Mary Stuart

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Mary Stuart

The fate of the legendary Queen for centuries intrigued researchers, leaving puzzles scientists and giving inspiration to artists. Friedrich Schiller and Walter Scott, Stefan Zweig and Joseph Brodsky elected Mary Stuart heroine of his works. This woman dedicated to theater and musical performances, paintings and movies.

Mary Stuart was a queen, but she wanted more. She wanted love. And for the sake of love he was willing to sacrifice everything, even the crown. She did not know that in this world only to lose the crown along with the head.

She became queen in five days after the birth, because the gloomy December day in 1542 when her father, the Scottish King James V, was informed about the birth of his daughter, he was lying on his deathbed. The tiny girl, instead of toys received the crown from an early age knew that the Crown created only for her head held high. And since then, before anyone’s head is not lowered.

It is a small, war-torn Scotland has been a bone of contention between the two great powers – Britain and France. Both want to win them to our side. Defeating France by asking the hand of the Queen for her baby Dauphin Francis.

The first meeting of Mary and her fiance took place in Saint-Germain Palace, where the prince and his sister Elizabeth had lived under the care of guardians. Queen of Scots and the Dauphin Francis became fast friends. Father Francis Mary greeted with joy. Henry II was fascinated by the little son of the bride, he wrote about it in one of his letters: “this is the most adorable baby what I’ve seenĀ».

From the mother of Prince attitude was colder. At the first meeting of Mary Stuart and Catherine de ‘Medici was a conflict. Arriving at the palace, the queen mother entered without representation in the nursery, where the heirs were playing, and began unceremoniously looking at the future daughter. Feeling this look, Mary experienced a distaste for a strange woman. The girl stood up and asked the stranger if she knew that he was in the presence of the Queen of Scotland. On this Catherine replied briefly: “Did you know that you are in the presence of the Queen of France?” This clash is not passed in vain for Mary Stuart. Catherine de Medici was never able to forgive a child her humiliation.

The six-year baby dipped in glitter, fun and luxury of the French court. Maria – the bride of the heir to the throne, and to the role it is prepared very carefully. She studied languages, music, poetry and wonderfully in this succeeds. She – the tireless rider, passionate hunter and a skilled player with a ball. Poets vied sing her beauty and charm, its graceful, majestic posture.

Little naughty girl turns into a beautiful girl, beautiful and endowed with many talents. Her betrothed only 14 years old, she – 16. But dynastic marriage can not wait. French King Henry II in a hurry to increase its influence in the British Isles.

Wedding Celebration striking splendor and pomp. Mary Stuart becomes the wife of the heir to the throne of France, Francis and brings another crown – the crown of Scotland. But the main event, which played a fatal role in her life, is not here, not in France, as in England. They ascended to the throne of her half-sister, granddaughter of Henry VII and daughter of Henry VIII. Elizabeth – tough, strong and resolute ruler. But its origin is one dark spot – it is considered illegitimate and, according to France, the rights to the throne has not. Throne of England should belong to the legitimate heir, great-granddaughter of Henry VII – Mary Stuart. And the King of France, without hesitation, to join forces young princess coat with the arms of England, Scotland. This rash step marked the beginning of enmity the two queens. From that moment Elizabeth Mary Stewart considers as dangerous opponent like a dark shadow hanging over her royal power.

Mary Stuart and William of Orange. Wedding portrait.

At 18, she becomes a widow and returned to his native Scotland. However, it was met with not too friendly.

Once a luxury holiday in France she is cold and uncomfortable.

Her spunky character displeases puritanical minded Scots. Parliament and the Lords require signing a new marriage. Let Mary Stuart, Queen, choose a worthy husband. But Mary Stuart comes not as a queen, but as a woman. It is one of the most eligible brides Europe chooses a husband Henry Darnley, too noble and not very enviable groom. She conquered his pretty, girlish handsome face and broad shoulders. But only for a while. Very soon she realizes that pretty face hides an empty and miserable little soul spoiled boy. Such a man could not for a long time to win the heart of the Scottish queen. And deal with your heart she never entered.

Under the pretext of pregnancy she separates herself from her husband and turns his attention to the man who is its exact opposite – a young Italian musician David Riccio, who in a short time became the closest confidant of the Queen, her faithful secretary.

Was he her lover? It remains a mystery. But the offended husband did not solve this puzzle. He entered easier and more cowardly. Having collected a handful of disgruntled nobles night he broke into the Queen’s chambers, where she had dinner with his entourage. In front of a distraught pregnant woman conspirators attacked the musician and inflicted many blows with daggers, the bay floor flow of blood. Mary is on the order of her husband put under house arrest. Silently, she submits, but in her soul settles deadly hatred.

Mary and her husband William II, Stadtholder of the United Provinces.

