Lindy Booth

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Lindy Booth

Lindy Booth (Eng. Lindy Booth) – Canadian actress. Born April 2, 1979 in the town of Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

The main movie actor Linda Booth

From an early age dreamed of Lindy scene. When she was only 6 years old, she already wrote plays and acted in improvised areas. The talent of the girls noticed the school teachers, after which it began to be directed to a variety of theatrical and literary competitions, where she regularly received awards. After high school, the teacher acting Lindy helped her find an agent.

For the third casting proved to be successful aspiring actress: in 1998, the creators of the Canadian series “The other dimension”offered her the role of Carrie Taylor. This was followed by roles in low-budget films”Mr. Music”and”Teens vampires from outer space”, which went unnoticed. However, the young actress noticed directors, and the list of works added to the series “Psi Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal”and”Earth: Final Conflict».

Follow-up 1999 was very successful for Linda, she got the role windy secretary Claudia rating television series “Relic Hunter”. Although the character in the plot of a secondary Booth, viewers are assured that after she left the project lost its flavor.

After a while, the creators of the television series “The Famous Jett Jackson”Lindy was invited to the role of 15-year-old Riley Grant. The popular Disney project brought the actress widely known, she continued to shoot it for a long time. Later she starred in episodes of television and feature films:”Nero Wolfe Mystery”, “Life with Judy Garland”, “Mutant X».

A significant for the actress began in 2002, when the screens out thriller Joe Chappelle “Skull 2”, where the girl went to a secondary role Kelly. The plot, which is the sequel of a good thriller early 2000s “Skulls”, tells the story about a secret society, which is designed to solve the riddle simple college student. Although the tape received negative reviews from critics, Booth awarded «DVD Premiere Awards» in the nomination «Best Actress».

In the future, filmography Lindy replenished with such bands as “American Psycho 2”, “Odyssey 5,””The Twilight Zone”,”carrot and stick”(for a role in which she was nominated for the award «Canadian Comedy Awards» in the category” Film – Pretty Funny Female Performance », and also won the prize« DVD Exclusive Awards »in the nomination« Best Supporting Actress »).

In 2003, Bout appeared in the horror film of Rob Schmidt’s “Wrong Turn”, which became one of the most popular in its genre and grossed more than $ 28 million. After the actress managed to star in the rating series “NCIS “”Cold Case,”” Platinum ».

A year later, Lindy took part in the shooting of another “horror”director Zack Snyder’s”Dawn of the Dead.”The picture of the invasion of hordes of dead people and confront them a group of people trapped in a shopping center, attracted a huge desk in worldwide box office – more than $ 100 million. Seeing the young actress in the film, directed by Jeff Wadlow and screenwriter Beau Bauman, ready to shoot the thriller”Volk- single “, invited her to audition. After reviewing dozens of actresses, they have already begun to doubt that will be able to find who plays Dodger Allen, who came to them perfectly. But Booth is fully met their expectations, and started work on the film.

In the future, Lindy starred in such projects as “Dark Honeymoon”, “Warehouse 13,””Fairly Legal”,”cop”. From the last of her works can be distinguished participation in the crime comedy “Kick-Ass 2″and the TV series”Librarians».

Lindy BoothLindy Booth
Lindy BoothLindy Booth
Lindy BoothLindy Booth

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