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Higher Ground

The American independent drama, the directorial debut of Oscar nominee, Hollywood actress of Ukrainian origin Vera Farmiga (Vera Farmiga), who played a major role in the film. The film also stars John Hawkes (John Hawkes), Joshua Leonard (Joshua Leonard), Dagmar Dominchuk (Dagmara Dominczyk).

The plot of the film “This dark world»

The story spans almost three decades of life, Corinne Walker, her childhood playing Mackenzie Turner (McKenzie Turner), a young man – the younger sister of the director Taissa Farmiga (Taissa Farmiga) and in adulthood – Vera Farmiga.

Child turbulent ’60s, as a child, Corinne went to church, and she chose the path of faith, although it was more a step impulsive than deliberate. Growing up, smart, capable, loves to read the girl had almost forgotten about his religious choice. Forgot about him made her tragic accident. Immediately after graduation pregnant Corinne married a classmate, a rock musician Ethan (Boyd Holbrook / Boyd Holbrook). When their baby almost died in the accident, which resulted in the bus went off the bridge into the river, Corinne and Ethan believed in divine providence. After a while they settled in the suburbs, where they became members of a religious commune.

Over time, the family Corinne and Ethan (Joshua Leonard) increased. Owners exemplary family of steel prop the commune, its guiding star. However, not all so rosy in their lives as it seems. At Corinne does not work to improve relations with the wayward sister Wendy (Nina Arianda / Nina Arianda) and alcohol-abusing father (John Hawkes). Besides the elders of their church irritates her excellent knowledge of the scriptures and innate leadership qualities.

Meet the freedom-loving Annika (Dagmar Dominchuk) causes Corinne doubt his ideal marriage. Candid stories in the wake girlfriend Corinne erotic fantasies, but she realizes that the relationship with her husband is no more passion.

But the most serious blow to the faith Corinne causes sudden the tragedy. In her grief she is disappointed in the faith, but continues to seek power in order to survive. In addition to tests of faith all the way Corinne await the difficulties and joys of love – unconditional, romantic, relatives and friends.

Interesting facts about the film “This dark world»

The script was written by Carolyn Briggs (Carolyn S. Briggs) with Tim Matkalfom (Tim Metcalfe) based on the memoirs of Briggs “This Dark World: The Story of Faith, and found lost “, published in 2002.

Vera Farmiga was initially attracted to the project as an actress. She read the memoirs of Briggs and was touched by their sincerity, honesty, humor and the most problematic. The history of self-knowledge itself as the daughter, sister, wife, friend and mother were very close and clear the actress. Farmiga proved as never before strongly involved in the work on the script, which lasted four years. As a result, the project to take place, a famous actress took the director.

The shooting took place in June 2010 in Kingston, New York.

To Vera Farmiga, “This Dark World” became a real family project. During filming, she was five months pregnant. As a co-producer and musical producer of the film made by her husband, a member of the rock group Deadsy Renn Hawkey (Renn Hawkey). Its character as a young man played a younger sister, aspiring actress Taissa Farmiga.

Vera Farmiga of the religious component of the film: “Christianity – a”scene”of the film, not the subject or topic. The film could be easily removed in the circumstances of another culture or faith. I deeply respect all religions, but it is best familiar with Christianity. I did not want to make a film about good and bad religion. My approach is full of reverence, respect and the desire to avoid bias. This film is about those moments in life when we forget who we are, what we believe and where we are heading. Such moments happen at all. This is the story itself and the search of finding the sublime in his life ».

The film premiered in January 2011 at Sundance, where Farmiga was nominated for the Grand Prix of the jury.

Released in the US release of the film – August 26, 2011.

Marika DominczykMarika Dominczyk
Marika DominczykMarika Dominczyk
Marika DominczykMarika Dominczyk

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