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A. Ron Hubbard

Biography of the founder of the Scientology sect

A. Ron Hubbard

As described below biography of Hubbard is the direct opposite of the Scientology version, some people tend to believe that the truth lies somewhere in between. Think so, we can recommend to study English-language biography of L. Ron Hubbard. located in the encyclopedia Wikipedia.

Start studying Scientology must be a person of its founder – “most humane man of all time, the greatest genius that is born when a universe”, Lafayette Ronald Hubbard (1911-1986). Scientologists refer to it as simply Ron again or abbreviation (which they love): LRH (for internal communications). They will tell you about his brilliant talent, about the fact that he excelled in all areas of human activity and surpassed all who to it in these fields had worked: he was also a great philosopher and humanist and traveler, composer, artist, teacher, war hero photographer, director and so on. d., and so on. n.

Meanwhile, the California Superior Court Judge Breckenridge in its judgment (1984) gave the following description of Ron Hubbard and his sect:

It is clear that the organization is schizophrenic and paranoid, and this spicy combination seems to be a reflection of the person of its founder LRH (L. Ron Hubbard). All the evidence reveal a man who is a pathological liar in relation to his biography, origin and achievements. In addition, written testimony and documents reflect his unbridled selfishness, greed, avarice, lust for power at any cost, and vindictiveness and aggressiveness against people who, in his opinion, or enough to it loyal or hostile.

If you talk to a Scientologist, he will tell you about the next Ron Hubbard. Hubbard was born in 1911 in Nebraska ranch his fabulously wealthy grandfather. From his youth, will tell you, Ron differed incredible abilities. Even a 3 and a half years toured the wild mustangs that could lasso and stop on the go. In early childhood, he was accepted into blood brothers Blackfoot Indian tribe (“Blackfeet”). With 12 years of Ron Hubbard he expressed interest in the human mind. He met a sailor, the captain of the first rank, a disciple of Freud, and he was so shocked by the sharpness of mind inquisitive teenager, that gave him the whole Freudian wisdom. So Hubbard got it, almost at first hand.

From 14 to 19 years old will tell you, Mr. Hubbard made traveling alone in the most remote places of the Himalayas, Mongolia, India and Tibet, where he met with the wise men, who astounded his wisdom and reveals to him the secrets of the universe. On a brutal civil war which raged while in China, and the impossibility of those years traveling around the country (especially Europeans) Scientologists do not remember.

In 19 years, Mr. Hubbard returned to the United States and enrolled at George Washington University, where he earned two degrees, including – a degree in nuclear physics, almost the first in America.

Because of this biography is true only that Hubbard was born in 1911 in Nebraska. He grew up with his grandfather, the village veterinarian, who did not have any large ranch. Contemporaries recall that as a child, Ron was terrified of horses and was an ordinary troechnikom at school, and Indians “black-legged”They say the blood-twinning – is Hollywood fiction. Boy traveled to China only once with his mother to visit his father, who was on official business on the island of Guam. Ron the trip was when my mother and the Chinese did not have any contact. There is a diary of L. Ron Hubbard, in which there are statements about the trip:”The main problem with China is that there are too many cross-eyed”.

The George Washington University, Hubbard really did, but he was expelled from the second year of underachievement, and he really signed up for an introductory course in nuclear physics, but could not pass the exam on it. And then Ron Hubbard really began life full of adventure. The story of an extraordinary journey that he made, but in fact all the adventures he had the same goal: where to get money. He’s up to some incredible plans, but they all failed, and as a result he had to hide from their creditors. To somehow make ends meet, he began to write science fiction adventure stories that were printed in tabloid magazines. “thirst for murder in his eyes sparkled monster. Zongri grabbed the biggest and heavy sword, tore it from the wall with the sheath. Disclosure terrified eyes Yang saw a mighty blow Zongri professor cut from head to toe. Lifeless body fell to the floor. Streams of blood soaked the carpet.”These passages in the 40s to please their readers Hubbard, published in a popular series of”amazing science fiction stories”. “Carnival death”, “King killers”, “Air killer”- That’s the name gives an indication of the cultural and educational level, and”creative genius”author. Already in his early stories, Hubbard did not avoid unassuming mysticism and frank devilry. So, in the story”Enslaved Soul”He wrote:”The smoke grew thicker and shaded lamp burning on the table. Up something glittered. It was possible to distinguish the two horns, and then a couple of satanic eyes glistened”.

