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Liam Hemsworth

The Australian actor, known for roles Josh Taylor (Josh Taylor) in the soap opera ‘Neighbours’ (‘ Neighbours’) and Markus (Markus) in the children’s television series “The Elephant and the Princess’ (‘The Elephant Princess’).

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

Liam was born in Melbourne, Australia; He was the youngest of three sons, Craig and Leonie Hemsuort (Craig and Leonie Hemsworth). Seriously consider acting career as a future profession he began in high school – inspired Liam, first of all, an example of his brothers, Chris Hemsuorta (Chris Hemsworth) and Lucas Hemsuorta (Luke Hemsworth). Already in high school got Hemsuort agent; his first audition he attended in 16 years. The first guy got the role in 2007 – in TV episodes ‘Home and Away’ (‘Home and away’) and ‘McLeod’s Daughters’ (‘McLeod’s Daughters’). On July 8, 2007, Hemsuort landed a role on the soap opera ‘Neighbours’; By the way, earlier in this film, the main role played by his brother Luke. Character Liam, Josh Taylor, regularly appeared on the show from 2007 to 2008-th; He was an athlete suffering from paraplegia – paralysis of the lower body.

In 2008, Liam was invited to the children’s TV show ‘The Elephant and the Princess’; where the actor played a certain Marcus – lead guitarist of the protagonist. After a while Hemsuortu got the role in the British film ‘Triangle’ (‘Triangle’) and in the television series ‘Satisfaction’; In addition, in 2009, he played a cameo role in the film ‘The Sign’ (‘Knowing’) with Nicolas Cage (Nicholas Cage). In 2009, the Hemsuorta chosen for the role of the opponent in the upcoming Sylvester Stallone action movie ‘The Expendables’ (‘Expendables’); Unfortunately, after the character Liam has been deleted from the script. The actor, however, is not particularly worried – just a few hours after the sudden breaking up with a role in ‘The Expendables’ he was contacted by director Kenneth Branagh (Kenneth Branagh). After some negotiation Hemsuort got the lead role in the planned for 2011 film adaptation of the popular comic book ‘Thor’ (‘Thor’). Unfortunately, this role Liam eventually lost – his place taken by his older brother Chris. In the same week it became known that Hemsuort Jr. received the role of Will Blakely (Will Blakelee) in Disney’s drama ‘The Last Song’ (‘The Last Song’). In this picture Layemu have to play the beloved character of the popular actress and singer Miley Cyrus (Miley Cyrus). This is not the first collaboration Hemsuorta and Cyrus – in August 2009, the actor starred in the video for the song Miley ‘When I Look At You’. By the time the relationship Miley and Liam have already gone beyond the level of simple friendship – you know, they started dating in May.

In March 2009 Hemsuort moved to the US in order to concentrate on her acting career. In the summer he went back to Australia – among other things, he had to figure out the relationship with his girlfriend, Laura Griffin (Laura Griffin). They started dating in high school, but eventually Liam decided to part with Laura; he scheduled a new romance with Miley Cyrus.

Luke HemsworthLuke Hemsworth
Luke HemsworthLuke Hemsworth
Luke HemsworthLuke Hemsworth

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