Lisette Morelos

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Lisette Morelos

Born: May 21, 1978, Mexico City, Mexico

Lisette Morelos Height: 1,73

The actress, best known for the TV series had the audience success “Aurora”, the model and the Mexican singer.

Lisette Morelos was born in Mexico City. Its roots go back to the original family genealogy family San Luis Potosi. Acting education Lisette began to receive in 12 years in CEA, which was able to show their talents and abilities.

At age 17 she received an offer from a producer Emilio Larrosa to participate in the Mexican novel «You and me». After that, the role of Lisette began to offer almost every year.

Film career Lisette Morelos / Lisette Morelos

So, in 1997, Lisette Morelos played a role in the novel «Secret Alejandra». In 1998, Lisette was invited to join the cast of the novel «Camilla», where the main roles are played by Bibi Gaitan and Eduardo Capetillo. In 1999, she received a second lead role in the TV series «Rebel Soul».

Six months after the end of the novel «Rebel Soul» Morelos are invited again for the lead role – this time in the series «FACE Angel» where working together Libertad Lamarque and Miguel de Leon.

The success of the series “Angel FACE” with Lisette Morelos in the title role was so great that at the request of fans of the soap opera, the filmmakers have increased the number of series.

In 2000, Lisette starred in producer Nicandro Diaz «face of an angel».

For his work in the film “Angel Face” Lisette Morelos received the award El Sol de Oro for best actress.

In 2003, Lisset arrives in Miami to search for new projects. There she is working with companies such as Venevisión and Univisión. After a while it plays a role in the TV series «Rebellious Angel».

A little later, she marries a Canadian citizen John Bainbridzhe.

After eight years of absence in the Mexican television Lisette Morelos returns to Mexico and participates in the producer Pedro Damian. it plays a negative character in the TV series «Girl of my heart». After the end of the project broadcaster Telemundo invites actress in the novel “Aurora”, where she plays Blanca Ponce Leon. the daughter of the main character.

To the role in the TV series “Aurora” Lisset radically changed its image to match the image of the heroine – a 20-year-old girl.

In 2012, the company Argos Comunicación invites Morelos for the stellar performance of the role of the character in the Mexican Saul Fuentes novel Infames.

Filmography Lisette Morelos / Lisette Morelos

Into the Wolf’s Den (2015)

impostor (TV series 2014 -.)

La Impostora … Blanca Guerrero

Fortune (TV series 2013)

Dishonorable (TV series 2012)

Aurora (TV series 2010 -.)

The girl of my heart (TV series 2010)

Rebellious Alma (TV series 2008)

Lisette MorelosLisette Morelos
Lisette MorelosLisette Morelos
Lisette MorelosLisette Morelos

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