregnant – their happiness knew no bounds.

«Someday – Audrey said in an interview in 1953 – I just fall in love and get married. And it will have nothing to do with my career. ” How wrong she was! All her subsequent career was built in close relationship with her family life.

Now, Audrey and Mel did not want to be separated during the filming. Their main condition was to jointly participate in the same film, or in different, but to remove close to each other. When the couple began to act together in “War and Peace”, Audrey, according to the director, “has given her husband the opportunity scandals for her.”But the duo in the film adaptation of the famous novel was rated as”offensive to the cold.” And then there’s suddenly waylaid trouble – Audrey suffered a miscarriage. For touching young woman who dreams of motherhood, it was a terrible blow. Melancholy streak began, drowned out not only milk.

Once the heavy and serious shooting in “War and Peace”fate gave Audrey frivolous”Funny Face”with a magnificent partner – the famous Fred Astaire. Meanwhile, Mel began to appear in the film by Jean Renoir’s”Elena and men.”Their compulsory neighborhood of shooting followed, and the spring of 1956 with Audrey Mel appeared in Paris has to offer,”Rafael.”Here in the hotel room for the first time created the Audrey your cozy nest, replacing the entire breech furniture and lighting by hanging paintings, carpets and pictures. It was matched with the highest taste: bed linen, embroidered napkins, dishes and silverware. It turned out that all this wealth in anticipation of their own home kept in Switzerland. From now on, Audrey with her usual thoroughness drove everywhere detailed lists of their mobile assets. And wherever you enter them with Mel fate, she could be ordered by mail at his assistants any thing from her list – the moment of arrival of the family will enjoy their area. This”princess”, as it turned out, do an excellent job with screwdrivers and hammers could even repair the tape. Yet it is to the bewilderment of journalists meticulously proofread texts of their own interviews, correcting errors. It proved to be extremely hard-working, and their alliance with Mel counterbalanced strange.

«I will follow you everywhere» …

Year 1957 th. Still, it was almost impossible to combine creativity and the geography of the shooting – Melo had to leave the south of France. Audrey in “home”room”Rafael” felt very lonely. Before leaving Ferrer bought a tiny dog ​​- Yorkshire Terrier. In the hope that the beauty of the named Feymos (“Celebrity”) will be next to Mel, Audrey suffered at her all her motherly love unspent. Separation spouses carry heavy. Audrey started to drink, Mel nervous, directly from the phone.

In general, Mel career began to take shape is not too successful. One of the directors, assessing his chances, spoke frankly and brutally: “The public does not like thin man with thinning hair.”All attempts participatory loving couple in new projects were doomed. Play lovers they could not – romantic passion is not carved, wake cruelty and authoritativeness did not work too. Finally, when Ferrer was offered the role in the film”The Sun Also Rises”, which was shot in Mexico City, Audrey decided irrevocably – she sent him for a year disclaims any proposals.

Unfortunately, the role of the hero of Hemingway did not bring success Melo. Audrey, on the contrary, played a year of silence one of his best roles in “The Nun’s Story,”she rushed up steadily. Another had their common work has been painting”Green Manor”. The film should become Ferrer – such was a precondition of participation in it, Audrey. It just so happened that it was with this project

countdown for happy couples Hepburn – Ferrer. Mel doing its utmost to create a significant work, but alas! Even the brilliant play of his wife, put on the altar of love all his strength, did not save the project, estimated by critics as a faded copy of “Tarzan».

In January 1959 in Mexico while filming the western “Unforgiven”Audrey had fallen off a horse and broke badly. Four broken vertebrae, and again the dramatic loss of the unborn child. It seemed as if Providence itself has built a cruel obstacle to family happiness Ferrer. Audrey, as usual, blamed only himself for what had happened. And again, she covered her black despair. She refused impeccable proposals and projects:”Cleopatra,” “West Side Story” passed it.

«Married, really married»

To the great joy of the couple, in early summer 1959, Audrey became pregnant again, and in January 1960, finally gave birth safely. The boy was named Sean, which means “gift of God”, but it was for my mother Pooh in honor of Winnie – funny bear. “I am convinced that in order to become a really good actress, you must pass through the experience of giving birth,” – says Audrey. Feeling immensely happy mother, she is in no hurry to get back to work. Now it is clearly understood: a nomadic life must stop. But Mel was too used to the travel and adventure. Alarm bells rang – their aspirations and ways of gradually began to disperse in different directions.

