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Biography Lindsey Pelas:

Lindsey Pelas – Kiberdevochka Playboy model and the month of May 2014. It also has a chance of winning the title Kiberdevushki Playboy in 2015. Lindsay says that in high school, she was prohindeev, an excellent student, class treasurer and was recognized as the most ambitious school girl.

Breast Size Lindsey Pelas 32DDD-23-31 and it is completely natural. Lynsey says: “I always get compliments on my chest. I was very small, so it’s really obvious that I have a super large breasts. People always assume that they are not true, and I love to surprise them otherwise!”Lindsey began her career at Playboy after the successful participation in the casting in the city of Dallas.”I decided to take a short trip from Louisiana and this was my best choice”.

Lindsey Pelas received a bachelor’s degree in the history of Louisiana.

With regard to the unique characteristics possessed by Lindsey Pelas, she told Playboy, “a clever, quirky, sports and fun girl. My natural breasts is quite unique. It is the size of 32DDDs, so it is very special. I also think I bring a certain southern charm Louisiana . because there is nothing better than a Southern girl! “It feels very sexual”in a more natural state. I usually sleep naked to the waist and wearing very sexy panties. And when I wake up without makeup and without a shirt (nightie) I feel most sexy”

Guys note. She said, “I love confident men! If he can inspire me, in any case it is a big plus. Well, if he is well-groomed looks, even in a suit, I think it’s pretty sexy.”

She said that people were very surprised when they learned that “I’m actually really smart. My fans are just amazed when they learn that I am a very down to earth. I’m not materialistic, I drive a Jeep with a label zombies rear window of the machine. I have more sneakers than the studs. It – just my style. ”

Lindsey Pelas believes all men should know that “it is important to support the efforts of their second halves. It’s so sexy when you see a person who encourages, supports and encourages the woman, in her quest to become the best! In the South, particularly, men often have traditional ideas of what should be the role of the woman in your life. If she wants to be an astronaut, a superstar, a doctor, or anyone else, be her biggest fan. All men should also be aware that sending pictures of their “junk”is not very romantic . Keep naked pictures to the point when you are closer to each other!”

After Lindsey finished Pelas LSU, she taught yoga and air worked as a bartender. We think that the bartender her days were far behind her. She is currently single, and lives in Los Angeles, Calif.

Lindsey Pelas

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