Laura Esquivel

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Laura Esquivel

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Born: September 30, 1950 Mexico City

Laura Esquivel was born in Mexico City in 1950. Laura was the third child in a family of four telegrapher Julio Cesar Esquivel (Spanish. Julio César Esquivel) and Josie Valdez (App. Josefa Valdés).

Some time Laura taught in school. His writing career Esquivel start in 70-80-e years, with plays and screenplays. Laura’s first husband was the Mexican director Alfonso Arau (Eng. Alfonso Arau), together with whom Esquivel worked on the adaptation of his novel.

The glory came to her after the novel “Chocolate in the boiling water,”first published in 1990. The novel is translated into thirty languages, and its total circulation of more than three million copies. According to the Mexican critics, this novel has opened a new page in the Latin American”magic realism”, and it paradoxically combines reality and fiction, eroticism and mysticism, love story and recipes of Mexican cuisine.

The Mexican writer Laura Esquivel, author of the novel “Champurado for the wife of my husband”, formerly known Russian reader called “Chocolate in the boiling water”, was pleased with the publication in Russia of the new translation of her book, which was presented on Friday at the Embassy Mexico, in Moscow, according to RIA Novosti. “I am very happy that the book is published in Russian and that her name was translated correctly. In each country, it translated in different ways. Most of the original Japanese version was -“The garden of rose petals”, – said at the presentation of Laura Esquivel during a videoconference with Mexico City.

According to the publishers of the novel, the fundamental difference between the new version is that it was done several translations titles and thus one book appeared in Russia in several guises.

“This is a fundamentally new translation, details of which were discussed with the author of”, – underlined publishers.

The next novel writer was known as the “Law of Love” (1995).

In the Russian translation was also published novels Esquivel Book senses (2000, translation – 2005), Malinche (2006, translated – 2006).


– «Chocolate at boiling water”(Spanish. Como agua para chocolate. Eng. Like Water for Chocolate), 1989 (translated into Russian in 1993; in 2000, published under the title”Champurrado for the wife of my husband” );

– «The Law of Love” (App. La ley del amor, Eng. The Law of Love), 1995;

– (App. Íntimas suculencias), 1998;

– (App. Estrellita marinera), 1999;

– «The Book of the senses” (Spanish. El libro de las emociones, Eng. Between the Fires), 2000 (translated into Russian in 2005);

– «Swift as desire” (Spanish. Tan veloz como el deseo, English. Swift as Desire), 2001 (translated into Russian in 2002);

– «Malinche” (Spanish. Malinche), 2006 (translated into Russian in 2006).

Titles, awards and prizes

In 1994, the “Chocolate on the boiling water” was awarded the prestigious literary award – the prize of the American Booksellers Association.

Laura EsquivelLaura Esquivel
Laura EsquivelLaura Esquivel
Laura EsquivelLaura Esquivel

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