Mario Testino

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Mario Testino

The glossy eyed realism Peruvian photographer

Not a man – a gold ruble: I like everything. And no wonder, because Mario Testino can spy on other people’s dreams. The magic of one of the most sought-after photographers of the world is that everyone sees themselves in his pictures the way would like to see yourself. This is perhaps the main miracle of his skill, against which an incredible commercial success seems to be something taken for granted.

1954 Mario Testino was born in a large family, in Lima, capital of Peru. His career, he still considers a natural extension of life at home. “I was born in an incredible country far from Europe, in the Inca Empire, conquered by the conquistadors. I – the fruit of different cultures. My father is Italian by birth, his mother – an Irish and a Spaniard, I myself was in the American Catholic school. There are mixed thousand things & # 33; I never wanted to be born somewhere else”.

Father Mario, engaged in the oil business, often takes his son to travel to New York as a translator. It was there that the boy was first interested in fashion, often shocking fellow fashionable new clothes from the capital of the world.

1976 Testino says that it was his father pushed him to photography, providing complete freedom of choice of profession. Mario has time to learn in five universities in Peru, the United States and England. Economics, law and international relations – all abandoned, all boring. In the end, the young Peruvian moved to London and arranged an assistant to the theatrical photographer. Special talent in drawing and design Testino does not show, but to work with the lens and the light helps him to be closer to loved fashion. He takes a room in an abandoned hospital near Trafalgar Square and offers a 25-pound novice model portfolio (the price includes makeup and hair style). To buy the equipment, Mario has to take a bank loan – extra money it does not have, and photographer moonlights as a waiter, in his spare time taking their own colleagues. By his own admission, communication with clients gave him an extensive knowledge of human psychology.

1980 The path to great success was not short of. Testino perceive as fun-loving guy from exotic countries – funny, but not brilliant. “I tried to imitate the English photographer; I was hypnotized style of their culture as a whole. But it turned out not very good, because I imitate someone else’s handwriting. His own I was able to find only in the late 80’s when I began to work with Carine Roitfeld (editor in chief of French Vogue – approx. ».

Start the 1990 Testino increasingly takes for leading fashion magazines in New York, Milan, Paris – the most for Vogue. Masters appreciated for professionalism, sensitivity to the fashion business and lightweight nature. Testino is constantly repeating that for him the main thing – that people on the set was good. But joking aside, Peruvian imperiously dictating trends. It was his efforts to replace the “ubermodelyam”Linda Evangelista and Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and come Stella Tennant, that he cultivates the aesthetics of grunge and heroin chic, it Testino opened the world Gisele Bundchen, which to this day remains the highest paid model. For it may well refer to the photographer:”A woman in my images come from memories of Brazil, where I traveled in his youth each summer. It is an independent woman, like my older sister Helen. She likes to have fun – very soon come to a guy than to wait until it fit. She may lose on the road to a party dress, but will look breathtakingly ».

1995 Quantum Leap happens when Testino discovers the world of advertising photography. The first celebrity that she asked to be removed Peruvian, was the Madonna. To advertise Versace planned to engage Richard Avedon, but something did not work, and the singer demanded to attract the photographer whose work you can log fell on her temper. Gianni Versace agrees that guy, “a rare talent to take things in better form.”Pleased with the result of the designer personally notify Vogue and Vanity Fair, that «Versace presents photographs from Madonny Testino.”Asked whether it is not too pretentious – not to mention the glory burdened photographer, Gianni says:”Too. But this is my decision.” About more luck do not have to dream.

The following year, Tom Ford orders Testino ad campaign for Gucci. When it takes off from the profit of the House & # 36; 500 million to & # 36; 880. “I believe that I’m not just a photographer. I like to mix art and commerce. Damn nice, of course, that your shots can buy as works of art, but our aim in the first place – to sell clothes, magazines, all told. I have sometimes been accused that I achieve the maximum result investment – hiring the most expensive team of professionals. But I’m a fashion photographer, not an artist who works in a studio. “However, these strategic nuances would play a modest role, if Testino did not understand, like no other, it wants to look like a woman. He truly admires it and achieves the maximum confidence.”I give a model to feel that I would not bring her beauty to the victim concept. I photograph women happy – so they look just beautiful. “Of course, genuine happiness requires a special microclimate.”If necessary, he will be singing – says Anna Wintour. – Or dance. He will flirt with anyone – man or woman. “”He has every shot – like the first day at work. He does everything with pleasure”- says Sigourney Weaver, another client Testino. The results speak for themselves: Kate Moss does not hide the fact that the lens Peruvian owned by her best shots, and Gwyneth Paltrow says that Mario made a favorite photo of her father.

1997 In the same spirit Testino acted when he ordered Vanity Fair shoot of Princess Diana. “At first I wanted to make it to the tiara. But then I thought – I have, I want to do another survey a royal person or show it for what it really is? So I decided to do without the ornaments and other things. I had a sofa. She sat down on her like a princess – knees together, put their hands on them. I then said, “Oh, my God, sit fine & # 33; I usually do so “- relaxed and down on the sofa. So we have to make contact. ” Testino did not know that after the early death of Diana called him her favorite photographer, and imprinted his image would be canonical. In fact, he became court painter: he was invited to take Harry and William, Diana’s sons, their 21-year anniversary. The exposition memory princess in 2007 in Kensington Palace, which were exhibited work Testino, visited the quarter of a million people. A little less come to a large retrospective exhibition of the master in 2002: such an influx of visitors to London’s National Portrait Gallery has never seen.

2009 On account Testino – advertising campaigns of leading brands of the world in a range of Dolce & amp; Gabbana to Burberry (photographer constantly cooperating with the House since 1998), shot almost all the planet’s supermodels, actresses and singers of the set, several albums, and the status of the pillar “luxury realism”- the genre of glossy, joyful, moderately provocative. However, peace did not intend to leave Peruvian – refers to the economic climate.”I also have loans, which have to pay. It is possible that the money runs out, even for me. They are never enough. I am 54 and I love to spend. Spending on projects. I do not think that one day I retire. ” What can I say, thank Crisis & # 33;

Mario TestinoMario Testino
Mario TestinoMario Testino
Mario TestinoMario Testino

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