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World News May 26, 2015

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Review of the latest news in the world: the United States, Libya, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Greece, Yemen & # 8211; Today, May 26, 2015.

Danish radio killed the rabbit live

In Denmark, radio killed the rabbit to live, what provoked public outrage and calls for a boycott, reports BBC News.

In the course of discussion on the treatment of animals leading Asger Juel (Asger Juhl) hit three nine-rabbit named Alan bicycle pump head. Cub twitched a few times before he died.

Zoozaschitnitsa Lince Kessler (Linse Kessler), which is directly before participated in the discussions leading to learn of the intention, went back into the studio to rescue Alan. Activist chasing Yule around the table, but ultimately failed to save the rabbit.

According to Julia, it committed the murder to demonstrate the hypocrisy zoozaschitnikov who eat meat bought in supermarkets.

Leading Killed Rabbit took with him to cook stews and in the presence of her children, six and eight years, skinned carcass.

The incident angered the public. In social networks people have launched an appeal for a boycott of the station.

In 2014, a strong public outcry caused the public killing in Copenhagen zoo giraffe Marius. February 9 in the presence of numerous visitors, including children, he was shot, skinned and feed the lions, despite numerous petitions in his defense. The guide explained the necessity of killing the zoo that it was the only way to avoid unwanted mating.

Photo: Mohammed Asad / / Global Look Press

Year Narendra Modi in power: economic success and ambitions of India

© AP Photo

In the second year in power the government will stand Modi two important legislative objectives: tax reform and the adoption of the law on land acquisition, which is due to the resistance of the opposition was not accepted by the upper house of the Indian Parliament.

NEW DELHI, May 26 – RIA Novosti. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who May 26, 2014 after a stunning victory in the general elections of the Indian People’s Party (BDP) was sworn in as head of the new government, a year in power, has demonstrated a serious attitude to the changes in both domestic and foreign policy. During this year, Modi has made it clear that he intends to build a & # 8220; a strong, developed and unifying India & # 8221 ;, was talking about in his first letter after his inauguration.

The economic successes

The main policy direction Modi, who came to power amid falling GDP growth rate under the previous government, was economic development. During the election campaign Modi promised to give fresh strength of the Indian economy, return on investment, to build a 100 & # 8220; smart cities & # 8221 ;, set up for 10 years of 250 million jobs. Such global changes were to take place at the expense of investment – both private Indian and foreign.

One of the first significant steps of the Indian prime minister was the launch of a new ambitious program Make in India, due to which India has become a global manufacturing center. Many areas of the Indian economy opened to foreign direct investment by 100%. The Indian government has also opened up the defense sector, where the share of foreign capital in enterprises can be up to 49%.

& # 8220; When the current government came to power a year ago, a general atmosphere of gloom prevailed. She was replaced by hope and revival. Although we are growing at 7-8%, there is a great desire to grow even faster, to reveal the true potential of India & # 8221 ;, – said at a press conference summing up the year of the Modi government, Finance Minister Arun Dzheytli.

According to official data, the inflow of foreign investment five months after the launch of Make in India in September 2014 increased by 56% in India received 21.2 billion dollars against 13.5 billion for the corresponding period last year.

& # 8220; The main achievement of the government in the past year – is to create a positive business sentiment, a return of investor confidence and approval of the & # 8220; the brand of India & # 8221; by policy based on transparency and honesty & # 8221 ;, – the president of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce of India (FICCI) Dzhuyotsna Suri.

The global ambition

For the year in power, Modi spent 52 days abroad and visited 18 countries, some of these Indian leaders did not happen for decades. For example, the Indian Prime Minister’s visit to Australia was held for the first time in 28 years, to the Seychelles – the first in 34 years. The visit of the Indian government in Canada has become the first two-way over the past 42 years. Moreover, Modi became the first Indian prime minister to visit Mongolia.

The economic rise of India and the projected rate of growth of GDP, which India has this year, ahead of China, made the economically developed countries look at India in a new way: the head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde even called India & # 8220; bright spot & # 8221; and said that she is ready to invest in the country. Modi, for its part, took the opportunity to present the program Make in India and abroad to invite all interested parties to participate in it.

However, the Indian Foreign Ministry has repeatedly stated, in the first place the leadership of India – the relationship with the neighbors. Modi’s recent visit to Mongolia showed that India, which sees itself as a leader in the region, does not intend to give up their positions in South Asia, China, which strengthens the influence in the vicinity of the Indian border.

