Mary Elizabeth Winstead

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Mary Elizabeth Winstead

18 March 2012

18 March 2012

Born: November 28, 1984, Rocky Mount, North Carolina, USA

American actress. It is known for its participation in numerous horror movies, pictures “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.” “Die Hard 4.0” and others.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) was born in the autumn of 1984 in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. She became the youngest, fifth child of Betty Lou Knight and James Ronald Winstead. When her daughter was five years old, my parents moved to a suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Since childhood, Mary Elizabeth Winstead was engaged in dances and attended a summer program Joffrey Ballet School in Chicago. She has participated in local productions and seriously planning to link their future with the ballet, but abandoned the idea because of too tall. By this time she became interested in acting skills.

Creative way Mary Elizabeth Winstead / Mary Elizabeth Winstead

The actress made her debut on the stage of Broadway production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” with Donny Osmond in the starring role. Then she appeared in several episodes of the TV series.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead played his first leading role in the television series «passion». Then she played the daughter of the hero of Tim Mathewson (Tim Matheson) in the drama “Wolf Lake» and appeared in the successful film “Sky High” along with Kurt Russell (Kurt Russell) and < strong> Kelly Preston (Kelly Preston).

In 2006, Mary Elizabeth Winstead began working with the producers of horror movies James Wong and Glen Morgan. well-known thanks to the project “The X-Files.”Their first collaboration – the horror sequel”Final Destination 3».

Then Mary Elizabeth Winstead starred in the film “Black Christmas”. Her colleagues on the set was the Crystal Lowe (Crystal Lowe), with which they worked together on the previous tape.

Critics skeptical of the project “Black Christmas,”but Mary Elizabeth Winstead was nominated for”Queen Creek 2007”, dedicated to horror movies.

In the same year she appeared in his autobiographical film “Bobby”. Display the last hours of life Robert Kennedy. Mary Elizabeth Winstead has agreed to play the role of Susan only after knowing that will be paired with Anthony Hopkins (Anthony Hopkins).

Together with colleagues she received a Screen Actors Guild Award in the category “Best cast».

In 2007, Mary Elizabeth Winstead played naïve actress in the film by Quentin Tarantino (Quentin Tarantino) «Grindhouse».

She appeared in the role of the daughter of the hero of John MacLane (John McClane) in the blockbuster «Die Hard 4.0» Bruce Willis (Bruce Willis). In this role claimed many famous actresses, including Jessica Simpson (Jessica Simpson).

In 2008, Mary Elizabeth Winstead appeared in the choreographic project «Take a step». Despite the fact that the film flopped at the box office, the actress said that for her it was an invaluable experience – she always wanted to play a dancer.

The actress also appeared in comic filmed «Scott Pilgrim vs. the World» with Michael Cera (Michael Cera). Before filming, she took a two-month training course, and she complied with most of the tricks.

In 2010, the Mary Elizabeth Winstead played the role of a paleontologist Kate Lloyd in the movie “Something”. Critics have reacted with enthusiasm to her work. Matthew Toomey, in his review for The Film Pie wrote:

– Winstead really stands out. It keeps his composure, when all around are starting to panic. It looks unusual, as most horror protagonists silly react to the situation, aggravating their situation.

In 2010, the Mary Elizabeth Winstead participated in the casting for the female lead in the romantic comedy «Friendship», but so far the project has not received development, although the actress has remained in delighted with the script.

In the winter 2011 it became known that the Mary Elizabeth Winstead will portray Mary Todd Lincoln in the upcoming film adaptation of the novel «Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter». Director of the film – Timur Bekmambetov.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead was also a potential candidate for the role of Maria Hill in the comic book adaptation “The Avengers.” but it surpassed Kobe Smalders (Cobie Smulders).

In September 2011, it was announced that the actress will play a major role in the independent film «Crushed» is paired with Aaron Paul (Aaron Paul). The plot revolves around a couple who can only find common ground with the help of alcohol. Action makes an unexpected turn after the wife decides to sober. The film premiered at the film festival “Sundance” and received a special jury prize.

– This is what I tried to do over the years. I felt as if for the first time appeared on the set … I had never played in such a project, and the experience was invaluable. I want to be surrounded by the directors, who are not part of the system and implement their ideas in the movie, do not follow the rules.

In the winter 2012 it was announced that Mary Elizabeth Winstead will play the role of an American student who looks after the children in the territory of an old English manor in the horror film The Darkness. adaptation of Henry James’ Turn of the Screw.

Life Mary Elizabeth Winstead / Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is married to director and screenwriter Riley Stearns (Riley Stearns), of which eighteen actress met during the cruise. The wedding ceremony took place in 2010.

Mary Elizabeth WinsteadMary Elizabeth Winstead
Mary Elizabeth WinsteadMary Elizabeth Winstead
Mary Elizabeth WinsteadMary Elizabeth Winstead

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