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Louie Anderson (Louie Anderson)

Dreaming become as held comedian Oliver Hardy, Louie Anderson decided to build his career with his weight, that is, with the help of jokes on himself though. Significantly adding to the weight and adding to the repertoire even more caustic jokes about his already fat person, the young actor has decided to make its way to glory in every possible way, and in 1970 opened his own show called – ‘The Family Feud’.

Louis was born on March 24, 1953 in the State of Minnesota, Minneapolis. The young star began the path to his career in the family, which consisted of 100 children and two adults, mum and dad. Even from an early age a sense of humor did not leave the young man and always had the way, especially in the circle of friends and relatives. Father of the comedian had big problems with alcohol and often came home in a terrible state. It was associated with the first job of Louis, he took a consultant to work with troubled children and worked there for some time before his triumph in the arena of show business.

As once. young comedian friends went to a bar in his hometown. There were performances of other stendaperov and Louis all laughed at them. Friends said that he did not get up close and no one laugh in the hall and that he should be quiet. After that, he left the stage and the audience broke. As a result of it there and was offered a job, where he worked for six months with a substantial fee for each evening performance, and being a nice guy, he entertained the audience as he could.

At the beginning of his work was directed more at the family jokes that make fun of American family values ​​of the time, as well as the humor, which is able to reinforce the experience of working with troubled children.

He began to tour America, young talent has created an image of a fat cheerful loser, who is just trying to live like everyone else, and there is usually a standard problem in his account. Later, he even began to recruit to his show program students and other helpers.

A major impetus in career comedian was the appearance on the show in 1984, “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson in the lead role. Anderson’s talent is so turned to the place that he was called for an encore, and later he became the headliner of the show and participated in the show for another three and a half years, receiving fees commensurate only with movie stars and show business. After some time, he was lucky to take part in two films Hollywood value. He starred in the film courier”Output Ferris Byulera”and a cashier in the movie”Coming to America».

Having made a name for himself and a good career, Louis decided to write a book abandoned the child and his parents. Someone found a reflection in the book himself, and whom she was surprised but not indifferent.

At the end of 2003, Louie Anderson suffered a severe heart surgery that forced him to reflect on their activities and start to live a more relaxed lifestyle. He now has several businesses and appends its third in a row a book called “My big family.” Many comedians would like to be in his place and would like to carry the same kind and bright that when it came from Louis directly from the scene of his hometown. The actor also plans to star in two films, comedy content, but it is very ironic actually.

The comedian has quite a large family consisting of five children and his beautiful wife Elizabeth. Apparently a large family as a child, which somehow still managed to surround him with love and care, Louis showed his right, and certainly in the right direction in life. After all, it has become what it wanted to see my mother.

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Louie AndersonLouie Anderson
Louie AndersonLouie Anderson
Louie AndersonLouie Anderson

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