Maurice Sendak

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Maurice Sendak

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Born: June 10, 1928 Brooklyn, New York

Died: May 8, 2012, the Danbury, Connecticut, USA

The American artist Maurice Sendak – one of the central figures of contemporary children’s literature. And, to add one of the most enigmatic and controversial.

Maurice Sendak was born in 1928 in Brooklyn, New York, the son of Polish Jews. The family was poor, a poor district and the children spent most of their time outdoors. These street impressions later repeatedly returned to Sendak book.

Moris Sendak received no formal art education, but he carefully studied the work of the work of other artists, story book illustrations.

Once graduation Sendak worked as a window dresser in a toy store on Fifth Avenue and spent every free minute in the department of picture books. Unusual frequenter said one of the merchants and learned of his passion, introduced the boy to the editor of “Harper & Brothers”Ursula Nordstrom. Drawings of the young artist interested in it, and Sendak received the first order – to illustrate a book of Marcel Aime”Wonderful Farm” (1951). Thus began a long and fruitful cooperation between the artist and the publisher.

C 1951-1962 Maurice Sendak executed illustrations for over 40 books. While American illustrators are increasingly fond of the play of color, abstraction and various forms of art unrealistic, Sendak. on the contrary, are increasingly drawn to the traditions of ages 18-19, it draws clear lines, subtle shading and muted tones. He studies the work of Dürer, Hogarth, Blake Bush creatively converts in his work finds the old masters. Special admiration of the work of British artist cause illustrators of the nineteenth century, primarily creativity Randolph and George Cruikshank Kaldekotta.

In the fifties, is formed and a special style of the artist to depict children: little heroes Sendak usually stocky, like a little flattened, round, their eyes often are sad, even when they are having fun, sometimes they are more like little adults than in children.

In 1956 came the first book, which Maurice Sendak acts not only as an artist but also as a writer – “Winnie the window in the room.”In 1957, Maurice Sendak creates another his book”Very very far”about a boy who is jealous of his mother to the younger brother, and in 1958 there is a”Note on the door Rosie.” Sendak where for the first time directly addressing his Brooklyn impressions. The first book by Maurice Sendak a new one relationship to the child, they are devoid of sweetness and tenderness, they are easy, but Uneasy, on the contrary, they felt an inner tragedy: small heroes face to face meeting with unsettled the adult world, they do not have the support of senior, the only support of the child – fantasy.

1963 – crucial to the fate of Maurice Sendak. The artist creates a book. which brings him worldwide fame – Where the monsters live. New book – the result of long preparatory work (the first idea of ​​the book dates back to 1955), long-term study of the possibilities of book illustration summed Sendak to create a new genre – picture books, where text and image are inextricably fused, have equal meaning, complement each other .

A special place in the work of Maurice Sendak children study English poetry, the so-called “Song of Mother Goose.” Poems by many years ago, a time lost its original meaning, but in doing so they give the artist the freedom to dream, to create their own story. Sendak has always attracted an unusual imagery of folk poetry, its amazing rhythm. Artist specially collected and studied different editions. compared the work of different illustrators, even wrote an article about it.

In recent years, Sendak less frequently drawn to the book illustrations. He teaches, works in film and television, creates the costumes and sets for theater productions. And yet the book remains the main vocation of Maurice Sendak, his favorite thing. Again and again he returned to the book illustrations, each time creating a product new, unusual and in his own good.


* «The window in the room Winnie» / Kenny’s Window (1956)

* «Very, very far away» / Very Far Away (1957)

* «Hector Protector” (1965)

* «When I was swimming in the sea” (1965)

* «In the kitchen the night» / In the Night Kitchen (1970)

* Ten Little Rabbits: A Counting Book With Mino The Magician (1970)

* Some Swell Pup or Are You Sure You Want a Dog? (1976)

* Seven Little Monsters (1977)

* Fantasy Sketches (1981)

* «There, in the distance» / Outside Over There (1981)

* Caldecott and Co: Notes on Books and Pictures (1988)

* We Are All in the Dumps with Jack and Guy: Two Nursery Rhymes with Pictures (Harper Collins) (1993)

* Maurice Sendak’s Christmas Mystery (1995)

* Mommy? (First Pop-up book by Maurice Sendak) (2006)

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Maurice SendakMaurice Sendak
Maurice SendakMaurice Sendak
Maurice SendakMaurice Sendak

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