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50 sexiest Asian woman in the world

We already know not only the results of the “Miss World”in 2009. We already know who the sexiest asian 2009! On the podium were Priyanka Chopra and Freida Pinto, but Katrina Kaif was ranked first. Here are exhibited only Bollywood actress photos included in the list of”50 Sexiest Asian women of the world 2009” (27 out of 50.)

– Shruti Hassan / Shruti Haasan: Kamal Hassan might not achieved great recognition of his debut in Bollywood, but she noticed, to become one of the sexiest Asian women.

– Esha Deol / Esha Deol. Her ranking dropped from number 21 last year.

– Preity Zinta / Preity Zinta. Even if it does not receive part of the film, this wonderful dimpled beauty is always in the spotlight.

– Ayesha Azmi-Takiyeh / Ayesha Takia Azmi. She is such an actress who is not trying to lose weight to size zero, and still ranks among the sexiest.

– Minissha Lamba / Minissha Lamba. All the same bikini became a good factor for hot Minissha. It rose to number 37 to number 40 in the latest list.

– Rakhi Sawant / Rakhi Sawant. Drama Queen outright fails to attract the eyes, but her ranking dropped from number 32 last year.

50 sexiest Asian women in the world

– Rani Mukherjee / Rani Mukherjee. Rani’s efforts to improve its style is not in vain, and helped her climb the five steps up the list.

– Sherlyn Chopra / Sherlyn Chopra. it rose 10 places in the ranking. Her charm is definitely not gone unnoticed.

– Selina Dzhaytli / Celina Jaitly. joining the ranks of the most beautiful women in the world, it just gets hotter. Selina retains its place number 29.

– Malaika Arora-Khan / Malaika Arora-Khan. oche at one time a popular actress of our time is more noticeable on television. This may be the reason for her sudden fall from number 8 to number 27.

– Sonam Kapoor / Sonam Kapoor. Life ulybetsya Sonam Kapoor and she rises to number 26 from number 34 in 2008.

– Riya Sen / Riya Sen. Although not exactly known the extent of her acting talent, but the lists seksulnyh women #15 she moved from last year to #24.

– Vidya Balan / Vidya Balan. After a brief absence from the list of Vidya Balan in its new improved image returns it as one of the sexiest women in Asia.

– Shilpa Shetty-Kundra / Shilpa Shetty Kundra. even though now she is married, does not prevent her to improve his last year’s result by six points.

– mudha Godse / Mugdha Godse. moved from the ramp in Bollywood, she did a lot of good, and also improved its ranking by 10 positions.

– Asin / Asin. Asin carefully climbs to the top of Bollywood, as well as the ranking of the sexiest Asian women. In 2008 she was under number 22.

– Neha Dhupiya / Neha Dhupia. her Bollywood career right now is not exactly at the peak, but it can certainly be comforted number 13 ranking, compared to number 17 last year.

– Kangana Ranaut / Kangana Ranaut. perhaps she is waiting for a big hit in Bollywood, but has some interesting films. In addition, it climbed four rungs in the rankings to number 16.

– Mallika Sherawat / Mallika Sherawat. she is currently desperately courting Hollywood. But it did not help her slide from its position number 6.

Golden Ten

– Deepika Padukone / Deepika Padukone. This model turned actress is definitely doing a great career in Bollywood and it is at the same number 10, which in the past year.

– Mehvish Hayat / Mehwish Hayat. the Pakistani model-turned-actress, is one of the most popular people in the Pakistani soap operas.

– Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, / Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. since she wore the crown of “Miss World”, Aishwarya almost never missed a ranking of sexuality in which the Indian can participate. It only fell one position from its previous ranking.

– Lara Dutta / Lara Dutta. one of the highlights of the film “Blue” was Lara Dutta in a bikini, and this is probably the reason for a significant increase in its ranking – # 7, compared to number 13 last year.

– Bipasha Basu / Bipasha Basu. Bipasha is the actress who redefined sexiness in Bollywood and she’s at No. 6, down from No. 2 in 2008. Bipasha is an actress who has redefined sexiness in Bollywood, but she is number 6, compared with the number 2 in 2008.

– Kareena Kapoor / Kareena Kapoor. size zero or zero-sized, Karina is very good. Although it passed the position compared to last year.

– Rouaz Laila / Laila Rouass. British actress Laila Rouaz can bring men to faint. It rises to a level higher than on its number 5 in 2008.

– Freida Pinto / Freida Pinto. This girl definitely gained immense popularity after the success of “Slumdog Millionaire” and now she is constantly in the lists of the sexiest women.

– Priyanka Chopra / Priyanka Chopra. is a girl who can turn geeks in romantic fools. Well, that’s exactly what she would do in her upcoming movie “Pyaar Impossible”. And now it has risen in the ranking to number 2 with number 4 in 2008.

– Katrina Kaif / Katrina Kaif. in fact it has become a tradition to see Katrina on the top ranking female sexuality. And she is here. With the liveliness, the buyout, it appears in the “De Dana Dan”, it seems unlikely that Katrina could be number 2 in the near future.

Mehwish HayatMehwish Hayat
Mehwish HayatMehwish Hayat
Mehwish HayatMehwish Hayat

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