Marquis De Sade

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Marquis De Sade

Marquis de Sade: Singing sexual freedom and violence

The man with the notorious Marquis de Sade shamelessly wrenched the world inside out. Combining philosophical arguments against pornography, the writer portrayed in his works sexual fantasies with special emphasis on violence, crime and blasphemy against the Catholic Church. His name led to the birth of such words as ‘sadism’ and ‘sadist’.

Author: Alexei Bulatov

Donasen Alphonse Francois de Sade was born in Paris (Paris), in the castle Cod, June 2, 1740-th. His education was engaged by his uncle and teachers Jesuit Lyceum. By building a military career, he served in de Sade Dragoon Regiment and participated in the Seven Years’ War. In 1763 th he began courting the daughter of a rich magistrate, whose father opposed the marriage, but arranged a marriage with her older daughter Renee Pelagie Cordier de Montreuil. In 1766 th Marquis said the opening of the private theater in the castle of his father’s death and survived.

For many years the descendants of de Sade branded his life and work as a terrible postydstvo in need of concealment. This attitude did not change until the mid-20th century until the Count Xavier de Sade has not regained the title of marquis, long out-of use, on their business cards. He took special interest in ‘divine Marquis’ legends which were taboo in the family Xavier. Many manuscripts libertine-libertine are in universities and libraries, while others – disappeared in the 18-19 centuries. Many of his father’s works were destroyed at the instigation of his son Donato Claude-Armand.

De Sade kept free and scandalous existence, repeatedly buying for the brutal pleasures of prostitutes and sexually exploiting their workers, men and women, in his castle in Lacoste (Lacoste). He was accused of blasphemy, a serious offense at the time. He twisted affair with Anna-Prosper, the sister of his wife, mistress and lived into his castle. Some prostitutes have complained of ill-treatment by Donatien, and the police began to monitor the aristocrat-sadist. He was arrested several times for short periods, including Saumur held in the castle until 1768-m is not taken into custody in his own castle in Lacoste.

The first major scandal broke out at Easter in 1768, when de Sade paid sex-beggar widow Rose Keller, approached him for alms. He tore off the clothes of women, dropped on the sofa and tied her hands and feet. Marquis whipped the victim, poured hot wax on the wounds received and beat Rose. The process is repeated in a circle of seven or eight times until the poor thing could not escape from it through the window.

In 1772 th there was an unpleasant episode in Marseille (Marseille). De Sade with his valet Latour went into a room where there were several prostitutes, according to the protocol, took the Marquis anal sex and flagellation. They did not fatally poisoned chocolates with Spanish fly (at the time considered to be harmful to the health of an aphrodisiac), as well as later, another girl, which the Marquis offered to do sodomy.

The affected with pain in the stomach called the police, and the perpetrators were sentenced in absentia to death. Donasenu were beheaded, Latour – hang. The criminals managed to escape to Italy (Italy), where the Marquis picked up his sister and his wife. Men caught, imprisoned in the fortress Miolan late 1772 th, from where they made their escape after four months.

Later, hiding in Lacoste, de Sade was reunited with his wife, he became an accomplice of his acts. It contained a group of young workers, most of whom complained of sexual abuse and left the host. Marquis was forced to take refuge in Italy again. During the lull, he wrote the book ‘Voyage d’Italie’. In 1776, for the return in Lacoste, dissolute philosopher took up the old one. In 1777-m the father of one of the employees hired by de Sade went to the castle with the requirements to give him his daughter and tried to shoot at the Marquis in the face. The weapon misfired.

In the same year Donasen under the pretext of visiting his sick mother, who actually has long rested, I went to Paris. He was arrested and imprisoned in the Château de Vincennes. Marquis successfully appealed his death sentence in 1778-m, but remained in detention, according to the order of the court arrest (lettre de cachet). Recidivist fled again, and again he was caught. He resumed work as a writer and became acquainted with another slave, Count Mirabeau, as Mara sheets erotic prose. Despite the common interest relationships between men ended fierce hostility.

In 1784-m Vincennes prison was closed and Sade was transferred to the Bastille. July 2, 1789 on, he is reported to have shouted the crowd on the street from the camera ‘They are killing the prisoners here!’, What provoked the unrest. Two days later he was taken to a psychiatric hospital in Charenton (Charenton), near Paris. A few days later, it started the main event of the French Revolution – Assault of the Bastille.

At the 1785th de Sade literally over the last month I wrote a novel “120 Days of Sodom, or the school of depravity ‘of the four rich men, libertines, who decided to test the idea of ​​orgies through sexual bliss. Immoral experiment ends sophisticated torture and murder universal. Freestyle adaptation of the novel, “Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom ‘1975 film director Pier Paolo Pasolini (Pier Paolo Pasolini), moves into a fascist republic of Salo in 1944-th.

In 1790 the Marquis released from the psychiatric hospital after a new Constituent Assembly abolished the extrajudicial arrests. Sade’s wife obtained a divorce. Being in freedom, Donasen, starting with the 1790 th, anonymously published some of his books. He met her husband abandoned Marie Constance Renel, a former actress and the mother of six sons, and stayed with her for the rest of life.

The angry crowd smashed and looted possessions de Sade in Lacoste in 1789, which is why he moved to Paris. In 1790 he was elected a member of the National Convention, where he represented the far left sector. Donasen wrote several pamphlets calling for the implementation of direct elections. There are suggestions that he was a victim of ill-treatment by his fellow revolutionaries because of his aristocratic origin.

In 1801 th Napoleon Bonaparte (Napoleon Bonaparte) ordered to put an anonymous author of provocative novels’ Justine, or the unhappy fate of virtue ‘and’ Juliette, or achievements of vice. ” De Sade was arrested in the office of his publisher and imprisoned without trial. From the first places of detention where Donasen allegedly tried to seduce the young inmates, he was transferred to the harsh fortress of Bicetre.

In 1803 De Sade declared insane and transferred to a shelter at Charenton. His ex-wife and children have agreed to pay for its maintenance. Along with him were allowed to reside Constance Marie Renel.

The head of the shelter allowed the Marquis put some plays where the actors become prisoners to the delight of the Parisian public. In 1809 the new order Sade identified in solitary confinement and deprived him of writing instruments and paper.

Randy philosopher entered into a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old Madeleine Leclerc, daughter of an employee at Charenton. Affair lasted about four years, until the death of de Sade in 1814. In his will, the Marquis forbidden to open his body and ordered to hold the camera untouched 48 hours and then placed in a coffin and buried. His skull was removed from the grave for phrenological expertise.

Marquis de Sade recognized only division into rulers and lords. Denies the existence of God and the moral codes. He admitted killing the best way to resolve problems with overcrowding and lack of resources. Finally, considered cruel and vile desires are natural, the basic elements of human nature.

Marquis De SadeMarquis De Sade
Marquis De SadeMarquis De Sade
Marquis De SadeMarquis De Sade

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