Mackenzie Phillips

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Mackenzie Phillips

A lot of moralizing stories were told about what the state was brought to the legends of rock and roll of the 1960s, but how Bezbashenny their lifestyles affected their children – is not enough. It’s about Mackenzie Phillips, the daughter of John Phillips, the founder of the vocal folk group ‘The Mamas & the Papas’.

Author: Alexei Bulatov

McKenzie was the star of the popular teenage sitcom “One day at a time ‘.

adrift by his father, a drug addict and as a direct eyewitness to his disgusting behavior, Phillips herself hooked on cocaine during the filming of the show, while in 1980 it is not thrown out after learning of her arrest. After a course of rehabilitation McKenzie returned to the series, but by 1983 th old problems made themselves felt with a vengeance, so that the producers had no choice as to drive it again.

In 1992, Phillips looked quite healthy, and the double of perseverance began his acting career, appearing in the status of a guest star in countless number of programs, and as a permanent member of the Disney TV series ‘’

She agreed to give an interview, to learn about his past failure depression, as well as that between the demonic and friendship with heroin and cocaine is already far behind. Published his memoirs, Phillips was the focus of even greater firestorm of media. Memoirs removed print many taboos, revealing family secrets Phillips, herself and her beloved dad John. Telling about life in freaky atmosphere and how a father raped her, Phillips long to feel the compassion, love and support from the public.

hitmakers John Phillips. perhaps he did not know that his daughter is already 12-years old tried marijuana and LSD. But together with adults in open McKenzie sat on heroin. However, the ‘comfortable’ life with the famous dad is not so limited. As a friend of John, frontman of the ‘Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger. closed in a room with his daughter, and seduced her. The story goes that his father walked out the mayonnaise, while Jagger, saying: “I have waited for this day with your decade ‘sex with 18-year-old Mackenzie, who did not mind.

Does Phillips irony or not, his first role she had in the television movie ‘Go Ask Alice’ with an emphasis on the fight against drugs, and between the role of the difference and it was small – it had to play 14-year-old drug addict. Also, the girl was not difficult on the set of ‘American Graffiti’ 1973, where her character was Carol roamed the life of a person. Both performance meant to get used to the role of those who have not matured weather, but still too naive to enter adulthood. In short, Phillips just played themselves.

Peak film career in the 1970s, and behind the scenes – a life derailed. The terrible abuse of hard drugs and alcohol affected her work in the series, the shooting of which she states is not finished, the late, then all stoned. Expel the troubled actress from the series, it was decided to explain her absence from screens that her character supposedly moved to Houston to her then-boyfriend, played by Michael Lembeck.

Once this abusive departure Phillips and her father tried to overcome their addiction and even appeared in a number of social advertising against drugs.

Returning to the show, Phillips resumed her old flew back – this time for good – and again fell into a rehabilitation program. Since 1992, she slowly began to rehabilitate and acting front, playing in the series ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ and ‘Guiding Light’, while its popularity is not broke in the Disney TV series ‘’ in 1999.

Her return to the great movie went unnoticed, and roles, as well as the films themselves, in fact, could not highlight it with anything. But 10 years have passed her sober life without drugs, when in August 2008 it ap

estovali at Los Angeles International Airport for what she allegedly tried to smuggle aboard heroin and cocaine. Fans were extremely disappointed, considering such an act of betrayal of the pet.

But then again they are imbued with it the lightest feeling when you found out the details of her autobiography. It turned out, my father McKenzie not only keen on it to drugs in the teenage years, and with its 19 years anniversary, slept with her actually raped his daughter after she lost the ability to think. But, as recognized McKenzie, incest became a ‘concerted’ relationship lasting ten years, until she became pregnant. Not sure who the child’s father – her boyfriend and mother daddy – she had an abortion, after which no longer allows the father to John, even to touch myself. Naturally, family members McKenzie (except nurses), as well as the latest John’s wife, accused her of madness and denied her accusations.

Mackenzie PhillipsMackenzie Phillips
Mackenzie PhillipsMackenzie Phillips
Mackenzie PhillipsMackenzie Phillips

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