Next in the official Scientology biography of L. Ron Hubbard said that when the war started, he was called up for military service in the Navy, where he became the greatest military hero of all time: almost alone stoked Japanese ships, and at the end of the war , all wounded and blind, but was awarded numerous awards, he was put ashore on disability. At the military hospital, where he was recognized as hopeless, he invented a method of Dianetics, it can heal itself and become a perfectly healthy person.

In fact, the war Ron Hubbard served in the Navy, but sat in the rear positions and in any battle did not participate. The only time he was assigned to command a warship, which he had to spend along the coast of California. Hubbard, barely moving away from the coast, immediately announced that he had discovered a Japanese submarine. According to his call came a flotilla that two days fought with imaginary submarine, and in the end, it was recognized that no boats did not exist. Hubbard was ordered to hand over command of the ship. This ended his exploits, his track record recorded, charging that he could not command positions, and the rest of the war he served in the military censor the rear.

In the end, he was demobilized, but not because of war wounds, and in “Sit” diseases that he earned during the war (he had a duodenal ulcer, conjunctivitis, hip injury, so once he tripped and fell down the stairs). With such diagnoses was hospitalized several times.

It is interesting that for a long time after Ron Hubbard retroactively declared himself cured by Dianetics, he received a pension of disease, earned during his service. Moreover, all the time he wrote the letter to the Veterans Administration, which complained about his health, that plague him tortured, that after the war he had depression and suicidal impulses, and required in connection with the increase of pensions. These letters are preserved. But at the same time, Mr. Hubbard wrote a letter to the FBI and the CIA, which offers its services as a secret informant to identify communists. In the letters there is a mark CIA that this man, apparently mentally ill and better not mess with him.

When Ron Hubbard resigned from the Navy, he left his wife and young children to do “koldeystvom”(We offer a translation of the English neologism Magick); This neologism invented the most famous XX century Satanist Aleister Crowley. He lived in England and was the head of the secret satanic lodges, which was called”Order of the Eastern Temple”. In California, there was a separation of this lodge, which was headed by a disciple of Crowley named Jack Parsons. At the end of the war, Mr. Hubbard became friendly with him and when he came out of the hospital, stayed with him. If you say this Scientologist, he replied that, as described in his organization, Hubbard had infiltrated into the box on the instructions of the FBI to bring it to clean water. But this is pure fiction, because the job of the FBI he had never made it (to his agents have not, despite his requests). A member of the lodge, however, he was. Subsequently, he repeatedly spoke of Crowley as an “very dear friend of his”.

Former Scientologist Jon Atack says that LRH was actively interested in the occult. Back in 1940 he entered the box “the ancient mystical Rosicrucian Society” (Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crisis – AMORC). Before Hubbard left this society, he passed two stages for neophytes. Later, a number of people have complained that it is included in the doctrine of Scientology number of Rosicrucian teachings, which are required to keep in strict confidence.

It is not surprising that “the Church of Scientology”, which was subsequently founded Ron Hubbard, was in many ways similar to the Masonic Lodge: hierarchy, a military organization, a code “Order”, the language “dedicated”, strategy of social and viral penetration “tissue”unconscious society to be able to”secret control” development of the society towards the state only known to the supreme hierarchs of Freemasonry and others.

Hubbard said that there is some secret spirit called “”, Empress who dwell in it, and acts through him. When Hubbard befriended Parsons, then announced his relationship with this most””, the Empress because Crowley demanded that everyone coming into its”Order”finds its”guardian angel” (of course, in the satanic sense), with whom he has a permanent connection.

However, Parsons Ron Hubbard began to engage in various sexual magic rituals with elements of the many distortions, so as to create the energy that would attract them women, according to conceive and give birth BABALON (another invented by Crowley’s term for the Antichrist). All this was done with three of Parsons and his girlfriend named Sarah Northrup.

With BABALON did not work, and eventually Ron Hubbard fled from Sarah Parsons, while taking a tidy sum of his money. Hubbard married Sarah, had not yet divorced from his first wife, and thus became a bigamist. He continued his satanic deeds. Much later, in one of the related Scientologists courts in California (there were many) were brought notebooks Ron Hubbard at the time, where he drew in the fields of male genitalia and wrote hypnotic phrases such as: “All people – my slaves”, “All mankind – my slaves”, “I am the master of the world”and so on. n. At the same time he continued to feign received during the war, disease, and demand money, complaining of his poverty and mental instability. At the same time, Hubbard was addicted to the use of amphetamines and barbiturates (drugs which are used as drugs and addictive). Subsequently, he founded an organization for the treatment of drug”Narconon” and claimed that it is the only organization that can completely cure a drug addict. However, he allegedly people who knew him, until his death remained a slave to drugs and could not even quit smoking (Witnesses said that on the day he had smoked up to four packs of cigarettes).

