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Bayas County.

Kevin Leonard “Len”Bayas (Eng. Leonard Kevin”Len”Bias ; November 18, 1963 Landover, MD – June 19, 1986, Riverdale, New Jersey) – American basketball player selected under the 2nd number in the NBA draft in 1986 the club”Boston Celtics”, died 2 days after the draft of a drug overdose.

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Bayas – son of James and Lonis Bayasa and older brother Jay. Born November 18, 1963 in the city of Landover, Maryland, USA. He studied at a high school in northwestern Haytsvile, Maryland. After school, he entered the University of Maryland. While studying at the university, he was included in the all-American team.

NBA Draft and overdose

June 17, 1986 was chosen Bayas reigning champion of the league, “Boston Celtics”for the second most common number in the annual NHL Entry Draft, which was held in New York in the arena,”Madison Square Garden.”President of”the Celtics’ Red Auerbach More in 1984 was the right choice for the NBA Draft at the”Seattle SuperSonics”is exchanged for Gerald Henderson.

June 18 Bayas with his father flew to Boston from Washington, for the traditional presentation of the players. There Bayas has signed a contract with Reebok to 3 million dollars. Later this afternoon, his father flew back to Washington, where he gave a short press conference at Washington’s National Airport to the local media.

After the death

July 25, 1986 issued an indictment against the other Bayasa Brian Tribble of possession of cocaine and possession of cocaine for the purpose of sale, as well as against teammates Bayasa Terry Long and David Gregg (both for possession of cocaine and obstruction trial). July 31 Long and Gregg were excluded from the team. In August, all three defendants have pleaded not guilty.

20 October 1986 prosecutors dropped all charges against Long and Gregg in exchange for testimony against Tribble. October 30 grand jury has added three more charges against Tribble, one of conspiracy to obstruct justice and obstruction of justice, two.

October 30 Kenneth Mark Fobbs, who lived in the same room with Tribble, was convicted of perjury before a grand jury about when he last saw Tribble. March 24, 1987 the state withdrew charges against Fobbsa, and June 3, 1987 the jury issued a verdict Tribble by clearing him of all charges in the case Bayasa.

In October 1990, Tribble was convicted as a big drug dealer. He signed an agreement with the government before July 15, 1993 remained at liberty. Later he was sent to prison for 10 years and 1 month.

In 1998, the US Congress passed a tough law on the fight against drugs, known as the “Law Bayasa Lena.” He was supported by both parties and strengthened previous drug laws, providing for stiffer penalties and expanding the program DARE.

University of Maryland

The circumstances of the deaths resulted Bayasa University of Maryland and its athletic program in shock. The investigation showed that despite the fact that Bayas used all their privileges athlete, he did not have 21 points. August 26, 1986 Attorney Arthur Marshall Jr. said that a few hours after the death of Bayasa, head coach of the university basketball team Drizell Lefty told the players that they have removed the drugs from a room in a hostel Lena. Two days later, the father Bayasa, James, accused the university and Drizzela in particular, ignoring the academic status of their athletes. Later, the National Collegiate Athletic Association began its own investigation.

The trial has forced athletic director Dick Dalla resign October 7, 1987 and October 29, retired left Drizell who worked trainer “Terrapins”17 years. A grand jury considering the case Bayasa, published its final report February 26, 1987 in which the work has been criticized by the sports department of the University of Maryland, the selection committee and the campus police. Upon investigation, NCAA men’s basketball program has put the university on a three-year probationary period.”Terps” were barred from broadcasting on television for one year and are deprived of scholarships. After that, the University of Maryland has introduced strict standards of admission for all student athletes.

Jay Bayas

5 December 1990 Bayasa younger brother, Stanley James “Jay” Bayas III, a budding young basketball player, was shot in the parking lot near the area of ​​Prince George, near the shopping center, located just a few miles from the University of Maryland. Two marksmen fired several times into the car in which there was Jay, and two of his friends. As a result, two bullets hit the back of Jay. He was taken to the same hospital, where he died of his brother, Len, and there died. Jay Bayas was buried next to his brother on behalf of the Lincoln Memorial Cemetery.

The film is about the life Bayasa shot by director Kirk Fraser, was shown at the film festival “Sundance” in 2008, and its official release on 19 June 2009. 3 November 2009 the television network ESPN has released a documentary film «Without Bias». Tape became part documentary series of 30 events over 30 years dedicated to the thirtieth anniversary the network.


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