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About Fausto Papetti (biography, discography)

Fausto Papetti – is a brilliant Italian saxophonist, who has found his own style in creating their own versions of well-known hits, arranging them in a unique neoclassic style

It’s hard to find a more romantic and Italian ladies’ man than Fausto Papetti. The most outstanding music of this composer is always recognizable by its unobtrusive tone, picturesque scenes and mild melancholy, when you want to your hand was the hand of a loved one, and the two of you in a picturesque corner of the world remembered the happy, filled with love, moments of life. Music critics, discussing the works of Fausto Papetti, it is said that “his arrangements are simple and not overloaded. His accent is accurate and always emphasize the melody. Fausto Papetti will never do anything that would endanger the melodic basis of the composition”.

The single “Estate violenta”was published in 1960 under the name”Fausto Papetti Sax and rhythms”, and sold so huge circulations exceeding sales itself an original soundtrack from the film that the record company Durium after such a stunning success provided Papetti time and place in the studio to record has a solo album . And in the same year Papetti released his first album under the simple name “Raccolta” (Collection).

In the album includes songs of famous songs of that time (such as the theme music from the movie “La Dolce Vita”(Sweet Life), written by Nino Rota or”Scandalo al sole” (A summer place),

From this disc, all the others will have the same name, only changing the numbering. Among the musicians participated in the recording of his album was a famous drummer Pupo De Luca, who in later years would play with Adriano Celentano and Enzo Jannacci, and then devote himself to the movies, have as an actor.

Papetti was very popular in the 60’s and 70’s, and each of his new album, the audience waited impatiently. It was popular not only in Europe but throughout Latin America.

At the height of its popularity in the 70s, Papetti produces two “Raccolta” per year.

The most popular is the Raccolta-20, which took first place in the European hit parade in 1975.

During his life he became a classic of the genre which he founded, and in the 70 years he has a lot of imitators, most famous are Johnny Sax and Piergiorgio Farina.

In addition to the drive series “Raccolta”, Papetti has recorded many albums, which became in its time no less popular. Among these albums: “Old America”(Old America),”Evergreen”, “Bonjour France”(Zdravstuy, France),”Made in Italy”(Made in Italy),”Rhythms of Latin America”(Rhythms of Latin America),”Cinema anni ‘ 60″(From the film 60),”Cinema anni ‘ 70” (Their film 70).

In 1985, after 25 years of cooperation, it leaves the “Durium” and moves to CBS, which in 1988 bought the company Sony Music, and since 1989 it is recorded on the record company Fonit Cetra.

Fausto Papetti died June 15, 1999 and is buried in Ospedaletti (Italy), where he lived for the past twenty-five years.

Lucio BattistiLucio Battisti
Lucio BattistiLucio Battisti
Lucio BattistiLucio Battisti

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