& # 8220; The recent visit of the Prime Minister of China raised expectations not only in India, but also, perhaps, in all of South Asia. India needs to reconsider its policy towards South Asia amid growing strategic interest of China in the Indian Ocean in the vicinity of India & # 8221 ;, – said researcher analytical center Observer Research Foundation Satkha Murthy.

People’s assessment

According to research company Axis My India television channel IBN-CNN, conducted in 23 states & # 8220; more than 72% satisfied with the government’s Modi in terms of development, good governance and lower prices, & # 8221;.

& # 8220; 65% of the respondents believed that the Narendra Modi – effectively prime minister who helped improve the image of India in global terms & # 8221 ;, – said in a press release of the survey.

In the second year in power the government will stand Modi two important legislative objectives: tax reform and the adoption of the law on land acquisition, which is due to the resistance of the opposition was not accepted by the upper house of the Indian Parliament.

& # 8220; Our priority during the next parliamentary session will be the approval of legislation on taxes on goods and services and the bill on land acquisition & # 8221 ;, – said Arun Dzheytli at a press conference.

The bill provides for the allotment of land from farmers for the construction of large public infrastructure projects, such as industrial corridors, roads and railways.

According to the amendment, the Government is committed to employ one of the members of the family farmer, whose land was expropriated. In addition, the government intends to dispose of only the necessary minimum of land for construction, as well as at a distance of no more than one kilometer away from the object.

The world market is becoming a Russian weapons

Russia ranks second in the world arms market – 27% of the total market (1 place – 31% – USA). Russian export orders portfolio exceeds $ 50 billion, said President Vladimir Putin. According to him, the export of Russian military products at the end of 2014 exceeded 15.5 billion dollars.

«Russia confidently holds the second place in the list of the world leaders in the supply of arms, military equipment, and it is certainly a major achievement on such a complex and dynamic market”, – Putin said at a meeting of the commission on military-technical cooperation between Russia foreign countries.

When this market weapons Russia is often faced with the attempts of direct combat, sometimes outside the scope of competition. According to the president, this resistance is often overtly aggressive nature.

The head of state set the task not only to develop existing contacts and expand the geography of deliveries. He also demanded to take into account the changing situation on the world arms market in the trade of domestic appliances. The goal is to organize foreign trade activities MTC, to meet the modern requirements of the international arms market

As for import, then all this should be done on a completely new, modern, forward-looking technology base. “Our competitive advantage – a long-term successful operation of the domestic arms in all climatic zones. The experience of their application has received more than one generation of military specialists in many regions of the world: in Asia, in Africa and in Latin America “- the president said. According to him, in these regions are well known strengths of Russian weapons, especially reliability and high efficiency.

It is emphasized that more attention should be paid to co-production. A striking example of cooperation – cooperation with India. The Head of State stressed the need to continue to create a wide network of service centers for aftermarket products and actively use the potential of intergovernmental commissions and working groups, which presents the agencies responsible for the development of military-technical cooperation.

The recalled Vladimir Putin’s recent break Ukraine agreement on military-technical cooperation with Russia. According to the president, the gap-established cooperative ties with the Russian Federation is vitally important to the Ukrainian defense enterprises, has put many of them on the verge of bankruptcy and forced to cut qualified staff.

Note that in late April, the Federation Council called the largest buyers of Russian weapons. The main share of supply in 2014 came to India (28%), followed by Iraq – 11% and China – 9%, Vietnam – 7%, Venezuela – 6%.

May 26 to hold a session of the 10th Business Forum of Russian public organization “Business Russia”, which will also take part, Vladimir Putin. It will focus on import substitution, the press service of the Kremlin.

China launched the world’s largest gold fund

While the world is looking forward to the moment when China finally publish official data on gold reserves, Beijing continues to take action to build the & # 8220; the yellow metal & # 8221;.

The last time China opened the inventory data in 2009 since the data & # 8211; a mystery. Most experts believe that over the years the Celestial Empire amassed enormous volumes of precious metals, but these are only suggestions.

About two weeks ago, the news agency & # 8220; Xinhua & # 8221; It reported that China National Gold Group Corporation and the Russian gold miner Polyus Gold signed an agreement on enhancing cooperation. Recall that Polyus Gold is the largest gold producer in Russia and one of the largest in the world. There is nothing surprising in the fact that in recent times goes a lot of rumors that Russia and China are preparing the ground for a new currency backed by gold. Perhaps this will be the currency of the yuan, but the important thing is that the currency should mark the end of the hegemony of the US dollar.

