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The actor will star in a new film by Martin Scorsese.

Directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio

The American actor.

He was born November 11, 1974 in Los Angeles (California, USA).

Full Name – Leonardo Wilhelm.

His parents – hippie mother in origin – a German father was a comic book artist. The parents separated soon after his birth, he lived with his mother in a poor neighborhood of Los Angeles, and so far, has become a professional movie actor, listen to her advice. Leonardo DiCaprio – Slavic roots (his grandmother of Russian immigrants who settled in Germany).

Leonardo DiCaprio belongs to the constellation of the youngest of Hollywood celebrities, his star shone on the international firmament after the success of the film “Romeo and Juliet”(at the Berlin Festival in 1997 the actor received the prize for Best Actor) and”Titanic” uplifted it on top of popularity.

For the first time on the big screen Leonardo DiCaprio appeared in the 1991 film “Critters 3”, portraying a teenage boy.

In 1993, Toby starred in the movie “This Boy’s Life”, on the critically acclaimed young DiCaprio beat of Robert De Niro, playing cruel stepfather Toby. A surprise for many was the nomination of 19-year-old DiCaprio on “Oscar”for his role in the movie”What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.” He brilliantly played a teenager in shutting himself after his father’s death. In order to create an exact image of a mentally unhealthy boy DiCaprio few weeks watching the mentally ill in spetslechebnitsu.

In the subsequent films Leonardo DiCaprio varies this type of young man – a teenager entering into the adult world, unknown and even hostile to it. His characters, finding no understanding of others, or oppressed and suppressed, or behave provocatively. This is Jim Carroll, a talented basketball player, addicted to drugs, “Basketball notes”or 17-year-old Hank, who suffers from the absence of the father and mother’s callousness, in”Marvin’s Room.” Of special note is the role of the French poet Arthur Rimbaud in Agnieszka Holland film

«Total Eclipse”(1995).”Total Eclipse” has caused contradictory responses, and for the first young actor received critical acclaim, mainly due to the general concept of the authors, show the history of the personal relationship tpagicheskih two great poets Verlaine and Rimbaud, completely eliminating all of it related to their art. And DiCaprio plays not primarily a poet and innovator, and an eccentric young man, arrogant and hysterical, who likes to shock society and which entirely subordinates in love with him Verlaine.

Leonardo DiCaprio is rarely removed in pure genre cinema, but feels confident and in a cowboy suit in the western “The Quick and the Dead”, where he was due to Sharon Stone, others a great future. Star was not mistaken, that DiCaprio has confirmed the huge popularity, especially among young audiences after the release of “Romeo and Juliet”. Here are all happily came together – the idea of ​​the Australian director Baz Luhrmann (author of the musical movie “in the ballroom”) to ultramolodёzhnoe reading of classic tragedy of Shakespeare, modern aesthetics of the film, with its klipovoy manner of shooting and the identity of the actor – a young man of today with its frantic musical rhythms in which pulsates violence. Leonardo DiCaprio plays its Romeo in the same breath – easy and very emotional. Ordinary boy of bighead and bright as the circus world of Verona Beach, somewhere on the border with Latin America, the world, inflamed hatred and drug intoxicated, love turns into a poet, that’s why sound is so natural in his mouth Shakespearean line. Romeo fully captured by a passion for Juliet, trying in vain to break the chain of violence; actor shows his character spans more despair – and in the end only death, he can protect his love and prove that it is above all the rest.

The reflection of the image of Romeo goes to the next job DiCaprio – the role of the lover self-taught artist in the “Titanic” J. Cameron, which brought the actor a huge success.

Like a hurry to use the growing public interest in the new star, Leonardo DiCaprio invited to appear in the next version of the adventure film “Man in the Iron Mask” (USA – France) – in two roles: the young King Louis and his twin brother.

Sam Leonardo DiCaprio, which is compared to James Dean, an idol of the 50s, believes that it is not yet fully mastered the craft of the actor, knowing that his creativity is not disclosed.

prizes and awards

Nomination “Academy Award”:

1993 – Best Supporting Actor (“What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”)

2004 – Best Actor (“The Aviator”)

2006 – Best Actor (“Blood Diamond”)

2013 – Best Actor (“The Wolf of Wall Street”)

Award “Golden Globe”:

2004 – Best actor, drama (“The Aviator”)

2013 – Best Actor, Comedy / Musical (“The Wolf of Wall Street”)

Nomination “Golden Globe”:

1993 – Best Supporting Actor (“What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?”)

1997 – Best actor, drama (“Titanic”)

2002 – Best actor, drama (“Catch Me If You Can”)

2006 – Best actor, drama (“Blood Diamond”)

2006 – Best actor, drama (“The Departed”)

2008 – Best actor, drama (“road of change”)

2011 – Best actor, drama (“Dzh.Edgar”)

2012 – Best Supporting Actor (“Django Unchained”)

The premium channel “MTV”:

1997 – Best Actor (“Titanic”)

2004 – Best Actor (“The Aviator”)

2013 – the most manic episode (“The Wolf of Wall Street”)

Nominated for Channel “MTV”:

1996 – Best Actor (“Romeo + Juliet”)

1996 – the best screen duo (“Romeo + Juliet”)

1996 – Best Kiss (“Romeo + Juliet”)

1997 – the best screen duo (“Titanic”)

1997 – Best Kiss (“Titanic”)

2002 – Best Actor (“Catch Me If You Can”)

2002 – Best Kiss (“Gangs of New York”)

2012 – Best Villain (“Django Unchained”)

2012 – the best screen duo (“Django Unchained”)

2013 – Best Actor (“The Wolf of Wall Street”)

2013 – the best screen duo (“The Wolf of Wall Street”)

2013 – The best musical moment (“The Wolf of Wall Street”)

2013 – Best Performance by a shirtless (“The Wolf of Wall Street”)

Nominated for “BAFTA”:

2004 – Best Actor (“The Aviator”)

2006 – Best Actor (“The Departed”)

2013 – Best Actor (“The Wolf of Wall Street”)

Nominated for Screen Actors Guild:

1996 – The best cast (“Marvin’s Room”)

1997 – The best cast (“Titanic”)

2004 – The best cast (“The Aviator”)

2004 – Best Actor (“The Aviator”)

2006 – The best cast (“The Departed”)

2006 – Best Supporting Actor (“The Departed”)

2006 – Best Actor (“Blood Diamond”)

Leonardo DicaprioLeonardo Dicaprio
Leonardo DicaprioLeonardo Dicaprio
Leonardo DicaprioLeonardo Dicaprio

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