Lauren Cohan

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Lauren Cohan

Born: November 30, 1982, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

The American actress, best known for his role as Bela Talbot in the TV series “Supernatural”and Maggie Greene multiserial thriller”The Walking Dead.”She also played in the mystical Rose project”The Vampire Diaries».

Lauren Cohan (Lauren Cohan) was born in the autumn of 1982 in Philadelphia and grew up in a suburb of Cherry Hill, New Jersey. When Lauren learned in junior high, her mother married, converted to Judaism, and the whole family moved to the United Kingdom.

Lauren Cohan graduated from college at the University of Winchester, where she studied the art of drama and English literature. Then she went on tour as part of a local theater group and founded her own campaign. Actress simultaneously involved in non-profit projects and shootings producer paintings in London and Los Angeles.

creative way Lauren Cohen / Lauren Cohan

In 2005, Lauren Cohan made her debut in the role of Sister Beatrice in the historical film “Casanova.” A year later, she appeared in the comedy sequel to the famous «Van Wilder 2». In 2010, Lauren took part in the filming of the tape «Death Race 2» with Sean Bean and Danny Treasure.

In the third season of the series «Supernatural” Lauren Cohen starred Bela Talbot – a negative character who steals the mystical things and sells them to the most powerful representatives of the supernatural world. The head of the channel CW has offered to add to the cast of another woman and nominated Lauren Cohan.

Among other things, the actress claimed the role of Ruby, but it bypassed Katie Cassidy. However, self-centered character Bela Talbot did not like the audience, and this character was killed in the penultimate episode of the third season of the series «Supernatural».

During pre-production, Lauren Cohan passed training kickboxing:

– Definitely, I never held so many guns in the hands! Weapons and martial arts – it is part of Bela, and it’s damn nice to me. Before that, I played extremely cute girls in love with the most beautiful guy of the school, and so on. Of course, the TV series “Supernatural” has become for me a great opportunity to try something new.

Lauren Cohan is also known for his role as a vampire in the series Rose «The Vampire Diaries».

– Before filming I only saw a couple of posters of the series and had no idea about vampires. I love that modern teenagers live this culture, and “The Vampire Diaries”have an enormous emotional impact on the younger generation. I grew up on the other, more romantic TV projects,”Dawson’s Creek”and”My So-Called Life.” Now young people prefer mysticism and action games, and this, too, has its own charm.

In February 2007, she joined the crew of the project «Chuck» and performed the role of a charming socialite Vivian Volkoff, the daughter of the chief villain Alexei Volkoff.

In addition, Lauren Cohan has appeared in episodes of serials famous show «Bold and the Beautiful». “Cold Case.”« Life is like a death sentence» and”Modern Family».

Lauren Cohan played by Maggie Greene picturized comic book series «The Walking Dead» on the AMC channel, and performed the role of Lily in the project «divine» ( the last project never aired).

Filmography Lauren Cohen / Lauren Cohan

  • Divine (TV) / Heavenly (2011), Lily
  • A young Alexander the Great / Young Alexander the Great (2010), Leto
  • Practical (2010), Lauren; Short
  • Death Race 2 (video) / Death Race 2 (2010), September Jones
  • The Walking Dead (TV) / The Walking Dead (2010), Maggie Greene
  • Modern Family (TV) / Modern Family (2009), Receptionist
  • The Vampire Diaries (TV) / The Vampire Diaries (2009), Rose
  • Float (2008), Emily Fulton
  • Valentine (TV) (2008), Joanna Clay
  • Life is like a death sentence (TV) / Life (2007-2009), Jackie Rolder
  • Chuck (TV) / Chuck (2007), Vivian Volkoff
  • Van Wilder 2 / Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj (2006), Charlotte
  • The Quiet Assassin (2005), Short
  • Supernatural (TV) / Supernatural (2005), Bela Talbot
  • Casanova / Casanova (2005), Sister Beatrice
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation New York (TV) / CSI: NY (2004), Meredith Muir
  • Cold Case (TV series) / Cold Case (2003-2010), Rachel Malone ’86
  • The Bold and the Beautiful (TV series) / The Bold and the Beautiful (1987), Forrester Creations Employee

Lauren CohanLauren Cohan
Lauren CohanLauren Cohan
Lauren CohanLauren Cohan

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