By the way, these rumors are supported by the fact that many countries are beginning to repatriate gold from the United States. Suffice it to recall Germany, the Netherlands and Austria.

So the other day & # 8220; Xinhua & # 8221; announces the establishment of the Chinese city of Xi’an Golden Fund of the Silk Road. Experts note that the Fund will help countries integrate their gold resources in a shared space and to strengthen cooperation in the markets of the precious metal.

The idea of ​​the Golden Fund offered to the Shanghai Gold Exchange and the founders are large Chinese enterprises & # 8211; Shandong and Shaanxi Gold Corporation. The Foundation plans to open more subsidiaries of funds, including exchange-traded fund, mergers and acquisitions of gold resources, the investment fund.

Thus, the Chinese government aims to increase the role of the yuan in the pricing of gold, gold opened the domestic market to international investors. Recall that China has for several years been actively developing trade in the precious metal and tends to transfer international center of trade in gold in London and the United States to Shanghai. In contrast to the western areas, where the majority of trading so-called & # 8220; & # 8221 paper; gold trading in China are with the delivery of physical metal.

And now China is trying to develop regional infrastructure gold industry. The new fund will invest in the production of gold in countries located along the Silk Road, which will increase exploration in countries such as Afghanistan and Kazakhstan.

It is worth noting that even in the current situation where the developed countries artificially lower the price of gold in order to maintain the value of its currency, China and its partners can reap its benefits: Golden Fund may purchase metal at low prices to the point yet on the market there will be no surplus of physical metal and keep it low cost West will no longer afford.

Former Ambassador of Sweden in Russia criticized the military exercises Nordic

The former diplomat Sven Hirdman condemned the large-scale military air exercises Arctic Challenge Exercise 2015 the Nordic countries, which began May 25 with the participation of the United States, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and France in the northern parts of Sweden, Finland and Norway.

«Rather than playing war with NATO in Northern Europe, the government should work towards easing tensions between the power blocs. This can draw inspiration from the Olof Palme “& # 8211; leads RIA Novosti words Sven Hirdman.

«Russian-Ukrainian conflict has its roots in the collapse of the Soviet Union. There are no objective reasons for the fact that Russia would begin to consider the plans of aggression against the EU or NATO, no, “& # 8211; Swedish diplomat added.

North Korea can accommodate multiple launch rocket systems on the border with South Korea

© AP Photo / Lee Jin-man

According to the source, the five structures, shaped like bunkers, were built on the island Kaldo. Perhaps that is where the DPRK can accommodate 122 millimeter MLRS caliber.

North Korea can accommodate multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) the caliber of 122 millimeters on one of the uninhabited islands near the island Yonphёndo in the Yellow Sea, where the disputed dividing line between North and South.

& # 8220; Five structures, shaped like bunkers, were built on the island Kaldo. North Korea can either deploy a caliber of 122 mm MLRS or use them (construction) as guard posts & # 8221 ;, – quoted by Yonhap South Korean sources said military circles.

The source stressed that the island Kaldo is just 4.5 kilometers from the Yonphёndo so MLRS accommodation near the disputed maritime boundary between North Korea and South Korea can only complicate relations between the two countries and increase tensions in the region.

Another source of the agency said that in 2013 South Korea has deployed on the islands Yonphёndo and Baengnyeongdo in the Yellow Sea anti-tank missiles (ATGM) Spike manufacture the Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems with a range of about 20 kilometers, which is enough to destroy the artillery fire points to the DPRK.

At the same time, some experts have repeatedly expressed doubts about the effectiveness of deployed ATRA. The main disadvantages of the complex features of the system called the missile launch, as well as a high probability of error missile guidance systems in a coast because of fog and glare from the water.

The Korean peninsula technically at war because the 1950-1953 Korean War ended with the signing of an armistice, not a peace treaty. Relations between North Korea and South Korea deteriorated sharply in 2010 after the collapse of the corvette & # 8220; Cheonan & # 8221 ;, sunk, according to Seoul by North Korean torpedo, and an armed incident near the island Yonphёndo that killed two soldiers.

media: Americans frightened apocalypse with the participation of Russia in 2017

© AP Photo / Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Supporters of former US presidential candidate Herman Cain received a letter stating that the president Barack Obama and the leaders of the church to hide from citizens coming attack from Russia.







© AP Photo/ Charles Dharapak


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