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American Joint television actress, best known for her role as Dr. Kimberly Shaw on the soap opera “Melrose Place”(1992-1997) and Bree Van de Kamp in the TV series”Desperate Housewives» (2004-2012).

Full Name – Marcia Anne Cross (Marcia Anne Cross), a correct pronunciation – “march”, although the version of “Mars” is permissible. Born March 25, 1962 in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Father – Mark Cross, mother – Janet Cross. She has two sisters, her sister Helen Cross – author and performer of his own songs. Husband – stockbroker Tom Mahoney (wedding – 24 June 2006), the children – twins Eden and Savannah (born in February 2007).

Marcia says that he never doubted the choice of their future profession – from childhood wanted to become an actress. Her debut was a school production of “witch blackbird.”With 18 years of cross trained in the school of dramatic skills in New York (Juliard School). In the 1980s, he played in several theater productions, including productions of”Servant of Two Masters”and”12 Nights”. She made her debut on television in 1984 in the daytime soap opera “The Edge of Night.”Then she moved from New York to Los Angeles, where he started acting in small roles in television movies. In 1986, she joined the cast of the soap opera”One Life to Live”, which was filmed before 1987.

In 1990, the first time she played a minor role in the movie, the film is “bad influence.” This role is currently the only appearance of the actress on the silver screen except for her involvement in several low-budget independent films.

In 1991, the Cross broke into primetime with a small role in the TV series “Silent wharf”star Nicollette Sheridan who had her future colleague in the TV series”Desperate Housewives».

The real famous actress brought the role of madman Dr. Kimberly Shaw Aaron Spelling TV series “Melrose Place.” Initially, the producers of the series Marcia invited to participate in only a few episodes, but she liked him and the audience that soon became a permanent heroine of the series. When the plot Kimberly died in a car accident, the studio came a flurry of letters from viewers asking to return loved by the heroine. What was done: the producers had to return Kimberly Shaw from the world, then it is for three more seasons, gave viewers unforgettable moments.

After the Cross finished shooting in “Melrose Place”, she mostly got roles in television series episodes, appeared in shows such as “Seinfeld,””Spin City,””Ally McBeal», «CSI Crime Scene Investigation “and many others.

In 2003, she got a recurring role starring in the TV series “Everwood,” which was filmed during the season.

In 2004, she received one of the main roles in the TV series “Desperate Housewives.”Participation in the project revived her extinct career and earned her a nomination for the”Emmy”in 2005 (the award in the same year received Felicity Huffman) and three nominations for the”Golden Globe”, but the actress each time losing its rivals.

Five years Marcia lived “civil marriage” with actor Richard Jordan, who was much older than her. In 1993, he died of a brain tumor 10 years and Marcia was one. In 2006, she began dating a broker Tom Mahoney, their wedding took place June 24, 2006.

Marcia has repeatedly said that he wants to have a baby. Immediately after the wedding she attended spetsklinike. But in September 2006, she told reporters that she was pregnant. In October 2006 it was reported that in April 2007, will give birth to twins Marcia. The birth took place before: in February 2007, Marcia gave birth to twins Eden and Savannah.

Marcia CrossMarcia Cross
Marcia CrossMarcia Cross
Marcia CrossMarcia Cross

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