All of these scrapes and excitement however did not prevent the queen in due time a son-heir. This event is as if the couple reconciled, but Mary Stuart knew that the world will no longer – for the blood to be spilled blood. Throughout his life, Mary Stuart as Queen and as a woman, possibly unconsciously looking for a man who appeared to be the complete opposite of her troubled, restless soul. A man of strong, harsh and endlessly loyal. And she found him. James Hepburn, Earl of Bothwell. Tall, broad-shouldered, strong and hardy, capable and to act, and on offense, spitting on morality and law, he won the heart of the Queen, while maintaining its own cold and empty. They joined a violent passion, but she was not loved.

Boswell rushes to the Scottish throne, but the road to it is only through the body of Darnley. And Mary, using her husband’s painful love to her, luring hapless trapped – a nondescript, standing alone in the house. There assassins rid of the king, and to conceal the crime, arrange the explosion.

The official version that says that the king was killed by unknown villains, no one is misleading, Boswell openly called a murderer. But it is a little embarrassing. He – a man of action, and used to act. The road is open to the throne. Mary Stuart enters into third marriage, this time – with the murderer of her husband. Why not a scene from “Hamlet”? Her frenzied dream Boswell seize and hold it true. But so what? In her mind there was some kind of breakdown, she sees around him only emptiness and hostility. Scottish lords are plotting against the “murderous couple” and demand that Mary Stuart broke with Boswell. She has to obey. Boswell runs from Scotland and ends life in a Danish prison. Queen forced to abdicate in favor of the infant son and crammed in Lochleven Castle.

But what can cause a woman not to be a woman? Nothing! Mary Stuart was still full of feminine charm, still exudes seduction and anxiety. She pokorenyuny Lord George Douglas Lohlivensky. He is ready to do anything for his beloved, and now with the help of Maria runs from the hated prison. It is on the loose again and again fights the Scottish nobility. And losing this battle. The disgraced Queen runs from his native Scotland, where it has no more space.

She runs in England, under the wing of the sister, who promised her friendship and protection. Fugitives has no idea how dangerous it is for Elizabeth, as the mistress of a powerful hate the thought that next to it there is a bomb on behalf of Mary Stuart. The Queen did not even want to meet with her sister.

Mary transported from one castle to another, slowly flowing years, youth fades, life passes. She was already over forty, it is weakened and suppressed. But it is still a threat to Elizabeth, a threat to its throne, its freedom and life. Two of these women have no place under the same sun. Elizabeth behind Mary concludes tacit agreement with her son, James VI, who then broke off all relations with his mother. Now, Mary Stuart, one in the whole world, and no one will be to put the life of her dreams of power and greatness. But she is still alive and dangerous. And when given the case to accuse her of attempted murder Elizabeth, this case did not fail to take advantage.

44-year-old Mary Stuart no longer in captivity. It is – at the dock, and she was sentenced to death. But Elizabeth did not dare to sign the verdict. But Mary Stuart does not want to beg for mercy. Six months later, the verdict is signed, and the queen in the history of English will always be the murderer of Mary Stuart and the founder creepy custom take the lives of persons of royal blood.

In my life, Mary Stuart was always the woman first, and then – the queen. At her death, she – only queen, proud, dignified. She does not bow his head before anyone and before anything is ready to bring her to the first and last time – before the block. It prepares his departure like a holiday, though the triumph. But no one celebration not to wear it as thoroughly as a celebration of death, thinking through every detail.

“Great, festive attire chooses it for his last release, the most strict and sophisticated gown of dark brown velvet trimmed kunim fur, with a standing white collar and richly flowing sleeves. The black silk cloak surrounds this proud magnificence and heavy trail so long that Melville, her chamberlain must respectfully support it. The snow-white widow’s veil blew her from head to toe. omophorion Masterwork and precious beads replace its secular ornaments, white morocco slippers tread so softly that the sound of her footsteps will not break lifeless silence, when she went to the scaffold, the Queen herself took from a chest treasured handkerchief, which she zavyazhutsya eyes – transparent cloud of the finest muslin, trimmed with gold rim must have its own work.

Each buckle on her dress is chosen with the greatest sense, every detail is set up on the overall sound of the music; and provided that it will have in front of strange men throw scaffold before this dark splendor. In anticipation of the last bloody moments Mary Stuart wore crimson silk underwear dress and ordered to make a long arm, flame-colored gloves to blood bryznuvshaya from the ax not stood out on her dress “.

When a great black cloak fell from her shoulders, beneath hot flushed a bright crimson dress. The audience stirred up like a blood-red flame – a magnificent, unforgettable experience.

The execution of Mary Stuart

She met his death as a true queen. Mary Stuart did not want a life, if it was not love. Love is not worth all the crowns of the world.

Mary StuartMary Stuart
Mary StuartMary Stuart
Mary StuartMary Stuart

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