Then, in the late 40s, tired of the constant failures and lack of money, Ron Hubbard came to the conclusion that he later repeated to different people at different times: if you want to get rich, you need to set up their own religion, because the present state can be only do in this area. Probably, this idea prompted him to “The Empress”.

it Said – done, and in 1950 Mr. Hubbard released the book “Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health”, the most are you can contemplate all book bazaars. This event marked the beginning of a new era of Scientology. Scientologists believe, even while in a special way: right now (in 2000) have “’50 Hey Dee”(AD – Anno Domini (year of the Lord), for Christians, but for them it means”After Dianetics”, that is, “after Dianetics”).

Ron Hubbard claimed that the word “Dianetics”It comes from two Greek words:”dia”(“through”) and”cone”(“intelligence”), that is,”through the mind”. But some researchers think that in fact it is named after the goddess Diana (Hubbard thought her twin Babylonian goddess Astarte and the Phoenician goddess Hathor – the goddess of death and destruction, which he worshiped as a Satanist). He had an obsession with the name “Diana”: the first ship, which he bought, called “”, Diane her first daughter, he also called Diana. Ron Hubbard often said that the worship of this great goddess of death, and it is very possible that it is the root of the word Diana word”Dianetics”. It is possible that he equated this goddess with the most ” “, the Empress that he was.

The next period of the life of L. Ron Hubbard is convenient to study with his teachings. This is contained in Sections “Dianetics and Scientology”and”Dianetics and Christianity” .

The courts of many states Ron Hubbard was recognized as a criminal, and in some countries has been declared persona non grata. For example, in 1978 in France, Hubbard was sentenced to four-year imprisonment and a fine for fraud, but escaped punishment, fled the country. Since then, he has not poeazyvalsya France. In the United States during the case of embezzlement of government secret documents in 1977 Ron Hubbard enters the lists of perpetrators, but not sentenced to imprisonment for offenders. In 1985, the Internal Investigation Service investigating financial fraud Hubbard.

From the penal elderly founder of Scientology, suffering, according to his son, severe mental disorders and hide from all over the world at an abandoned ranch in California, saved only by the death (according to some assumptions, with the help of his closest followers, for which “old” has become a burden).

In early 1986, several thousand Scientologists were invited to the meeting in a luxury hotel room “Hollywood Palladium”, where a senior Scientology officials informed them on stage:

I’m very happy that you were able to come tonight for this very important briefing. In 1980, LRH retired into solitude to be able to continue his writing activities and to engage in research, on what not distracted … Over the past six years LRH intensively researched the higher OT levels. Approximately two weeks ago, he completed all his studies, which he devised for himself. Now he’s moved on to the next level of study from. This level is above all that ever could have imagined. It should be noted that this level is achievable only able to externalize. It is understood that it is carried out, it is completely separated from the body. At this level, FROM body is nothing more than a hindrance and difficulty in any further acquisitions as OT. Thus, in 20 hours 00 minutes, January 24, 36 AD (After Dianetics) Hubbard threw body that he used during his life in this for 74 years, 10 months and 11 days.

Hurrah! Shout: ” hip-hip, hooray! & Quot;

Everyone began to clap their hands and shout: “hip-hip, hooray!”Then the crowd were presented the new leaders of the sect -“best successor of Ron Hubbard”.

By the end of the life of L. Ron Hubbard became incredibly rich: every week to his account did at least a million dollars. According to rough estimates, his personal fortune exceeded 640 million dollars. But the money did not go to him for the future: he had a persecution mania, and he was afraid of everyone and everything. Only three people in the world know where he is.

Now the two of them broke with Scientology. That’s what they tell us about the last years of Operating Thetan of the superlatives, move the world with a wave of his finger. Luxury villas your Hubbard constantly repaired, leading to perfection. He never had time to settle in and lived until his death in a small van on wheels in the yard. It was believed that he is allergic to dust, and he always made everyone around endlessly dust and check the purity of the white glove. He also announced that he is allergic to detergents and made no end to rinse their underwear. Servants severely punished.

Here is the affidavit of one of the “Messengers had” Hubbard:

” He had a grayish-red hair below his shoulders, rotting teeth and a very fat belly. i>



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L Ron HubbardL Ron Hubbard
L Ron HubbardL Ron Hubbard
L Ron HubbardL Ron Hubbard

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