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Margaret Hamilton, Senior Software Engineer of the project “Apollo»

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by Margaret Hamilton in the years of manned flight program to the Moon “Apollo».

Under this name you can find this picture on the Internet. At first glance it’s just a joke Photo – colleagues photographed a girl with a pile of office paper, and whether in those days social networking, photo dispersed to network with some funny comments. Just as now. And not a man who would be interested in such a Margaret Hamilton and what is happening in the photo. In fact, Margaret Hamilton was the lead software engineer in the draft program of manned flights to the Moon “Apollo”, as in the above picture, it stands before printing code to the onboard computer “Apollo”, a hefty portion of which she wrote, and she revizirovala. Apollo 11 could not land at all because it has developed a software reliable enough to get around on landing caused bad situation.

At the time of the first in the history of human landing on the moon she was 31.

There are at present the tradition of men to women trust the work that occupy lazy, boring and generally work as low-paid It is not very complicated, but it requires painstaking obviously rooted in the mists of time. Therefore, with the advent of the first computers of the women were given new jobs, mostly related to the tedious data entry and computer programs.

the seemingly simple job of punching and punch card input into the reader, and then work with the terminal does not require great intelligence. But we must remember that they were the first who was faced with a new area of ​​human activity, and no computer science disciplines did not exist. Everything what happened the first time they have faced, so take advantage of other people’s experiences, look in the user manual or call the support service was not possible. Widely known Grace Hopper. at least, the development of the first compiler for a computer programming language. And it is obvious that all was not as easy as it may seem.

Margaret Hamilton received a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Earlham College in 1958, and apparently did not know anything about programming, is not got a job at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she learned to write computer software, another way to learn to program, in addition to self-education, did not exist.

She put her thesis for the opportunity to work on the software for the Apollo program, and eventually became the head of the Software Engineering in Instrumentation Laboratory at MIT for the manned flight program “Apollo”and”Skylab”. She has published more than 130 works.

In 1986, she founded and became the CEO of Hamilton Technologies, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, company developer of the programming language Universal Systems Language. “The language of universal systems”, warning, and does not correct the error conditions, which is based on systems theory and builds on the lessons of the project to develop the on-board software ships «Apollo».

For his contribution to the success of the program “Apollo” in the field of software development, it was awarded three awards:

  1. 1986, Augusta Ada Lovelace Award, Association for Women in Computing.
  2. 2003, NASA Exceptional Space Act Award for scientific and technical contributions. The award consisted of a cash award of $ 37,200, the maximum amount of personal awards in the history of NASA.
  3. 2009, Outstanding Alumni Award, Earlham College

What happened July 20, 1969 and the obligation to humanity 31-year-old programmer self-taught?

Once undocking command and service module and the lunar radar docking switch was placed in the wrong position due to an error in the instructions for astronauts, radar sending wrong signals onboard computer. Treatment of false signals occupy 15% of computer time on-board computer, provides a landing on the moon. The merit of Hamilton is a competent software development, in which it has provided the priority tasks. Onboard computer after receiving a certain number of messages from non-priority tasks, “concentrated” on a priority task – the moon landing and ignored non-priority task.

Margaret Hamilton is also credited with introducing the term “software engineering”.

It is interesting that in the same year Margaret was born in the USSR Revmir Pryadchenko, who graduated from the Mathematics and Mechanics Faculty of Leningrad State University, got a job at the Center for Deep Space Communication, where she engaged in not only direct official duties for receiving telemetry and registration “papers “but went further in the analysis of the received information. She played an important role in the early history of space exploration. Eventually became head of the department for processing telemetry data. Unfortunately a series of failures in the Soviet space program, and then stagnation touched not only the Soviet space program, but also the fate of the participants, which was not as favorable as Margaret. But this is another story, which is likely to soon disappear with the last witnesses and participants of the early space exploration.

«We are only able to love the dead».

«Boris Godunov” (1825)

A. Pushkin.

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Margaret HamiltonMargaret Hamilton
Margaret HamiltonMargaret Hamilton
Margaret HamiltonMargaret Hamilton

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