But there were happy days of Christmas 1960 during the filming of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” in Hollywood that Audrey spent with her husband and son.

Finally, returning some time in his native Burgenstock, the family has begun to live a quiet and peaceful life. Together they went to the market for groceries in Lucerne. Audrey had prepared, and gladly accept guests. Their neighbors became Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti. Two talented actress even became friends and how gossips whiled away the long winter evenings in the absence of employed men.

Things Mel went from bad to worse. He was invited to appear less frequently, and directing his own experience after the “Green estates”was not even discussed. The filmography of Audrey this work and has been recognized as the weakest. Working on the”Breakfast at Tiffany’s”Audrey both accepted the invitation to play in the film”The Children’s Hour” with Shirley Poppy Lane. In this picture of forbidden lesbian love Hepburn first came to the dubious situation. Journalists even suspected in herself homosexual. But soon all the gossip ceased. Reputation ideal wife Audrey remained impeccable.

«Paris When It Sizzles”- so clumsily translated into Russian called a new movie in which Audrey had to withdraw. And her partner this time was supposed to be William Holden. The one for whom she had almost married ten years ago. They met and forgotten feelings flared up again. But, alas, Holden changed much: too much drinking and often thwarted shooting. Besides the paparazzi ambushed him at a time when he tried to climb out the window to Audrey. Mel, incidentally, is also starring in one of bit parts that the strangest thing – is not jealous of his wife to Holden.”I’m absolutely not jealous, they were old friends, let them have fun,”- he said casually. Scandalous situation ended with lively persuasions colleagues and photographs in the gossip columns.”As an actress, she does not feel obliged to emote emotion. She just expressed his own feelings … Looking back, I think she looked like Princess Diana “- recalled the writer Frederic Raphael.

«peaceful abode»

Then there were Italy and Spain, where Audrey, faithful to his promises, followed her husband. Mel had to take it a few films. The wife of this one was with him as an assistant. She would much sacrifice of family tranquility. But when Mel proposed to definitively settle the whole family in Spain, Audrey insisted on: Switzerland only. Tolochenaz small village near Lausanne has become their home. General for several years and for life – for Audrey. She called his possessions “peaceful abode.” But Chalk and could not accept the Settlement. Again – Spain and not just because Ferrer so loved this land. It has become absolutely clear that pulls him to a young local girl named Marisol. He decided to make of the young actress dancer. Do not give him the laurels of Pygmalion.

Audrey, meanwhile, starred in the great movie “My Fair Lady”and”How to Steal a Million.”Fabulous fees only increased the gap between spouses. A shooting in the film”Two in the road” linked in the press with the name of the name of Hepburn actor Albert Finney. He was seven years younger and Audrey impression opinionated bugger. Perhaps she lacked in life is such a partner. The role was a success – the novel, too!

«Wait Until Dark»

Christmas 1967 re-united family. Audrey Mel and Sean had a wonderful seven-year photo shoot that was supposed to convince everyone in the fortress of family ties and the mutual love of spouses. However, a pearl necklace, a gift from her husband to the New Year, unfortunately, has promised to bitter tears. And so it happened. In late summer, Audrey, decides for the second child, a miscarriage.

Marriage Audrey and Mel steadily swept into the abyss. They are now tied only son. In order to somehow prevent the final parting, Audrey tried to keep their union the most familiar way – working together. The script of the blind women victims of drug dealers, chose Mel Ferrer as a producer Terence Young, and as a director. In the title role, of course, Audrey Hepburn. The shooting took place in Hollywood. Audrey wanted Sean joined the parents, but in Switzerland, he was surrounded by friends, and the school was not allowed to be distracted for a long time.

The film “Wait Until Dark”was a great success, and Audrey was nominated for”Oscar».

But the saving work could not help marriage to Ferrer. They broke up, until the time. Audrey was sick and lost weight, Mel kept the apparent calm and took on new projects. Many years later, recalling the painful period of his life, Audrey confessed: “I believe that a marriage between two good, people who love each other should exist, until one of them dies. I knew how hard her husband to be a world celebrity, always be second on the screen and in life. As Mel suffered … But, believe me, my career has always been in second place ».

At the end of 1968 the divorce was formalized, and a month later, Audrey married a young psychiatrist Andrea Dotti, who was helping her out of the depression. Unfortunately, the marriage can not be called happy.

«crazy about the guy!” – perhaps this was true?

Mel FerrerMel Ferrer
Mel FerrerMel Ferrer
Mel FerrerMel Ferrer

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